Pimped Festival Tents

Well Summer time is still here or at least it’s supposed to be, and many great festivals are still taking place. Sure, they are bound to be ridiculously muddy and you may spend the whole time looking like a drowned rat but hey, that’s all part of the fun isn’t it? So for all these events you need a tent to get through the weekend open air gigs. Or maybe by now you are such a party animal that your tent from previous gigs has given up the goose and you need a brand spanking new one to see you through the rest of the festival season! Well look no further, we have scoured the online tent shops and come up with some absolute scorchers, unlike the British weather!

Not all of these tents though will be totally practical for camping in tight spots at Music Festivals, but if you have the room and the cash why not shell out for one of these. If you haven’t the cash you can always dream…

Two girls celebrating the V Festival 2011 in their not so pimped green tent! Source.

Festivals always seem to be full of the same old, boring and drab grey, blue or green two man tents. Obviously, the majority of festival goers these days are students and so therefore, buy the cheapest ones going. Boring!

You may of course come across a few colourful and pretty patterned pop up tents but these don’t stand up well to the good old British weather. You know those tropical downpours and high winds of late! They tend to either leak if you touch the side or collapse. But if the Festival is dry all weekend they are great, easy to put up and most importantly cheap.
But what if you want something a little bit different, something that everyone will look at in awe when you pitch it on the Festival grounds.

Well here you go, feast your eyes on these yummy tents…

Glow in the dark tent


This solar powered tent designed by Orange would be perfect at Festivals. Not only does it light up at night so you can find your way back from the crowds at the Festival safely, but it is also capable of charging up all you gadgets and gizmo’s too!

Tree Tents


These tree tents would be a perfect comfy little getaway at Festivals if it wasn’t for the price.
They cost $50,000 (£30,655) and are made by a Dutch designer, Dre Vadrenaar. I can’t see them catching on, but what a great idea.

Viking Tent


This Viking tent would be perfect for the V Festival, the shape and colours would suit it perfectly….although it is made of wool, so may not bee 100% waterproof, but it’s Eco friendly and hand sew. Idea for all you Festival going Eco warriors!

Bedouin Tent


Why not sleep under the stars with all of you friends at the next Festival in this Bedouin Tent!
It looks beautiful and imagine all that fun you could have with your bong.

Posh Tent


For all those people born with a silver spoon in their mouth, here’s a perfect tent for crashing in after a long day at the Festivals. A traditional canvas bell tent with all the trimmings, including a proper double bed!

The Travellers Tent


How about this one made of canvas and goats skins, which probably smells a bit too…great for all those people travelling from one Festival to another. Why not try out this Nomadic Tent, complete with 2 free chucks…eggs for breakfast anyone?

Army Tent


How about going Commando (not the naked type!) in this Mash styled Army tent, brilliant for those who love the Military style and the great outdoors.You’ll have Soldiers in uniform flocking to this beauty!

Starry Night Tent


This is brilliant for anyone wanting to put on their own mini Festival or Celebration, with it’s see through roof you can watch the sun go down and gaze at the stars, while everyone party’s till dawn!

Bouncy Tent


I know most of you going to Festivals wouldn’t be taking their trampoline, but if you did this tent is perfect! It converts your trampoline into the perfect off the ground bouncy camping experience.
I can see the kids never coming back in the house now…

Native Teepee


Why not try going all Native in this Traditional Native America Indian teepee, ideal for cosy nights in around a campfire, with friends. This would also be a show stopper at any festival or campsite!

I hope you all love camping and Festivals as much as I do, I like any excuse to get me wellies out! But there are some great tents out there and some fantastic places to camp so what are you waiting for?

Demon Chick xx