99 Best Sexy Chrome Nail Art Designs for 2018

Flaunt your nails with elegant, bolder, and sexier designs! Your outfit and style deserve much attention by pairing it up with these fashionably hot nail designs! Do you have round, square, rounded square, oval, squoval, coffin, stiletto, or almond nail shapes? Name it all! We have all the best and sexy chrome nail art ideas made especially for you!

So what? If you have long or short nails? You can still embellish them with eye-catching patterns and prints! Learn how to play around with your nails and express your artistry. There are various ways on how to polish and keep those tip of your fingers or toes, unique, alive, and fab! Ready? Scroll down now and take a sneak peek of our 99 Best Sexy Chrome Nail Art Designs for 2018!

  1. Rose Gold Metallic and White Matte Nail Art

Polish an alternative effects of matte white and metallic rose gold colors to achieve a Japanese inspired nail art! Accentuate the colors with silver rhinestones and an amazing Aztec design for punk rock appearance.

  1. Silver Metallic and Luster Nail Design

Get a Cyborg vibe with these amazing luster silver colors for your nails! This unique hue can be partnered with your party outfit or discotheque getup!

  1. Punk Fashion Dark Magnetic Nail Vibe

Grab the trendy nail art today! Paint a combination of dark violet and dark green nail polish for a semi-rock and semi-formal look!

  1. Dark Abstract Sheer Nail Art

Do you want to match your Hawaiian dress code for a summer look? Try this amazing abstract and tropical feels nail art!

  1. Elegant Royal Blue Chrome Nail Design

Fall in love with the chromatic blue color on your nails! This perfect hue and style will definitely suit to your semi-formal and sophisticated outfit.

  1. Aztec Design Nail Art

Play with the colors and styles of your nail polish. These different shades of silver and aqua promote a Boho fashion nail art for your summer getup!

  1. Bronze and Silver Magnetic Nail Art

Show off those killer nails for a disco-live party look! Paint a silver shiny base then top coat it with a crescent-shaped gold color.

  1. Flakie Nail Ideas with Halloween Design

Are you excited about the trick or treat event? Don’t forget to polish your nails with Halloween vibe manicure! Just paint the base with shiny black color, sprinkle with glittery dots, and paint a cute pumpkin art!

  1. Teen Style Semi Crème and Glittered Nail Polish

Beautify your nails with the combination of cream and dark colors! The tandem of these two colors define a minimalist nail art for a casual and chic style!

  1. Metallic, Silver, and Luster Nail Design

A silver color fanatic? Decorate your nails with this amazing metallic silver luster color and add glam to your OOTD!

  1. Opalescent Voguish Nail Art

Do you love Aztec designs? Try this voguish and fashionable nail art trend to match with your getup. Be creative with the shades and glittery effects of green and blue to achieve this color then top coat the base with gold Aztec designs.

  1. Abstract Chrome Top and White Based Nail Ideas

Looking for a minimalist nail art? Check! This is the right design for you to try! Match the light gray based color with various shiny silver triangle shapes for an eye-catching and cute design.

  1. Opal and Glass-Flecked Nail Ideas

Work on those artistic talons and add glass-flecked inspired designs for a mystical look. Combine the pink and brownish color to achieve this effect!

  1. Magnetic Silver Edge and White Based Nail Design

Simplicity is the beauty as they say. Check out this simple yet stylish nail art for a glam and fab look! Just paint a silver luster on the edge of the nails to add a twist to the plain white hue.

  1. Rhinestone-Inspired Matte and Metallic Nail Design Combinations

Can’t get enough with the decals and rhinestones? Featuring this voguish mauve matte and metallic pink as the base and accessorizing the nail polish with rhinestones for the finish!

  1. Dark and Sophisticated Magnetic Chrome Nail Art

Do you prefer dark colors for your formal attire? Dark magnetic chrome nail art is gorgeous and sophisticated nail art ideas which perfectly suits with your style!

  1. Various 3D, Opal, and Glittered Nail Ideas

Addicted to stardust, glittery, and shiny nail arts? Navigate this gallery and choose the best style for your nails. You may try the 3D effect, rainbow stardust designs, glass-flecked decors, or opal vibe finish.

  1. Elegant Magnetic Chromatic Nail Art

Pair up your sexy dress with this elegant dark magnetic chrome nail art. The color, shade, and effect characterizes a romantic, seducing, and fierce look.

