10 of the Cutest Bunny Pictures Ever

Of all the small pets a person could own, bunnies are quite possibly the cutest. Later this week, I’ll be talking a little more about how to take care of your bunny, but today I’d like to focus on why people want bunnies in the first place. Sure they’re a lot more work than most people think, but if you’re willing to put in that work, they’re well worth the trouble. Let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite bunny pictures – no Photoshop, no costumes or cute gimmicks… just adorable bunnies.

'Baby Bunny Rabbits Keeping Warm' by Martin Pettitt.

The Bunny Pile

What could possibly be better after a long hard day than sitting back and looking at this adorable pile of bunnies. The only thing better than one adorable bunny is a whole pile of adorable bunnies. Snapped by Martin Pettitt, this picture captures a family of baby bunnies snuggling up and keeping warm. I had this shot as my desktop wallpaper so when I was feeling down I could look at it and say, “Cheer up! It’s a bunny pile!”

'Bunny' by Thomas Prenner.

The Fluffball

This fluffy little guy just makes my heart melt. With all the fluffy and the cute little face, how could you not want a bunny after looking at this picture. I’m sure it’s a lot of work making sure none of that fluff gets tangled – probably daily brushings – but just look at that little thing. Isn’t it worth it? Shot by Thomas Prenner, this picture shows that cute comes in all shapes and sizes.

'Little Bunnies' by Jannes Pockele.

The Handheld Bunny

This adorable little bunny, photographed by Jannes Pockele, is a great example of why taking the time to socialize your bunny is so worth it. A timid, frightened bunny would never let you hold it like that. Imagine how much fluffy you’re missing out on! Also, look at the curiosity on that little guy’s face. Bunnies love to explore which definitely makes them prone to getting in trouble but also makes finding toys to keep them entertained much, much easier.

'Meet Lucca' by Julia Morelli.

The Pretty Bunny


This is pretty much the perfect bunny picture. Make sure you click the link (the photographer’s name in the above caption) and check out her other bunny pictures. She has some great ones. This lovely little creature is Lucca at eight weeks old. What I love most about this particular picture is that it really looks like Lucca just took a moment out of her busy life of being adorable to pose for this picture. Great shot of a very pretty bunny.

'Bunny Tail' by Coaly Bunny.

The Artistic Bunny Shot

This is one of my absolute favorite bunny pictures because it shows that it is possible for a bunny picture to be both adorable and artistic. I love bunny tails. They’re like God’s little pom-poms. Bunny feet are also almost too cute to stand. I like to call these pictures ‘bunny pants’ pictures but the black and white element really makes this one stand out. I like a little art with my bunny butt.

'Vulture Bunny' by Simon Page.

The Curious Bunny

This is an awesome image by Simon Page taken of bunny curiosity in action. You might not be able to tell from the photo but this shot is of a very curious bunny peering over the edge of his roost, wondering what lies below. Just plain adorable. Check out the link to see even more adorable bunny pictures taken by Mr. Page. He has taken some of the most wonderful bunny pictures on Flickr.

'Bunny Snuggles' by Simon Page.

Bunny Love

Another great bunny shot from Simon Page. This adorable bunny pictures shows two of the cutest bunnies I’ve ever seen sharing a little snuggle. Chocolate and Marshmallow (the bunnies in the photo) were just over two years old when this picture was taken and apparently like to snuggle together quite often. It just doesn’t get much cuter than that. Two bunnies might be twice the work but when you’re rewarded with photos like this, it’s hard not to feel like it’s worth the trouble.

'Little Bunnies' by Jannes Pockele.

The Cutest Bunny Ever

This little guy is so cute my eyes hurt. It’s almost too much to take. This might possibly be the cutest, tiniest bunny of all time. No offense to my beloved bunny, Commander Bun-Bun, but there’s just no competing with something this impossibly cute. Snapped by Jannes Pockele, this photo perfectly captures this little fluffy as if it actually posed for the camera. Wonderful capture of an unbelievably adorable bunny. There are only two bunny pictures I’ve ever seen that can compare – both snapped by Jannes Pockele and both staring this adorable little guy. The first…

'Little Bunnies' by Jannes Pockele.


Double Cute Bunnies

The cutest bunny ever and a close runner up enjoy a little fresh air, once again snapped by Jannes Pockele. The only thing cuter than one painfully adorable bunny is two painfully adorable bunnies in the same picture. This shot is one of my absolute favorites simple because it’s so basic. There are no effects added, no cute little captions in broken English… it’s just the bunnies being bunnies. Adorable. This still isn’t the cutest bunny picture ever, though but there is only one that can top it and only narrowly.

'Funny Bunny Pack' by Jannes Pockele.

Bowlful O’ Bunnies

What’s cuter than two ridiculously cute bunnies? Two ridiculously cute bunnies in a bowl. This picture breaks all rational and logical rules on how cute a bunny picture could or should be. I love it. I love the fact that the bunnies are huddled up so close you really have to look to see the second bunny and yes, I love the fact that they’re in a bowl. Is a bit gimmicky? Sure, but sometimes that works and in this case it does.


I hope you enjoyed these bunny pictures as much as I do. I know these little guys definitely brighten my day and I hope they did the same for you. A quick note about the sources of the images: all images are from Flickr and are available under a Creative Commons license. Images are all credited to the original photographer and linked back to the source page. If you use any photos from this article, make sure you attribute them properly and link to the photo’s page.