5 Watch Types You Should Know

Watches can do more than tell time, but you may not be familiar with all their functions. Both men’s and women’s watches come in several types, so it is important to know what they are if you are planning on buying one as a gift or for yourself.

Watch Types

Men’s and women’s watches are available in five basic watch styles:

  • Aviator
  • Dive
  • Dress
  • Field
  • Racing

While many people buy watches because of their appearance, for those who fly, scuba dive, or race, these watches can be an invaluable tool.

Aviator Watches

Aviator-style watches come in many designs, but they are easy to recognize by the addition of chronographs on the dial and the number of pushers on the side of the watch. Most aviator watches have two to three chronographs on their dials, but some do not have any.

A chronograph is a function that times an event. The pushers on the side of the watch, which are usually at two and four o’clock, start or stop the second hand. They may also have dark faces and illuminating dials like the Omega Speedmaster.

Dive Watches

For adventurers who like to SCUBA, a good dive watch can be a must-have. However, you don’t need to be a diver to wear one as they are an iconic style for men. The bands on many of them are rubber or silicon, but they could be nylon or stainless steel as well.

The watch face includes a rotating bezel. This feature helps to calculate the time of a dive, so the diver can tell how much oxygen they have left in their tank. Most watches have a water resistance of 200 to 300 meters, but some can go deeper.

Dress Watches

The dress watch is the most common and basic timepiece. They range from simple designs with leather or metal bands, or they can be more elaborate. Women’s dress watch designs may include diamonds on the watch face in place of numbers or surrounding it on the bezel.

Some women often have more than one watch, so they can mix and match them with their outfits. While some of them may be strictly for work, other more ornate pieces may be for wearing on dates or going to important events.

Field Watches

Watches are important on the battlefield as they help tell the time remaining before an attack is to commence or how long it was between bombing attacks. The length of time between cannon or rocket attacks could indicate how far the enemy is from your squad.

The design for field watches is much the same as when they first were issued. They usually have leather or nylon bands. The face is usually black with white markings to make them easier to read in low light, and the case is stainless steel for durability.

Racing Watches

Whether you race horses, bicycles, or cars, a racing watch can help keep the time of each lap or length of a race. They look much the same as an aviator watch with two to three chronographs on the watch face that perform separate stopwatch functions.

They also have tachymeter bezels to mark time and distance with, along with three pushers on the side of the case. Racing watches come in several styles and color combinations.

While some watches are suitable for wearing with business suits, others can be worn with summer dresses. By knowing the different watch types, you can select the best one to give someone or to buy for yourself.