  1. Pinkish Metallic Modern Nail Art

Groove with your party out-loud music and dance while showing your amazing pink metallic nail art. This luster pink polish is appealing and attractive to the eyes which makes your party outfit perfect and fab!

  1. Lady Gaga Vibe Silver Nail Designs

Wanna experience a Lady Gaga vibe nail art? Try this luster silver color and top coat the ring finger nail with rhinestones for a glamorous and voguish effect! Show off a bad romance look on your fingernails!

  1. Translucent Semi-Rainbow Nail Design

Are you wearing something light colored today? A translucent nail art is definitely suitable for your getup. Consider this simple and shiny nail polish for a luminous effect!

  1. Rose Gold Kim Kardashian Inspired Pointy Nail Art

If you wear something avant-garde, this amazing nail art is very suitable for your outfit. It emphasizes fierceness, uniqueness, and power.

  1. Satin and Sheer Polish for Coffin Nail Shapes

When you’re attending a wedding, this nail art is definitely appropriate for your dress and it makes the wearer look delicate, cute, and fashionable.

  1. Matte and Metallic Design for Squoval Nail Shapes

Are you wearing neutral colored outfits? Consider this nail art to match with your getup. The color looks lustrous and unique which makes it suitable for neutral colored outfits.

  1. Fashionable Sheer Silver and Pink Design for Long Nails

Be artistic and fashionable with your nails! You can try this amazing silver and pink polish for your coffin nails. To make the pink polish more creative, drizzle some rhinestones on the edges to improve the appearance even more!

  1. Gray Matte Based and Metallic Nail Designs

Black nails are absolutely trendy since this nail art can be worn in any type of apparel. For this nail polish, you will need dark gray for the base, black shiny coating, and gold shiny coating to improve the design.

  1. Reverse French Tips in Silver and Black

As an alternative to #26, you can consider this matte black based nail art with a lustrous silver coating. It can also be paired up with any apparels.

  1. Gold Chromatic Nail Ideas

Some ladies want to have a lustrous gold nail art for their party occasions and events. Try this amazing nail art with plain polish and stripe designs to match with your perfect get up for the party and events.

  1. Rose Gold Metallic Rock Nail Design

Do you want to have lustrous rose gold metallic nails? Consider this amazing nail polish which can be matched to any kinds of clothing. This nail polish might be plain but the luminous appearance of the coating improves the nails look.

  1. Avant-Garde Gray Chromatic Nail Art

Some models and cosplayers want to emphasize every detail of their costumes or apparels. They can consider this avant-garde style nail art to complement with their outfits and show a fierce, sexy, and daring appearance well.

  1. Glittered and Metallic Vibe Art for Short Nails

Luminous nail arts emphasize the vibrant effect of the colors and the happy vibe feeling while wearing these amazing colors. In this nail art, the model used aqua, silver, and black coating with glittery effects. This nail art can be worn for parties like Christmas, Disco, Debut, and other events.

  1. Silver Chromatic Based featured with Numerical Designs

Are you a person who loves numbers? You can imitate this nail art idea especially if you want to print numbers on your nails. You can print your birthday, anniversary, or any sentimental dates on your nail.

  1. Indigo Chromatic Floral Designs

Some ladies prefer to have their nail arts complementary with their apparels. So, if you’re planning to wear something indigo, violet, or purple, this nail art idea might be suitable for your outfit.

  1. Crystal Inspired Designs for Pointy Nails

Do you want to feel mystical and unique? You may try these various nail designs with crystalized effects. This nail polish is best to wear with your costumes or party outfits.

  1. Simple yet Classy Gray Nail Art

Some girls love to wear neutral colored apparels like black, silver, or white. It is best to match your nail arts with your get up so that it will look appropriately awesome with your apparel.

  1. Chromatic and Flakie Disco Style Nail Design

Are you going to celebrate and have a party tonight? You should be considering this nail art with full of happy vibe and unique blend of colors. The glittery effect will definitely suitable for your party outfit.

  1. Gray Based with Metallic Edge Nail Art

Do you recall the nail art #24? They have similar patterns of designs but differ in the gray-based polish. The first one has a lighter gray based color while this one has a deep gray based color. You may choose between these two and select the best nail art that will fit for you.

  1. Elegant Matte Gray Based Nail Art with a Touch of Gold

To add some twist of nail art #24 and #37, instead of luminous silver, you may use lustrous gold on the edges to look elegant and classy. It promotes uniqueness and fashion because of the artistic effect of the two neutral colors: gray and gold.

