Humorous Fake Movie Posters

Are you all Oscared out? Each channel and piece of news coverage lately seems to be focusing on the film industry and the movies that have come out this year. I personally love Colin Firth (adored him in Bridget Jones’s Diary 1 & 2) but even I have had enough of seeing his face and hearing everyone talk about him these days! Of course, this is for his role in the King’s Speech (if I am informing you of this now then you seriously need to stop hiding under that rock). It’s great when films get recognised for their amazing efforts by these award shows like the Grammy’s and the Oscar’s but then the whole process just gets predictable and boring. So I am personally a bit fed up with movies…well, for a month or so. So roll on Comic Relief I say with the likes of Branson and Radio 1 people doing some weird challenges for our amusement. If this movie lark continues I may be boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight to somewhere extremely secluded.

In order to promote his up and coming Musical, “Madea’s Big Happy Family”, Tyler Perry (African-American actor, director, playwright, screenwriter, producer, author, and songwriter) has been spoofing this years Oscar nominated films. As a promotional stunt, Tyler Perry has recreated the classic movie posters for hailed movies such as The Godfather and Black Swan.These ads are hilarious renditions of the best screenplay nominees and are highly creative!

Black Swan

The Godfather

True Grit

The Kings Speech

27 hours

The Fighter


Inglorious Basterds

The Blind Side

Love and Other Drugs

Hurt Locker

Sex and The City

Indiana Jones