6 Movies to Enjoy With Your Kids

Being a parent is tiring for many reasons. The last thing you want to do after a long day is watch that annoying movie your kids love for the millionth time. One of the best things about being a parent, though, is that you get to expose your kids to new ideas and experiences. So do yourself a favor and get your kids hooked on these awesome movies that you can both enjoy.

E.T the Extra Terrestrial


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Classics are classic for a reason. This one tells the tale of a meek little boy, Elliot, who befriends an extra terrestrial who has been stranded on Earth. Together, they form a bond and help each other overcome obstacles. The story of adventure, friendship, and overcoming adversity is great for kids. The movie is so compelling and visually appealing that it’s great for adults, too.

Harry and the Hendersons

If you have sensitive kids,or if you cry easily, Harry and the Hendersons might be a tough one to handle. It’s the story of a family that accidentally hits Bigfoot with their car and take him home thinking they can make a profit from their discovery. Once they get home, though, Bigfoot gets better and they name him Harry and he becomes a part of the family. It’s actually a very moving story, and you grow very attached to Harry and his new family. Just make sure to have some tissues handy.

The Iron Giant

Don’t let the fact that this is an animated movie fool you, there’s some serious depth and story to the Iron Giant. A lonely little boy named Hogarth discovers a large alien robot during the height of the Cold War. The U.S Military, and one particularly paranoid Federal Agent, are desperate to find and destroy what they assume to be a weapon. Hogarth befriends the Giant and the two have wonderful adventures together while hiding from the agent. It’s another tear-jerker of an ending but make sure you watch it on Direct-Ticket.net because the story of perseverance and friendship is so touching you’ll want to watch it again and again.

The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding story is a great one for kids who might be lacking a bit of confidence to watch. It’s the story about Bastian, a quiet boy who gets bullied at school and regularly escapes by reading. He discovers an interesting book at the bookstore but is told it’s “not safe.” Bastian steals the book and runs away to read it in the school’s attic.

He begins reading about the city of Fantasia that’s being devoured by “The Nothing,” a dark void that consumes everything. He follows the story’s hero, Atreyu, as he battles against the odds to save the city. Ultimately it ‘ Bastian’s imagination and bravery that saves them all. The whimsical characters you’ll meet in this movie will delight your kids and the wonderful story will keep you entertained.

The Sandlot

Nothing beats a rag-tag bunch of misfits. Scotty Smalls moves to a new town with his parents and notices some local kids playing baseball in an open field. Their leader, Benny, takes Smalls under his wing and together the group deals with all the follies of summertime. From first crushes to rival baseball teams and many run ins with the legendary baseball eating dog, The Beast, this movie really shows what it means to be a kid; adventures, friendship and a bit of trouble making. Your kids will love the laughs and you’ll love the trip down memory lane.

The Muppets Take Manhattan

An oldie but a goodie, you can never get enough of the Muppets. You were probably a Muppet fan as a kid, but unfortunately they’re not as prevalent today so they’ll be brand new to your kids. In The Muppets Take Manhattan, Kermit and his friends travel to New York City to get their musical on Broadway and, of course, run into some trouble along the way. The Muppets Take Manhattan is the third in a series of Muppet musicals and they’re all worth looking i to. The songs are catchy, the jokes are funny, and it’s a light-hearted movie you’ll want to watch over and over.

Even though you’re a parent now, you’re still a kid at heart. Don’t let boring cartoons and animated movies keep you from spending as much time with your family as possible.  Pop in one of these classics and enjoy.

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