  1. Metallic Stainless Steel Inspired Nail Art

Some girls are attracted to lustrous silver colors because it looks unique, stylish, neat, and amazing on the fingernails and toenails. To have a simple idea regarding this, you may refer to these images to know what a silver color exactly looks like when polished on the nails.

  1. Opal and Satin Inspired Voguish Designs Nail Art

Nowadays, ladies want to have their perfect manicure so that they’re nails look neat and fabulous when wearing various clothes. Just coat the base with satin pink and drizzle it with golden decals then voila! You will have the perfect pink nails finish in just a few minutes!

  1. Dimensional and Metallic Silver Polish for Coffin Nail Shapes

Lustrous silver nail art is also voguish and amazing for coffin nail shape. As you can see in this image, it gives a sense of elegance, power, and aristocracy to the wearer.

  1. Fuchsia Pink Shiny Polish for Pointy Nails

Most girls love pink colors because of the delicate, feminine, and cute effect of this color. Consider this glittery pink nail art to your list so you can have many ideas to choose from!

  1. Unique Light Brown Satin and Ivy Chrome Nail Art

Do you want to have the perfect nails for your cocktail dress or gown? You should consider this amazing nail art with unique designs in skin-tone brown and luminous aqua color.

  1. Artistic Silver Metallic Rock Nail Design

Girls do love punk rock outfits because it gives them a sense of youth, artistic, and wild feeling. For someone who loves to wear punk rock outfits, it would be better if you’ll match your get up with a perfect blend of this nail art.

  1. Bluish Crackled Design for Pointy Nails

Looking for a nail art to match with your dark outfits? Consider this crackled snake-scale like nail art design for your voguish dark apparel.

  1. Dark Green Monochromatic Nail Art

Chromatic nail art provides a creative blend of the colors and it gives a luminous effect on the nails. This eye-catching nail art is a must to try especially if you’re wearing dark color apparels.

  1. Rose Gold Sheer and Diamonds Nail Art

Do you want to feel like a princess or a queen? You can have this royalty feeling on your nails by checking out this voguish nail art design. It uses a metallic rose gold polish for the base, rhinestones for the designs, glittered silver sticker for the effects, as well as black slim polish to draw the crisscross designs.

  1. 3D Floral Stylish Gray Metallic Nail Ideas

As you can see, this is the improved nail art as compared to #39 and #41. Although it used the same lustrous silver color for the base, the model also applied some rhinestones, black sticker, and gray floral decals for the amazing embellishments.

  1. Metallic Rock Rose Gold and Silver Variations for Long Nails

As extra choices from the previous rose gold and silver metallic nail arts, here are some of the amazing designs to include in your list. You can improve the metallic nail art with rhinestones or spiky decals to make it appear like a 3D effect.

  1. Red and Silver Queen Inspired Shimmering Nail Art

Are you a fan of Lady Gaga? If you’ll notice, her nail art taste is definitely out of this world due to her uniqueness and creativity. To imitate her nail art, you may also try this nail art for something new. This nail art idea consists of red and silver metallic polish, rhinestones, and diamond decals for the embellishments.

  1. Urban Punk Fashionable Nail Designs

When you’re pairing up your apparel with some accessories like necklace, watch, bracelets, or caps, it is also similar when accessorizing your nails. The designs should complement with your apparel as well. For punk rock and urban outfits, this amazing nail art design is definitely suitable for your clothing. The florals, spirals, and skulls symbolize coolness, uniqueness, and urban fashion.

  1. Black and Gray Design Variations for Coffin Nail Shapes

As another alternative to a punk rock and urban fashion nail art, you may also consider this nail art idea. It only consisted of silver and black colors with artistic designs.

  1. Sweet Aqua and Metallic Gold Nail Design

Isn’t most of the nail arts in the previous images were typically silver, gray, or black combinations? You will be surprised to see that even light aqua color may also complement with lustrous gold polish!

  1. White-Based and Decals

Check out this amazing punk rock engraved nail art as another additional choice for you to try! As seen in the image, the primary based color of the nails was white and black. Thereafter, the model used embossed decals to emphasize the designs and used the white or black color as the background.

  1. Metallic Gold

Some teens prefer to use plain colors with luminous effects for their outfits. This lustrous golden nail art is just easy to apply in few minutes especially when you’re preparing for a rush party event!

  1. Lovely Magnetic Silver Plain Nail Art

Aside from the gold color, you may also opt to silver luminous color as an alternative to the gold. Since this color is also a neutral type of color, it can be worn and pair up with any party outfits.

