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  • General terms

It is important to note that the material provided on this website is under the sole ownership of the company and its illegal use corresponds to the infringement of the copyright rule. The material however can be used by taking the permission of the company. Certain conditions must also be satisfied.

  • The material which is directly posted on the website cannot be duplicated and sold.
  • Modification or alteration of the contents present on the website is strictly prohibited.


  • Website security

Initiation of legal proceedings will be done if any person attempts to tamper with the security of the website. The organization reserves the right to terminate/ban a person from accessing the website if the person is found to be involved in the following forbidden activities

  • Attempting to masquerade and cause substantial damage to the system’s security.
  • Penetrating the system by infiltrating it with potentially harmful data such as Viruses.
  • Deciphering the code of the website and compromising with the integrity of the data present on the website.


  • User interaction

Our website has got sections, where users post their views and discuss with each other. The views and opinions posted by the users are their own views and opinions. The organization does not undertake the responsibility for these comments. A user cannot upload information

  • That may create disharmony amongst the members.
  • Which may have racism involved.
  • Which may hurt the sentiments of other users. Threatening, abusing, using foul and defamatory language is strictly prohibited.
  • Which may be illegal for public use.
  • Which is copyrighted and cannot be used in normal circumstances.
  • Which may invade the personal space of other people.
  • Which is criminal in nature and encourages the use of illegal activities.
  • Material of other organizations.


The information uploaded by the user, is available for public viewing. People who you may know/not know can comment on this information. The accessibility of the information provided by you is solely your responsibility. The loss or damage caused as a result of your comments, posts, links is entirely your responsibility and you are liable for strict action, if they are deemed illegal. Removal of user content, if deemed illegal is the right of the organization. Damage caused as a result of improper user content is not to be incurred by the company.

  • Copyright information

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The material posted on this website is intended for private use. The use of this copyrighted material without the prior consent of the organizers will be deemed as a crime and dealt with strictly in accordance with the copyright law. Altering, modifying, duplicating, tampering of the information provided on this website is strictly prohibited. The use of the trademark or logo of the organization cannot be copied and duplicated. They are the exclusive entities of the organizations. Fair use of the information may be made under the copyright act. The conditions to be met are

  • The use of the information present on the site is made for non-commercial or educational use.
  • The material cannot be used for copying or selling.

If you feel a copyright infringement has occurred with your work, then you can inform us by selecting the “contact us” option. Include the following information

    • Depiction of the original copyrighted material with proof.
    • Your contact details.
    • A statement which states that infringement has occurred, without your consent to use the copyrighted work.
    • A statement which notes how fair use regulations are violated.
    • A responsible statement, which states that the above mentioned data is true to your knowledge and the work, is copyrighted under your name.

Third party advertisers

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  • Exclusive rights on the information

By posting the information on the website, you are granting the exclusive rights of the information to the organization. The information uploaded on our forum, will be licensed under our organization.

  • The information cannot be distributed to any other third party, without the prior consent of our organization.
  • The exclusive rights of the information are with you, before posting the article on our site.
  • No copyright infringement has occurred.

 Liability and warranty issues

The company in no way takes responsibility for the hazards caused as a result of information uploaded on this website. The user is using this website at his own risk. The organization, its employers and marketing affiliates will be in no way held responsible for any loss incurred.

The website is available for regular use and there is no warranty of any sort on the use of this website. The information provided here may not be absolutely authentic and accurate. The company does not undertake the accountability of the information provided.

Changes in the “Terms of Use” notice

The organization reserves the right to change the “Terms of Use” notice.  The users will be kept updated about any such changes.