6 Perfect Celeb Parents (5th is My Favorite)

We don’t like to compare, but it’s inevitable to sometimes grade ourselves against celebs when they do the same job that we do – parenting. We see them on television or websites with the perfect smile and the seemingly happy, lovely children, and sometimes wish to use them as a template for success. And with Father’s Day fast approaching (find Father’s Day gifts here)and Mother’s Day just gone, there’s no better time to consider some of the best examples of the perfect celeb parent:

Brad Pitt

The father of six – Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Knox, Shiloh and Vivienne –  could never be described as an Inglourious dad. He revealed in The Telegraph Magazine that his own upbringing was tough and that he was urged to think and do things for himself. Interestingly, he admits that his parenting is very different for his boys and girls, with a disciplinarian attitude for the boys.


David Beckham

He had to be here, didn’t he? If you’ve raised your eyebrows and tutted at the thought of the seemingly perfect footballer-cum-model-turned humanitarian, then just imagine how difficult it must be for him and his wife to look after four children with an age range of 17 (Brooklyn) through to four (Harper) while working around the world in his many projects including UNICEF work –  and still come across as the perfect family unit. What’s more, his children are now growing up nicely and making their own way in life, as difficult as it may be for Victoria to accept.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Imagine being banned from ever eating junk food! Those are the rules set up by the Hollywood actress; Apple and Moses apparently rely on their mum to create food that is healthy, 100% gluten-free and without carbs, meaning that bread, pasta, pizzas and biscuits are out of the window. If that seems a bit restrictive, then perhaps the fact that they have watched their favourite cartoons in multiple languages from a young age to widen their skills is more conducive.


Barack/Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama only allows Malia and Sasha six hours of television a week, part of a strict discipline regime that brings those hours down to zero if the First Lady hears of any rudeness or poor behaviour. We’ll never know if Malia would have made it to Harvard without such an influential pair of parents, but clearly her diligence and intelligence would have given her a great platform in life. And if there’s a cooler dad on the planet than this American prez, we’ve yet to see him.


Gary Barlow

The Take That star has twice been named Celebrity Dad of the Year, fighting off some of the other names on this list to claim the accolade in 2012 and 2015. Part of the reason for the double award is his unwillingness to compromise or ignore his parenting even while touring the country; witness his super-cute pics of clutching the award and his daughter Daisy’s bootswhile asleep. Barlow has two other children, Daniel and Emily, and referred to the award as “That trophy that every dad dreams one day he’ll hold, and here it is.”


Jamie Oliver

As stated by Parenting.com, Olivernot only wants the best for his own kids, but also the best for yours. The entrepreneurial chef and model wife Jools may have given their children ‘interesting’names – Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow and Buddy Bear Maurice – but no-one can deny his impact on the school meal and children’s food agenda in the battle against obesity in children.