Seven Factors Influencing Dow Jones Stocks

The stock market is impacted by a variety of things that you might not have thought of before you started investing. Each of the items listed below will help you make wise choices as you invest your money, and you need to remember that the stock market will continue to fluctuate because it does not settle on a price at any one time. All the stocks are interacting with one another, but every stock has its own price. There are people on the trading floor, brokers who are calling in trades, and companies that need to sell more stocks to raise capital. Read these tips carefully so that you know what you are looking for when you begin your investment career.

1. Information About Stocks

Dow Jones Today is a good source of information on stocks, and all this information will spread around the investment world and influence prices. The price of stocks change every day because investors learn more about these stocks. The price of stocks will drop when people begin to pull out their money, and the price of a stock will rise when more people are interested in it.

2. Government Financial Decisions

The government has the Federal Reserve Bank, and that bank sets the interest rates business-to-business loans. These rates change often because the bank wants to ensure that it can keep the economy as strong as possible. When the interest rates change, every business is impacted. However, it is hard for you to predict what each business will do when the rates change.

Investors might be nervous about the value of certain companies, or these investors might know that certain businesses cannot borrow enough money to manage their operations. These stock prices tend to fall, and that makes it very hard for people to invest. You need to be aware of federal interest rates and how that impacts the companies you invest with.

3. Current Events

Current events can change the price of a stock very quickly. You need to know if the stocks you have invested in have been hit by price drops because of current events. You might have invested in a jewelry company that mines in a country that is going through a civil war. That company cannot raise its stock price because investors are afraid of what will happen with that mine.

Current events also change the way that certain companies are perceived. Investors might be worried about investing in a company that has a CEO who has done bad things, or a company might lose value if it is proven to have lied to the public. When you watch the news or read the paper, you need to be aware of how these news stories could hurt your stock value.

4. Commodity Prices

Commodity prices will change stock values because certain companies need those commodities to survive. This means that you need to think carefully about the price of platinum if you invested in a company that processes precious metals. You should take a look at food prices if you have invested in a grocery store, and you also need to consider how a livestock feed company could lose money if a whole crop of feed corn or wheat was wiped out.

5. Public Sentiment

Public sentiment is a big part of a stock price. Investors know when a company is perceived well, and those investors will put more money into those stocks. If a company is perceived poorly, the investors will back off from that stock. You may have invested in a company that has helped you make money, but if that company loses value because of poor press, you are going to lose money.

If you find that people are going online to leave bad reviews for a company because that company was involved in a horrible news story, you will lose money. If you are disgusted by how the company has acted, you will lose money if you do not sell that stock as soon as you can.

6. Advertising

Advertising is a big part of the stock market whether you believe it or not. There are a lot of companies that will release ads during the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, or some other major event. These companies get a lot of press very quickly, and their advertising pushes their value up almost immediately.

Plus, you will find that a company that is underperforming could make you a lot of money if they make a splash with their advertising. The same could be said if a company finds a popular influencer. Investors like companies that seem strong and reliable.

7. Lobbying And Legislation

Lobbying and legislation will change the price of stocks when those laws make life harder or easier for the company. When a company gets a favorable outcome from a new law, their value will rise because investors are intrigued by how these companies will grow their brand. If a company loses a battle over legislation, that company is more likely to lose value as investors back away.


Every one of the factors listed above will help you understand why the prices of your stocks are changing. You need to watch for current events, new laws, and public sentiment so that you know how a company will perform. When you study the stock market, you must study the outside factors that change stock prices.