5 Places to Travel on A Student Budget 

Right now, you could be chilling in your dorm room, dreaming up your perfect holiday, you may have then chosen to search for your favorite destinations on the internet. The results that came back may have shocked you as you realized that most of the famous tourist destinations are expensive.

We’ve decided to help you out with budget traveling tips. The first tip we’d like to give you is that you should look at visiting places that you can really afford. The other tip is that you should make sure that these places will be worth your time in the money you spend.

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The first place you could look for in this country is the Albanian Riviera; this place starts in central Albania and stretches westward. The Albanian Riviera is home to some of the best beaches in Europe that give expensive places like Italy and Greece a run for their money.

This country’s capital city, Tirana, is the best place to explore Albanian culture as its architecture reflects this country’s ties to three powerful empires. One of the best tips for budget travelers is to use student hostels because they charge only 9 euros per night.

Like accommodation, food in Albania won’t hurt your travel budget. One of the cheapest foods you’ll find in this country is the Balkan Burek, which is a delicious pastry that’s filled with meat or cheese.


One of the best cheap travel destinations in Indonesia is Bali. It’s highly popular among Australian tourists for its Hindu temples, amazing beaches, nightlife and luxury resorts that are not as expensive as you would imagine in Europe or America.

Another place that’s worth visiting is Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. This bustling city is home to about 9 million people and the best traditional food the country has to offer. You can also visit the old Dutch-settler town called Kota Tua or party in one of the tourist bars that are in Jalan Jaksa.

Also, accommodation is very cheap in Indonesia, as decent rooms with air conditioning will charge you only around $8 to $15 a night.

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South Africa

Traveling in South Africa can be very student budget-friendly as most of its historical sites and museums are free or have entrance fees less than $4. This country also has many beaches that have fantastic scuba diving facilities and great weather conditions for surfing in Cape Town and Durban’s South Coast.

Tourist accommodation is also relatively cheap as you can get to stay in a decent hotel room for about $20. South Africa also has a lot of restaurants and bars that offer great fusion food.

Transport is also quite cheap in this country if you know where to look. For example, Uber is widely available and it is cheaper than the ordinary taxi cab and local flights on certain carriers like Mango offer competitive prices.

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Peru is famous for its ruins from its ancient Inca civilizations, its beaches and magnificent landscapes. If you want to enjoy these, you could budget just around $40 for each day, depending on what you want to do, eat, or where you’ll sleep.

One of the most important tips for college students who want to vast Peru is that they should learn some Spanish because almost everyone there doesn’t speak English. If you don’t know much about this place, you should try visiting the Machu Picchu via the Inca trail or go to Lima Peru’s capital city. 


Turkey is now one of the most popular holiday destinations for students on a budget, not just because of its breathtaking landscapes. This country has a rich history of being a cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. Turkey lies in both these continents, so it’s been a physical bridge too.

This country’s capital city Istanbul has also served as the central political center for both Byzantine and the Ottoman empires. This city is the perfect place to start your journey in this country as you’ll get to see its rich history firsthand through its architecture. You can enjoy buying stuff at the Grand Bazaar, a market that’s been around for 600 years.


Being a student comes with a lot of pressure and that’s why taking a break from your daily routine is important. A change in scenery can do a lot of good for your emotional and mental health and that’s why we want you to know about cool options that are in your price range.

The world is a large place and it has many tourist destinations that are suitable for people with different kinds of budgets and interests. With this in mind, you shouldn’t get worried when you are bombarded with expensive tourist destinations as there’ll always be a nice inexpensive holiday.