20 Hot Men to Lust For

Have a better look at your beloved, dear women! You will be filled with overwhelming love for them. But every innocent faced woman has a wilder side to her! She likes her men raunchy and overpowering and yet wants him to be sensitive and loving. Here’s our list of top 20 deliciously bitable men to lust for:

20) Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

Source: fanoos.com

He is the crown prince of Dubai. He is smart, dashing and the world’s most eligible bachelor. Women find him both sensitive and cute. He writes poems of exceedingly romantic nature. He is professional skydiver. A perfect blend of macho and humane; and royalty is an added bonus!

19) Bilawal Zardari Bhutto

Source: tribune.com.pk

His mother was an iconic leader of great charisma and personality. Benazir Bhutto’s death shook the globe as well as Pakistani politics. The young Bilawal was chosen to step into his mother’s shoes. Filling them is a very hard job considering her stature in politics. But Bilawal showed his competence time and again, as he was seen lobbying for his party. The young Bhutto is all set to carry forward his grandfather’s legacy.

18) Tom Ford

Source: style.com

The man behind Gucci, he is the world’s hottest business icon. He gave Gucci a complete makeover for the better. He revamped it all, introduced new lines of accessories and perfumes, even new design for their stores in every part of the world. Ford ensured a 90% increase in sales. He looks smashing and the designer touch is all more suave.

17) George Clooney

Source: people.com

With his salt and pepper look, at 49, he still counts as one of the world’s hottest men. He can steal away ladies’ heart with class. His ways are grand and so is he! Clooney is all about charm and can give all the young dudes a run for their money. He is Hot and dashing forever.

16) Brad Pitt

Source: fanpop.com

What can we say about him! Ladies hated him when he cheated on his wife Jennifer Aniston, coming out of a long eight year romantic relationship. But he made up his image by marrying Angelina Jolie. Playing the cool daddy to his kids and the right husband, he has won the hearts of all. Brangelina have indeed set up an example for people! Women will always love Jolie’s hunk!

15) David Beckham

Source: david-beckham-wallpaper.en.softonic.com

He is a style icon. An ace footballer. With the perfect looks, he has time and again got women hooked to soccer just for him. With movies named after him to stadiums standing up for him, David is the evergreen hottest man for women. Girls get jealous of his wife Victoria Beckham, but the two set a great example of a happy, stable couple!

14) Bradley Cooper

Source: sofeminine.co.uk

A former athlete, and the Hangover star, Cooper is the other name for hotness. Women swoon for this man. He is apparently dating the Bridget Jones star, Rene Zellweger. Bradley Cooper has held many hearts with his great looks and style, leaving many a women moaning for him!

13) Ashton Kutcher

Source: topnews.in

He is star. He cashes his Hollywood star status and uses it on the right kind of business. Marriage to Demi Moore didn’t reduce his female fan following, people rather loved him more. He is siren and a bomb! Ashton Kutcher is a treat for the eyes!

12) Christiano Ronaldo

Source: halajosehalamadrid.tumblr.com

The star of Real Madrid, he has got an array of female fans watching soccer just to see him sweat him out on pitch. His passion for sport is commendable. He looks bitable and superbly hot! Ronaldo is 27 and the star of football. Women can’t stop checking this one out.

11) Justin Timberlake

Source: justintimberlake.us

He shot to fame with his cute chocolate boy looks. At 31, he is one of Hollywood’s most lovable and hot stars. He is known for his nature, his warm, cute looks and his deep looking eyes. He is Hot. And ladies just hold their breath for this man.

10) Novak Djokovik

Source: telegraph.co.uk

He is known as the joker. This guy has suddenly become the ruling star of Tennis. He is the King of every Grand Slam. Women loved sweaty and puffy sports men. They come across as strong and protective. The Grand Slams did increase his female fan following. Novak did it!

9) Ryan Reynolds

Source: squidoo.com

His movies have won appraisal from critics and ladies alike. They loved him. How can you not! His child like lover boy face, with those puppy cute eyes, Ryan Reynolds is a guy who is a ladies favorite. His perfect sense of comic timing works wonders for women.

8 ) Armen Van Burren

Source: pulsarmedia.eu

He is the DJ who makes the world move to his tunes. His concerts get the ladies go mad. He makes them dance and sends them in trance. His perfect looks are just killer!

7) Will Smith

Source: thehunkies.com

He is not only known for his acting skills but his overpowering personality. Smart, Classy and mostly he fits into the bracket of tall, dark and handsome, this man is a keep. And the women folk love him for that.

6) Patrick Dempsey


He is the star of television. With his show Grey’s Anatomy being such a hit and his looks so popular with women, his co-stars on show claiming he is a great kisser, ladies in queue lust for him endlessly.

5) Rafael Nadal

Source: graphicshunt.com

He is the hottest Spaniard in the world. Despite not winning his last few Grand Slam matches, he is star of the woman folk. They love him. He is passionate for his game and passion impresses women always.

4) Johnny Depp

Source: collider.com

He is the Captain Jack Sparrow! Women love his attitude, they love his temper and they love the style. “When you marooned me on this Godforsaken spit of land, you forgot one thing mate. I am Captain Jack Sparrow!”

3) Gerard Butler

Source: zoecarter.com

At 42, he is still a star. Women swoon over his hotness. He looks perfect. His body rightly cut out, he has an overpowering impact on women. And why shouldn’t, men with looks like that are rare.

2) Christian Bale

Source: gothamtrending.wordpress.com

His image is powerful and so are his looks. After Dark Knight, women can’t stop talking about his good looks. His is evenly cut out for women who like their men ‘hard’! I hope you got the dirty joke ladies!

1) Hugh Jackman

Source: moviespad.com

And with that he tops our list. The most bitable, lustful star indeed is the Wolverine guy Hugh Jackman. He has the perfect looks, the perfect body, and the right skin tone. Women love his masculinity. And his emotional side! He is the perfect family guy. His wife can’t stop adoring him and his kids love him. With a stable family, his glorious career, and his enormously huge female fan following, life is bliss for this guy. Sadly for his fans, he is obviously taken. But they can’t stop looking for their Leopold!