Top 10 Celebrities that can’t live without their Psychic

There comes a moment in everyone’s life that they require assurances for their future from people who are spiritualistic. Sometimes you need to find a connection to talk to a long lost one, or you need to find peace with someone’s passing. Or you just need to find out what’s in store for you.

We all have turned to psychics at one point or another. These psychics can look into our sufferings, our pains, and our future and give us insights on matters we are hesitant to make a decision for. Sometimes we are just looking to talk to someone who can help us understand and through certain events in our life. Our celebrities are no different.

Celebrities have to go through all the things a normal person goes through and also through pressure of being famous, what roles to choose, which gigs to start and all that. Psychics helps a lot in these regards. And most famous celebrates have faith in their readings and suggestions. The top ten Hollywood celebrities who have been visiting psychics from a long time includes:

Brad Pitt:

Brad Pitt has been known to visit his psychic, Ron Bard, religiously since his movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. We all can guess what he had come for. After the success of this movie, Pitt started his relation with Angelina Jolie, and his career flourished.

Every decision he took, brought him one step closer to his success. Even Pitt Claims his psychic is very, very spiritual.

Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie is very spiritual and connected to her religious side since a long time. We all know that she has been visiting her psychic regularly since the passing of her mother. Jolie says that this helps her to feel connected with her mother and she has found her peace.

Jolie is known to visit her psychic whenever she has to make a decision whether it’s regarding her career or regarding her personal life.

Heidi Montag:

Heidi Montag hired a psychic, Aiden Chase, in 2010, to help her in her healing process after the famous 10 plastic surgeries in a day. Some psychics have been known to have healing powers that helps the sick to heal quickly.

Sadly, their connection didn’t last very long.

Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz is visiting her psychic, Mrs. Grace for Tee Leaf readings and have been seen living with a beautiful smile on her face. It is rumored that she has been seeking relationship advice.

Chelsea Handler:

This famous comedian has been visiting the famous psychic, James Van Paargh, to help her cope with the passing of her brother and mother.

Sarah Jessica Parker:

The Famous Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker, had been visiting a psychic, in a directive to save her marriage to Matthew Broderick. Although, at first, she visited the psychic to discuss her prospering movie career, but later returned with her husband in tow, once her marriage was at risk. They obviously received some valuable advice as the pair are still fortunately together, and living in New York with their three kids.

Taylor Swift:

The singer, Taylor Swift, have confessed using a psychic and that it was predicted her fame before she started her career. When she was a kid, about 12 years old, her dad had a theme party to be more specific, a circus theme, where they had these palm-readers. Swift claims that she visited one of these psychics for fun, and the psychic predicted her mom that “planet will know her child’s brand”. Swift reveals that her mother after this was so paranoid that she simply presumed that Swift was going to be kidnapped.

Jennifer Lopez:

There have been rumors about Jennifer Lopez visiting her ‘godmother‘, Merle Gonzalez, several times, before publicizing that the wedding ceremony was going to be cancelled. Lopez is said to adapt to Gonzalez, in order to get suggestions and advice on significant life decisions.

George Clooney:

George Clooney is well-known to be political and brilliant so it only is obvious that he’s also touching his psychic side. He has been seen visiting a psychic medium to reach out to a deceased beloved one, his pet, Max. Max was Clooney’s regular friend until his passing in the year 2006. In fact, both were so close that they often shared the same bed. Even though, max weighed in at 300 pounds, this is not a slight feat.

Michael Jackson:

Not many are aware of this, but our beloved and most cherished singer, Michael Jackson, was also seeing a psychic, Ms. Lane. Jackson first contacted her when he was performing in London in 1997, requesting her to look for insight into his future. She grew the dependence of the singer, and he began flying her, from Britain to Beverly Hills, every time he needed for private consultations.

Psychics and celebrities has had a very long relation with each other. Some are adamant to deny this but some, very gracefully embrace this and encourages others as well to do so. The life of a celebrity is something not everyone can understand. So having a psychic to rely on is very important role in their life. Psychic helps them with their grieve, and predicts into their future, advising them on their relations, their decisions and what can be important factors in their life they need to hold onto.