7 Ways to Be an Ethical Shopper this New Year

At World of Female, we are all about being the best woman you can be. Being a woman isn’t just about looking fine, fierce and fabulous (although it helps), but looking after yourself and the world around you.

Do you know what, though? There is nothing more amazing than someone who cares about the environment and Mother Earth herself. We all love to engage in some beauty and retail therapy, but it’s time we start thing about the cost. And, we’re not talking about money.

So, here are 7 ways to be an ethical shopper in the new year.

1) Cut Down on Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is all about big manufacturers churning out high quantities of reasonably priced apparel. They aim to keep up with ever-changing, seasonal fashion trends as well as creating a great profit for themselves.

  • Fast fashion is harmful in multiple ways. Garment workers are often forced to work long, low paid hours.
  • These workers are usually female, so they are vulnerable to sexual, verbal and physical harassment and abuse.
  • Textile production also releases an overwhelming amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as well as harming our oceans. It also takes around 3000 liters of water to create just one cotton shirt. To put that into perspective, that’s enough drinking water for one person for over two and a half years. If that’s the case for a T-shirt, imagine how much H2O is used to make a pair of jeans…

Don’t buy into pointless and superficial trends – consider what you like to wear and buy with longevity in mind. Charity shops are full of unique and cheap finds. There is also an uprising of vintage second-hand shops popping up everywhere. These are not only better for workers and the environment, but will also guarantee you a cute piece of original clothing!

2) Go Cruelty-Free

It’s nearly 2020, and cosmetic companies are running out of excuses as to why their makeup isn’t cruelty-free. It’s doable and safe, so we can’t see why companies won’t want to get on board. The same goes for you! The make-up ranges available that are saying ‘no’ to testing on animals is expanding, and we love it.

Cosmetic brands that don’t test on animals include Fenty Beauty, Too Faced, Charlotte Tilbury, Glossier, and Milk Makeup. Milk Makeup offers a varied range of beauty products, from cosmetics to skin care and their range is fully Leaping Bunny Certified. That means no animals had to suffer for your beauty.


Bring your own bags! Plastic bags are filling our oceans, and it’s not pretty. Try and keep a few tote bags in your handbag, and extra bags in your car so they’re there whenever you need them.

Many countries across the world have either totally banned or placed taxes on plastic bags, including England, Morocco, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, and Taiwan. France has already pretty much banished plastic bags at stores altogether, so it’s about time we did the same.

4) Check the Labels

Avoid environmentally harmful ingredients in your food and beauty products such as palm oil. You’ll want to steer clear of micro-beads and chemicals found in make-up products such as BHA, BHT and parabens. Not only can these be dangerous to your health, but to the environment too. Especially when washed down the sink.

Keep an eye out for Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair Trade logos on your goods. This means companies have kept within environmental and human rights guidelines.

5) Buy Local

Buy your groceries local if you can. Whether that’s from local retailers, or by looking on the labels and seeing where they have been shipped from. Go to markets in your area and support small businesses while reducing your carbon footprint. This goes for food, clothes, beauty and toiletry products. With a bit of research you can go tee-local.

6) Buy Less!

Do you really need that extra bottle of cola? Or the top you already have in two other colors anyway? It’s honestly that simple. Try and stick to what you actually need instead of what you want.

7) Get Your Friends to Do the Same

There are much more ways you can begin to save yourself and the planet in 2020, like shop with likeminded people. With a bit of research and self-schooling, there’s no limit to your good deeds. Don’t let yourself think that you alone can’t make a difference. Start spreading the word!