Top 5 stunning Celebrities homes

Celebrities are famous people with tons of panache and style and every single thing they do becomes public knowledge. We all love to love our celebs. But when they have so much to live up to, of course, even their homes must live up to our expectations. All celebrities have houses that are comfortable, luxurious and expensive. Many celebs have houses in foreign countries; most have multiple gorgeous homes, each one an architectural masterpiece.

When you are rich and famous, your home must look like it belongs to a “star” as well. Celebs do everything in a grand way; they party big, they talk big and they even live life king size. Celeb houses have style, glamour, comfort and luxury with huge manicured lawns and multiple fireplaces as well. Nothing is “too much” for our celebrities. The most famous place for celebs to live is in Hollywood itself. It is the heart of showbiz where all stars dream to live.

Barbara Streisand house

A house worth mentioning in the area belongs to Barbara Streisand. This stunning celeb home is a huge mansion surrounded by lush manicured gardens. So huge is the property, the gardens are paved with brick walkways and have small streams running inside. So big is the property, that she maintained 5 different houses inside it! Each house was decorated differently and was unique in its own self and also independent from others. The celebrity herself doesn’t live here anymore though, as she donated the house to Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. “The Barn” was her favorite house, covered inside and out with ‘aged’ wood. She lived here for over 20 years and got installed beautiful stained glass windows to go with the whole look. The ceilings are 30 foot high and the house is complete with a rock fireplace. She also maintained a “Peach House” which was peach in color and was used as a guest house. Her “Art Deco House” was a project she undertook due to her love for Art Deco style of designing and was featured even in Architectural Digest. She had a fourth house named “Barwood” with a wooded look and a stone fireplace. This now works as the office for Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. The fifth house was the caretaker’s home where the rangers live today.

Mel Gibson slashes price of US home

The next stunning house on the list belongs to the actor Mel Gibson. His house in Greenwich is built on the lines of Mediterranean Architecture and is surrounded by well landscaped outdoor spaces. The house optimises every inch of the space by including tennis courts, front yards covered with greens and even a football pitch, heated pool to enjoy and relax and even a garden astronomy observe. The house screams “star material” with its 15 huge bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. The villa is a 1400 sq meters of luxury with beautiful furniture which make it clear that this celebrity has a style worth appreciating. The dining area is built to host a party of 14 and the house has a very luxurious library which makes sure the celeb even reads his books in style!


Another celebrity couple who are loved by everyone is Victoria and David Beckham. They own several properties but the house they occupied while living in the USA was star material. The celeb couple bought the huge house in Los Angeles in 2007 for over 22 million dollars. It had 6 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms. The house included a gigantic swimming pool for parties and a high brick boundary. It even has a garage that can park three cars. The reason they bought this mansion was that it was close to the best schools in the area and for Victoria Beckham, her sons’ education is a priority. Build in Italian style, the mansion is large and stylish and has a character of its own. Their neighbor was none other than the famous Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, and it has been rumored that Mr. Cruise had his eyes on this house as well, to convert it to a guest house.

george colony

Everybody loves George Clooney; the sexy actor makes news whenever he does something. So when he bought a house in Italy, of course it had to make news too. This stunning celeb home is called “Villa Oleandra” and is situated near Lake Como. The actor has owned this house for over 6 years and though this is not where he resides throughout the year, it is his favorite home. Clooney feels relaxed and peaceful in its picturesque surroundings. He is so famous with the locals that it does get annoying sometimes for the star but he still feels too close to this house to consider selling it. In fact, the actor filmed parts of the movie “Oceans Twelve” at this famous Villa. His close friends, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie love this house so much, that they are contemplating buying a home for themselves in the vicinity.

jackson home

Finally, the celebrity who touched many hearts with his music and his controversies left behind a legacy with his home. Michael Jackson’s ‘Neverland Valley Ranch’ is a dream house for anyone. The celeb named the property after the fantasy island in the Peter Pan story and it is located in Santa Barbara County, California. It served as Jackson’s home and private amusement park which had its own zoo, floral clock and various rides for kids. Families were allowed to visit the Neverland with their children and enjoy it. For children, there was no other place like Neverland. This 2700 acre property is a dream come true for any child with its own amusement park. The house itself is magnificent and houses the famous book collection. Neverland offered a larger than life experience and Jackson was extremely proud of his home until it became a part of the controversies that accused Jackson of child molestations.

Every celebrity lives life in luxury. Though many other stars have homes that are unique and tastefully done, these 5 stunning celeb homes take the cake simply because they are brilliant reflections of the celebrities’ personalities.