140 Poodle Haircuts Your Pet Will Definitely Love

Poodles are among the most adorable pets ever. But without the poodle haircuts, they may never look as adorable as they do. If you are a follower of dog shows, you’ll agree that they are the most famous dogs on the shows.

These dogs are elegant, gracious, and actually very cute. It can be quite difficult knowing what haircut to give your poodle. There are several haircuts available so you can choose from the catalog in this post to inspire your poodle’s new look.

The fact is that many poodle owners face lots of challenges trying to groom their cute dogs. As a matter of fact, many people would have loved to own these special dogs but the grooming is a major scare. One thing you should know is that their grooming is key to their health.

We have added a few pieces of information so you understand more about grooming your poodle.

What are poodles?

In case you are wondering what a poodle is, a poodle is an exotic dog breed. This breed is among the most popular in the world. a lot of people overlook these dogs and see them just for their looks and make a lot of jokes about them.

What many people do not know is that asides their looks, there is a lot more about these dogs. They are very intelligent, easy to train, loyal, and have a beautiful low-shedding coat. One thing stands out about this frou-frou breed, the fur coat.

Their coat is can be viewed as either a blessing or a curse, depending on how people perceive them. They require grooming almost every six weeks. This means that it is essential to take good care of their coat else you put them at risk of skin infections.

Best Poodle Haircuts you should try out

poodle-haircuts Twin teddies

What do these pups remind you about? Yes, teddies. They look so cool. The hair is cut short all through their bodies but their legs have fuller hair. Great idea for you pups in the summer.

Full afro poodle haircut

It almost looks like this dog hasn’t had its hair cut in a long while. If you look closely, you will notice that the full hair is properly groomed because it is very neat and fluffy like it was blown out. The rest of the body sports short hair. Did you notice the multicolor scarf? Looks cool yeah?

Plush toy

The fur on the puppies is very soft. This makes it very easy to shave the hair anyhow you like. In this image, the puppies are made to look like plush toys. It is quite simple, cut the hair at the same length (between 1 and 1.5 inches) all through. Don’t they look so cute?

Curly full hair

This poodle looks like a rock star with the full hair on the head. The hair is so cool with the way it drops around the head, especially as it covers the ears. The rest of the body is covered in beautiful curly hair. Isn’t the tail cool?

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Lion Mane

This poodle looks like a lion with its very cool mane. The legs are very cool as half of the hair is shaved very low and the other half is full. This gives the illusion that the dog is wearing knee-high boots. To accentuate the look, the hair on the head is styled and the dog has a cute scarf around its neck.

Cute face with a bow

The first thing you notice with this dog is how cute it is. The facial hair is cut a bit low while the ears stand out in the most adorable manner. The owner adorns the dog with a pink bow and a necklace to go. The hair on the rest of the body is cut low as well.

Corded coat

Check out how these classy dreadlocks look on this cute poodle. A Rastafarian inspired haircut that looks really fabulous. The only challenge is that it is going to take a lot of stress to achieve and cost you double the stress to maintain. Before doing this, be sure you are ready for it and your dog too.Poodle lion cut

Lion cuts are very popular among the canine species but it is obvious that the poodles are the winners with this hairstyle. See how this dog looks so beautiful, it seems the hairstyle was created specifically for it. Try it on your poodle, you won’t regret it.

Classy lady

At first glance, you see how classy this dog looks. The dog looks like a very classy lady who’s is out on a special date. The fur coat is cut like the dog is wearing an actual coat while the hair on the legs seem like the dog is wearing some feminine boots.

Long hair with a crown

Isn’t she so cool? Check out the full long hair on the head with the cute fringe in front. The dog is wearing a small crown on the head and a nice necklace around her neck. This is one of those dogs you want to take on the red carpet.

Short long Poodle hair

The owner of this dog shows off amazing creativity with this hairstyle. The hair on the crown is shorter than the hair on the temple is slicked backward. The rest of the body has short hair which is really cool. What stands out is the hair on the tail and the legs. You’ll definitely do well to try this style your dog’s hair like this.


Another dreaded look

It is now established, dreads look great on poodles. This one looks a bit unkempt but that is the style. Look at the hair on the feet, looks pretty cool. Do this and take your dog for a walk in the park, you can be sure you are attracting all the attention.


Summer Poodle haircut

You should definitely try this hairstyle for next summer. The fur on the body is shorter than the hair on the ears, tail, and legs. The dog is so attractive, especially with the immaculate white color.