  1. 3D Avant Garde Silver Nail Designs

Do you want to improve your silver nails with these amazing engraved designs? To continue the nail art at #56, just put these artistic decals to show an embossed 3D effect.

  1. Powderized and Silver Strips

Are you bored with the plain and smooth nail art? You may try these creative nail art with rough base (white and black) and v-shaped lustrous silver design. It is unique because the texture of the coating is different from the typical smooth and shiny nail polish.

  1. Tri-Color Stylish Nail Polish

Do you love to experiment with colors? Try this trio-color nail art now for a casual look. It consisted primarily of red, light aqua, and silver colors.

  1. Dark Green Monochromatic Nail Art

The secret to this daring dark green monochromatic color: its the creative application of the nail polish! This is a great nail art to look seductive and suitable for your sexy outfit.

  1. Orange and Pink Strips on Silver-Based

Do you want to add some fun and uniqueness on the plain silver coating? You can do this by adding orange and pink strips on the edges to improve the look even more.

  1. Holographic Silver and Rose

To make your nails look dimensional, work perfectly on the nail base first. Use white for the base while silver and pink for the holographic crystalized effects!

  1. Lovely Red Sheer

This lovely sheer red color depicts happiness, sweetness, and lucky vibes. This nail art can be worn during summer seasons, party occasions, or fun celebrations.

  1. Glittery Dark Grapes

Consider this glittery violet dark color on your nail art list. You can achieve this color through a double application and this nail polish was mixed with glitters already so no need to drizzle.

  1. Bluish Glittery Fairy Tale Nail Art

Twice the fun of the colorful coatings and pretty embellishments on your nails using this blue fairy tale color!

  1. Silver-Based with Gold Decals

From a simple and plain lustrous silver coating to this amazing embossed effect, this nail art is definitely a stunning and voguish design to consider! Position those lovely golden decals on the top portion of the nails and be enchanted with those gorgeous nails!

  1. Sophisticated Silver Monochromatic Nail Ideas

When wearing semi-formal attires or dresses, this sophisticated glittered gray color is really a tough choice! It dramatically complements with any semi-formal outfits for an overall elegance.

  1. Pearls and Clams Black-Silver Nail Art

As Ariel says, “Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?” If you’re a mermaid fan, you should be considering these lovely nails with pearls and clams embossed designs! The mermaid scales effect on the nail art is incredibly amazing and beautiful! Be inspired by Ariel and try these lovely nails!

69. Oceanic Blue Inspired Polish for Coffin Nails

You can also try these lovely oceanic blue nails as an alternative to nail art #68. This creative color also emphasizes a mermaid feeling and makes you look pretty and fab!

  1. The Mermaid’s Tail

Aside from the first two mermaids inspired nail arts, you can also try this purely gray mermaid scale nail art! It also gives a 2D effect and makes your nails look unique and pretty!

  1. Crystals and Silvers

Experience the crystal designs of this amazing nail art! This is just an easy to do nail art because all you need is two colors: Silver and Black. Use the silver color for the base while the black color for the outline of the crystals!

  1. Green and Violet Sexy Blends

Get a fierce and seductive vibe nails by trying out this unique blend of violet and green! You can also use this nail art especially when you’re wearing sexy outfits or costumes.

  1. Dip Dye Pale Silver

Silver nails are perfect to try for the Christmas season! These lovely colors manifest the winter, Santa Claus, giving gifts, and exchanging cards moments! Consider these amazing colors for your Christmas overall fashion!

  1. Chromatic Rainbows

Apart from the silver nails, you can also try these rainbow colored nails for the Christmas season! These various blended colors manifest the unexplainable happiness that we feel during this winter season!

  1. Delicate Pink and Punky Black

Are you looking for a combination of satin pink and black colors? This sweet and cute nail art is very suitable for teens and young adults.

  1. Winter Snow Flakes Nail Art

As extra options for Christmas nail arts aside from #73 and #74, this amazing nail art should also be considered. The artistic prints of the snowflakes and silver based color really manifest the Christmas season!

  1. Elegant Scarlet and Gold

Are you going to attend a formal gathering? You can pair up your elegant dress or attire with this gold and maroon combination nail art! The texture of the nail polish and shades of the colors really manifest sophistication and nobleness appearance.

  1. Playful Nail Vandal

Who says vandalism can only be seen in the walls of the streets? You can actually use this idea as a nail art creation! As you can see in this image, the variations of the designs and colors depicted a unique, playful, and happy vibe nail art!

