Improve Your Life With These 5 Easy Steps

Lord, we know what we are but we know not what we may be ~Shakespeare

This line by the greatest of bards, is as relevant today as it will be a 1000 years from now.
If there is one thing that is constant in life, it has to be change, and those of us who are able to adapt to change are much more able to find success and happiness in our lives. The quality of life that you seek is in your hands, therefore you do not have to be dissatisfied with the current condition of your life – you have the power to change it, if you want to.
Here are 5 easy that will help you start  to improve your life TODAY!
Have self belief
The first thing that you have to realize is that improving ones life can be as easy or as difficult, as you want it to be. It is greatly dependant on the person making the choice. There are many of us who wish that our lives were better, but we do not know where to start. The first step in making any improvement is to believe in yourself. The prime reason for many of us choosing to live sub standard lives is the fact that our confidence levels are very low. A measure of self confidence is important to achieve anything.
If we believe that ‘we can do’ and that ‘we will do’, then other people’s disbelief or lack of faith will cease to matter. The first step is almost always the most difficult to take, but you will find that once you have taken the first step, the rest will become infinitely easier. Raising our self confidence means that we have  not just got to believe in ourselves; but also trust in our abilities to achieve our goals. You can do anything you set your mind to.
Make some time for yourself
More often than not, we find that many of us live lives spent catering to the whims and demands of other people. While it is true that family and friends are very important, it is also true that we can’t always be what other people want us to be. Finding a little space where you do things for yourself and making your own well being a priority , is another vital step to improving your life.
Even if it is taking a short walk in the evening, it is important that people realize that you need a little time to yourself. You may find that people will wonder why you would want to be alone when you can be in their company, but you do not have to explain if you don’t want to. Having time alone is important for all of us.
This practice may take a little time to go get used to, but you will soon realise that being by yourself is not being alone, but being in touch… with yourself. Many women have forgotten what it is to do things for themselves, in our capacities as mothers, lover and friends; quite often our needs become secondary. Don’t forget it’s ok to put yourself first.
Choose health
Choosing to be healthy is a definite way to improve your life. The quality of one’s life is greatly dependent on how healthy a person is. As you realize that your life can be greater enjoyed  if you are healthier, it is only natural that healthy food and healthy habits will become an important part of your lifestyle. Eating healthily and staying fit will make you more energetic and willing to work towards goals that might seem difficult to reach.
You will be surprised at how much more you are able to achieve in the same time, when you consciously put health above everything else. Quit unhealthy habits like smoking and depending on alcohol to make you feel better. It is not easy, but your body and your mind will thank you for it.
Once you choose a healthier way of life, you will find that you sleep better, have more energy and more enthusiasm for life in general .
The key to good health also lies in your ability to take a step back and manage your stress levels. The more stress you take on, the more likely you are to make poor decisions which over time will effect the quality of your life . So if you want to  improve your life in a holistic way, looking at how you manage stress and challenges within your life; is a very important part of that.
Learn to let go  
Have you realized that you are the unhappiest when you think of what other people have done to you? If you want to improve your life, then you will have to learn to let go of the negative and debilitating thoughts that surface from time to time. Constantly thinking about  how unfair and badly people have been to you will not change it. Sometimes you just have to let go.
When you learn to let go and learn from your  past experiences rather than dwell on them, you are more able  to assess how much you have changed for the better, and  let bygones be bygones. This does not mean you discount everything that happened in the past, but  to learn how your choices and actions had contributed to your situation. It can be easy to blame others when things go wrong in our lives, but we have to accept a level of personal responsibility too.
Get started early
Rising early is energizing and vitalizing and will give you more time in each day to achieve the things you want. If you are serious about improving your life, how you manage your time is an important aspect of this. We live hectic schedules with family and work commitments, and quite often sleep and rest are the first things to be neglected, but getting sufficient sleep in important for a healthy body and a healthy mind.
Waking at sunrise is not for everyone, but the quiet of this time  of day will help you get your day organized in your head and also give you the little space that you require to awaken your senses. Waking early requires discipline and can be very challenging if it’s not something that your used to, but this is one positive habit you can introduce  that will improve your life pretty much immediately, as you will feel less stressed when you have more time in the day to get things done.
Making the decision to improve your life is an easy one to take, but not so easy to follow through. These 5 simple steps will give you a head start of beginning to enjoy a life you really love.