Half and half

This haircut is really popular among poodles, especially the females. If you plan to take your dog for a dog show or some other event, then you should totally try this hairstyle out. Alright, let’s be sincere, it looks great but your dog might not really enjoy it, especially in the winter.


Outlining the legs

The attractive bit on this poodle is the way the legs are cut. They are so attractive the way the owner outlines the legs. If you are not doing this, you are definitely missing out. The idea is cutting the hair on the rest of the body shorter than the hair on the legs. This gives the impression that your dog is wearing pants. How cool?

Impressive and neat

We don’t need to overemphasize how difficult it is to groom the fur on poodles. This short haircut will work well for your dog in the summer. But you can let it grow longer in the winter. Can you see how cool this dog looks?

Those ears!!!

The hair on the ears requires a lot of attention which is the inspiration behind this hairstyle, attraction to the ears. Another truth about the ears is that they are the major attraction of almost every poodle haircut. For this style, you may cut the rest of the hair short and allow the hair on the ears to stay longer and neatly groomed as well.


Another Lion’s Mane

This is one of the most creative ways to cut a poodle’s hair. The first step to achieving this is growing the hair into a mane of about 3 to 4 inches. After this, visit a professional groomer who will help shape the mane into this beautiful masterpiece.


Ears, legs, and tail

This cute pup has all the hair on the body clipped short. However, the hair on the legs and ears are groomed full and neat. The legs look like your pup is wearing a pair of baggy pants. The tail hair balances the hair on the head. All in all, this puppy looks really cool and cute.


Short and fluffy

When you manage the fur of your poodle carefully, it makes it look really great and admirable. Check out this beauty with its curly hair cut really short all through. It is obvious the owner of this dog is big on daily grooming. Try it out.

Lovely teddy haircut

This puppy is just so attractive and cute. When you see it, you remember a teddy bear you could cuddle when going to bed. The curly hair all over the body is cut to the same length. It is obvious this pup is so playful and fun to be with.

Curly friend

The curly hair on poodles always looks great when cut short. This particular haircut needs you to be careful with the approach. If you are not careful, you will end up cutting off the cute spirals thus spoiling the whole look. You’ve got to be careful.


Playing dress up

This is a great way to dress your poodle pup in the winter. The matching sweater and cap gives the puppy a very unique look. Wondering how to get cool clothes like this? Try shopping at the mall to get the best dresses for your pup.

Another cool summer haircut

Your poodle does not need so much hair during the summer because the weather is hot. This is why the hair is cut short but the hair on the ears stand out very long. What’s not to love about this dog?

Other Poodle Haircuts

Poodle breeds

The first time this dog breed was registered with the American Kennel Club was in 1887. Over the years, three breeds of poodle have been discovered and registered.

The three breeds are based on their sizes and they are miniature, toy, and signature. Currently, the poodle is ranked as the seventh most popular dog in the United States.

Basics about Poodle hairs

We have already talked about the different characteristics of these amazing dogs. Their coat is non-shedding, which is great for people who are easily irritated with hair or have allergies. Not everyone can afford a poodle. Wondering why? It’s because of their fur coat, it is high maintenance.

Their grooming is highly intensive because the fur is curly and thus requires lots of clipping, brushing, trimming, and products as maintenance. You cannot afford to neglect their fur, else you’d be spending a lot of money at the veterinarians.

Grooming tips for poodles

There are a few facts which are essential to poodles which you should be aware of. They include:

  1. The fur is regular hair, not the regular dog hair. It continually grows, which is why it needs to be groomed constantly.
  2. The hair on the puppies is usually wavy rather than curly.
  3. The hair transforms into adult poodle hair when the dog is between 9 and 18 months. However, they don’t develop full poodle hair till they are around 3-years-old.
  4. Even though it is a general belief that they do not shed, they actually do. What happens is that the shed hair is trapped by the adult hair so it remains stuck. The shed hair ends up tangling and developing into mats. For this reason, you have to groom frequently.
  5. The adult poodles have dense, thick, coarse, curly hair which is usually a single coat. In some cases, it is soft curls and in other cases, they are near-ringlets.
  6. It is recommended that you get the services of a professional every 3 to 6 weeks for grooming purposes.

Poodle haircuts roundup

Arguably, poodles are among the most admired and sought after dog breeds in the world. They are very unique in that their fur resembles regular hair and requires continual grooming all their lives. Grooming these dogs can be quite challenging. However, with the list of poodle haircuts we have brought you, it should be considerably easier. Drop a comment for us in the comments section, we will love to read from you.