  1. Glittery Rainbows and Shades

Aside from the coffin nail shapes, rainbow nail art designs are also pretty for pointy nails! This amazing nail art manifests a hippie, happy, and unique creations! Try this one now to appreciate the effect!

  1. Dark Brown is the New Rock

It was so unusual for some women to use brown as the primary color for their nail art. Who would’ve imagined that this color can actually make one’s fingernails rock?

  1. Rainbows and Diamonds

Gradient colors are endless! There are several colors to blend and mix to achieve a beautiful finishing touch! In this image, you would see the rainbow-based color and coat with glistening diamonds and rhinestones! How lovely isn’t?

  1. Boho Inspired Glittered Polish for Short Nails

Fan of hippies and bohemian styles? Apply this lovely boho inspired color on your nails to perfectly match with your creative outfits!

  1. Lady Gaga Inspired Metallic Rose Gold and Diamonds Finish

Say yes to this Lady Gaga-inspired rose gold nail art! The chromatic and metallic color of the rose gold is absolutely stunning when pairing up with diamonds!

  1. Starry Winter Night

How interesting isn’t it? You might be thinking that this is a glow-in-the-dark nail polish? Well, it’s actually not but you can also add a twist to this starry winter night design and be more creative! You may add some glow-in-the-dark nail polish on the snowflakes and stars so you would see the effect during the night! Awesome!

  1. Mirror-like Silver

Silver colors can uplift the pale moods and make your hands look radiant! Use this luminous nail color to mimic this creative nail art!

  1. Rose Gold and Mauve Hues

As they say, a bright color should be compensated with a pale color so that the overall look will stand out perfectly! The same is true even for your nail art polish! Try to pair up your mauve hues with rose gold nail polish to appreciate this nail idea!

  1. Shimmering Shades

Are you bored with a single color? Pair it up with some shimmering shades to make it more lively and fun! Use these various shades of blue, purple, silver, rose, and gold to mimic this nail art!

  1. Goddess Style Floral and Glittered Nail Art

Experience having Goddess-like fingernails with these beautiful nail designs! Coat the primary base in transparent color then apply floral stickers and drizzle some stardust to achieve this nail art!

  1. Chromatic and Ombre Colorful Nails

Dip your fingernails to the ombre and chromatic nail dyes to achieve this fashionable nail art! The vivid and genuine colors of these hues depict modernity, style, and upbeat fashion!

  1. White Marbles and Silvers

Combine the silver-based polish with white marble nail arts to achieve this style! It creates a sense of fierce, power, and glory when you tried this artistic nail art!

  1. Lovely Shades of Rose

Fall in love with these sweet shades of rose! Pick two fingers to polish the rose gold color and three fingers to polish the white and pink gradient color! Don’t forget to put those mini decals on the rose gold plated nails!

  1. Nikki Minaj Inspired Pink Nails Designs

Polish your simple coffin shaped nails into a Super Base decals and colors! Apply these pink and rose gold shades to create amazing hues and designs! Embellish the fingernails with rhinestones and mini diamonds to make the nails more stunning and vibrant!

  1. Empress Engraved Gold

Gold defines nobility, power, and glory. This elegant color can also make your nails look like an empress! The amazing engraved patterns of this design makes one’s fingernails appear mighty and royal!

  1. Lustrous Fuchsia Pink

Plain has never been a boring design! Though this metallic fuchsia pink nail art may seem very basic, the luminous effects of the color lighten it up and make it appear as something artistic and voguish!

  1. Sparkling Metallic Gold

Fill the entire nail with lustrous gold polish to achieve this mirror-like effect! This art is stunning and indulgent as the genuine gold!

  1. Disco Style Glittered Nails

Where have you been my disco? Do the groove and dance with this happy vibe glittered edge dark violet nail art!

  1. Pinkish Roses and Gold Contour

Get the magical feel of living in a happy ending fairy tale! Draw someones’ eye with these jaw-dropping roses with gold contours! Use a transparent color as the base to highlight the floral designs!

  1. Luminous Silver Nail Art

Bring your nails up to the next level! Use lustrous silver polish to fill in the nails with luminous nail art!

  1. Dimensional Silver Luster Nail Art

To improve the plain silver color, you can use this nail polish to achieve dimensional designs of the nails. It makes the nails filled with diamond shape holographic effects and manifests uniqueness on your nails!