Our All-Time Top 8 Favourite Movie Heart-Throbs

Who lights up our hearts and… somewhere else(!) like they do the silver screen? Check out our list of the top 8 hottest actors ever to be immortalized for our forever-viewing on film.

8. Angelina Jolie

It would be silly of us to miss one of the world’s sexiest movie actresses as part of our list, even though, traditionally ‘heart-throb’ is strictly a term for the guys. Love her or hate her, Angelina Jolie tops many women’s lists for the sexiest woman on film, and tbh, #teamaniston and #teamjolie should be left in the past. Pitting women against women is so 2005, and, after all, Angelina is no longer a Pitt.

With soulful eyes and pillowy lips, she defines an aesthetic ideal that, well, even for those who don’t want to get with her, we may just want to look a little more like her.

7. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando is a name that crosses generations. Even if you don’t know his face, you’ll have heard of his fame. Also, you should definitely Google his face.

A double Oscar winner for Best Actor, Brando was not only great at his chosen craft, but had striking good looks that many a housewife in the 50s lusted after. His movies included famed A Streetcar Named Desire, The Godfather, and The Wild One (ooh la la). Check his expressive eyebrows and lopsided smirk in earlier movies for further verification of his babe qualities.

6. Christian Bale

Anyone who has played Batman deserves a place on our list, but we think none is more worthy than Christian Bale. One of our absolute favorite method actors, Bale always goes the extra mile to get into character, which can be witnessed by his manic-ness in American Psycho, or his scary skinniness in The Machinist, or his old dude physique in Vice, as Dick Cheney!

He’s not only sexy but he’s a stand-out at what he does and his commitment to roles seems to make us think he’d be just as committed to us…

5. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa. You either love him or think he needs a long bath. This is part of his babe man caveman appeal – he’s so masculine to look at it almost hurts… in a good way. But that doesn’t mean this heartthrob isn’t in touch with his feminine side, even rocking a scrunchie to the Oscars. Sharing hair accessories? We like it.

His gorgeous, exotic looks are attributed to his Hawaiian heritage, which, along with his acting prowess, has landed him gigs on Stargate, Road to Paloma, Aquaman, and Dune. He is married to uber-hottie Lisa Bonet, making him stepdad to the also babein and talented Zoe Kravitz.

4. Robert Redford

The original Brad Pitt (who we’ve left off our list, despite bickering in the office), Robert Redford, is a man who defined a generation of movie stars. While he’s now in his 80s and retired (his last appearance was a cameo in the massive hit Avengers Endgame!), Redford’s career spanned six decades and included founding the land known as Sundance, home to the infamous Sundance Festival.

If you take a look at him, particularly in his younger years, he and Pitt and are the spitting image of each other. Redford first directed Pitt in A River Runs Through It, one of Pitt’s breakout hits, then they both acted together on screen in 2002’s Spy Game. Take a look through Redford’s back catalog for plenty of hits and serious eye candy.

3. Keanu Reeves

The internet’s boyfriend is all of our boyfriends. Keanu managed to graduate from dopey cutie in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure into more meaty roles in movies like The Lake House and John Wick. With an English mother and Hawaiian father, his exotic look makes him a standout in a sea of competition.

Keanu’s known for his deadpan performances which strike a funny balance with his real-life generosity and all-around good guy appeal. Case in point? Getting together a van full of people who were stranded at an airport to continue the journey on to their final destination. No private limo here. He’s just so darn nice. And hot!

2. George Clooney

Swarthy? Check. Syrupy voice? Check. Gentlemanly swagger? Check. George Clooney is a man who ticks all the boxes and seems to have only gotten better with age. He IS a fine wine (and also rates on our Top Ten Sexy Men With Beards list). While he didn’t define the sexy doctor on screen, as Doctor Doug on TV’s ER Clooney saw his star rise before hit after hit on the silver screen.

Who could forget his turn as Danny Ocean, the charismatic crook in Oceans Eleven? While casino heists are a bit too risky IRL, we’d love to play the tables in Vegas with him or better yet, play penny slot machines safely at home for a bit more privacy.

1. Idris Elba

We think People magazine named Michael B. Jordan 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive because it was just too soon to repeat 2018’s Sexiest Man Alive: Idris Elba. Whether you know him from his time on TV as The Wire’s Stringer Bell, as a rapper alongside Wiley on the grime track Boasty, or as the bad guy in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, you’ll be aware of this Englishman’s striking smile, walk, body, and charm.

The man’s not only seriously good looking, he’s also got fistfuls of talent that makes him an agent’s dream. We hope to see more (and more, and more) of him in the future.