5 Types of Lawyers and When You May Need Them

Just like doctors, lawyers are not all the same. While there are generalist lawyers, most lawyers have specialized in handling specific types of cases.

These lawyers are often experienced in their fields, having practiced for years. So, if you’re in a situation that requires legal help, it will be best to go for a specialist lawyer who has experience dealing with that type of situation. Knowing the types of lawyers available is the first step in hiring the right one. Here are some common types of lawyers you might need in your lifetime.

Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are responsible for well-over 40,000 deaths each year. Deaths aside, a crash results in all kinds of injuries and disabilities. If you’re ever involved in a car accident, you’ll need the help of a car accident attorney to fight your cause.

Depending on the case, you may be entitled to compensation. This compensation would usually cover medical costs, time away from work, and trauma. On the other hand, if you’re the one accused of causing a car accident, a car accident lawyer can fight for your rights and ensure there that the court does not impose any undue penalties.

Family Lawyer

Family lawyers are lawyers who deal with matters related to relationships within families. These cases include unions, splits, disputes, and negotiations. Some common cases handled by family lawyers are:

Divorce Cases

Divorce or marriage annulments are usually bitter and drawn-out. Figuring out what each partner ends up with makes the process complicated. Without a family lawyer, you may end up receiving less than you deserve. A family lawyer helps you parse through a divorce case and fights on your behalf to get the best settlement.

Paternity and Custody Battles

Custody battles can be draining and ugly. Family lawyers are there to fight your cause and argue for your rights. Additionally, family lawyers can help if the paternity of a child comes into dispute.

Juvenile Cases

From child abuse or child neglect to work permits, juvenile courts handle all child-related matters. A family lawyer can help you if your child’s case ever ends up there.

Other matters family lawyers deal with include name change, alimony, guardianship, and emancipation.

Business Lawyer

Also known as corporate lawyers, business lawyers are versed in all things business. They provide insight and guidance in starting, managing, conducting, and dissolving a business.

Business lawyers can help with:

  • Formation of business
  • Ownership and shares
  • Administration structure
  • Tax compliance
  • Employee contracts

If you wait until a lawsuit is brought against you, you’re too late. Business lawyers should be hired or consulted during the early stages of a business. This will reduce the potential of legal mistakes that may cripple the company in the future.

As your company grows and makes business deals, you’d need a lawyer(s) to advise you. For instance, if you want to merge with or acquire another company, you’ll need legal help. If you’re going public or listing on the stock exchange, you’d need a lawyer to walk you through the legal minefield.

Tax Lawyers

Ensuring tax compliance for yourself can be complicated – particularly when you have multiple sources of income. And if you default on your taxes, the consequences are dire: you will pay fines, and you may end up in jail.

Tax lawyers are available to help you work through your tax payments. Their goal is to ensure compliance with every tax law that applies to you. And if you end up in court, they will be on hand to defend you.

Labor Lawyers

Labor lawyers are lawyers who specialize in all matters regarding employees and employment contracts. If you’re an employer, you’ll need a labor lawyer to provide advice on how to structure employee contracts, union activity, compliance with federal and state laws, and employment-related lawsuits, amongst others.

If you’re an employee, labor lawyers work to fight for your rights. In the case of wrongful termination, work-related abuse or injury, a labor lawyer can help you sue your employer and receive compensation. If your employers discriminate against you based on race, religion, sex, location, age, or disability, you can take action through a labor lawyer.


If you’re ever caught up in any legal dispute, don’t be hesitant about hiring a lawyer. Sure, it may involve some costs, but that shouldn’t deter you. Depending on the situation you’re involved in, opt for lawyers that have been practicing in that field for years. Such lawyers will bring to bear years of expertise and experience.