10 Special Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Learning about an upcoming pregnancy is scary and exciting at the same time. However, in celebration of a new life, parents want the opportunity to share the news with family and friends but in a way that will be remembered. Instead of taking a traditional approach, we wanted to offer some unique pregnancy announcement ideas to consider.


Millions of people post photos on Facebook every day but to announce an impending delivery in a unique way, an individual could use black and white film to take a photograph of three pairs of shoes. On the left would be the mother’s shoes, on the right the father’s shoes, and in the middle, a pair of baby booties. To enhance the photo, the shoes could be placed on a nice rug in front of a fireplace and rather than a full actual announcement, the baby’s name, if known, along with the due date would be added just beneath the three pair of shoes.

pregnancy announcement ideas

Father’s Day

To announce the upcoming birth to the soon-to-be father, a pregnant woman could send him a Father’s Day card. As imagined, he would be somewhat confused at first but quickly the card would make sense.

Dessert Ideas

If a couple wanted to tell family members or friends about a pregnancy but wanted to share the news in a unique way, they could use dessert to get the message across. In this case, the couple would organize a traditional dinner, serving foods that everyone loves. However, for dessert everyone would be presented with a piece of cake in the shape of baby booties or a baby carriage with icing in blue or pink. For added fun, the words “surprise” could be scrolled in white icing.

Message on a Shirt

If a couple already has a child, a simple yet effective pregnancy announcement idea would involve a message on a tee shirt. For this, the child would be dressed in a tee shirt with the words “Big Sister” or “Big Brother”. Although this would be a fun idea regardless of who the couple wants to tell, it would be especially great for letting the soon-to-be father know the good news.

Fresh Flowers

A classic way to deliver the message about a pregnancy is with flowers. Whether being sent to a husband, boyfriend, family members, or friends, the bouquet would consist of six blue flowers and six pink. On the attached card would be the words, “In x number of months it will be either pink or blue”.

Family Photo

This is a clever and fun pregnancy announcement idea that can be carried out in one of two ways.

  • The couple along with immediate family would schedule time to have a photograph taken. However, to get everyone to smile, the photographer, who would be in on the surprise, would say “We’re pregnant” instead of the traditional “Say Cheese”.
  • If the couple has already had a sonogram done it could be used as part of the family photo. To share the news of pregnancy, everyone would gather to have the photograph taken but before the photographer begins snapping away, the husband would say he forgot something, followed by turning to his wife for the sonogram. Obviously, holding it up to be a part of the family photo would put a huge smile on everyone’s face.

Gift Giving

This usually works best for Christmas in that the gift could be for an entire family or couple but it would also be an option for someone’s birthday. This pregnancy announcement idea consists of wrapping a diaper, baby power, lotion, and a pair of baby booties, which would then be given to the parents, in-laws, or close friends of the expectant couple. If given as a gift at Christmas, this announcement would get the most reaction if everyone were to open gifts one at a time.

Breakfast Baking

While this might be somewhat quirky, it would be ideal for the right couple. Finding a great recipe, homemade buns would be served for breakfast. However, the fun part is by using thin white icing to draw feet of a baby. The nice thing about this particular announcement is that it could be used just for the father-to-be or as part of a large buffet with family and friends.


For someone who enjoys doing things a little different, creating a message that people need to decipher would work great. In this case, Japanese or Chinese symbols would be used on dinner place cards that read “We’re pregnant”, “Baby on the Way”, “It’s a boy or a girl”, or whatever message preferred. All the seated guests would then be provided a list of different symbols, some used and some not used, making them decipher the special message.


Everyone loves playing charades so what better opportunity to announce a pregnancy. To make the announcement fun, the news should not be shared until the game had gone through a number of rounds. There are multiple acts that could be performed to get the message across but a few examples include pushing a baby buggy, changing a dirty diaper, or going into labor.


The bottom line – there are literally hundreds of fun, exciting, and unique pregnancy announcement ideas found online, through friends and family, or simply created. By considering the people who are being told along with the couple’s personality, this special news can be shared in a way that no one will forget. Regardless, it would be important to have a camera ready to capture the moment.