Women Accessories: Tips for Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Outfit

Choosing the right accessories for an outfit is often an underrated but important part of dressing up. Too many accessories can look garish and off-putting; too little can leave one looking too plain for the occasion. There are many different styles and themes to pick from. The important thing is not to get overwhelmed. All these different choices can make it difficult to choose between what looks good and what looks terrible. For today, earrings will be the main topic seeing as there are many types of accessories.

Whether you are an elderly in her retirement, a middle age women at the peak of her career, or a young lady in college, earrings are very important, As many of you may have experienced, they can make or break an outfit. No attire can ever be complete without wearing a complementary earring. Choosing the right earrings for any particular outfit can be extremely confusing and time consuming at times. Discussed below are some simple tips you may consider.

Right for the Occasion

Earrings and any jewelry should be right for the occasion. This means that wearing heavy diamond earrings or flashy hoops would be great for an expensive evening out or a fun party, but not for a funeral or a workplace. Wearing loud and bright bangles to a club is great but wearing them to church isn’t the best idea. Be mindful of what activities you’ll be doing and how you’ll appear to others at the same event. For a wide variety of jewelry selections, Urban Accessories is a good choice. Pretty Designs has additional information that gives some more in-depth advice on pairing jewelry with outfits.

Frame the Face

This tip is pretty simple. Find earrings that will ‘match’ your face. Every person has unique features and as such, the right earrings will be different for everyone. For example, women with longer faces might not find long dangling earrings as flattering as people with rounder faces. Small studded earrings are better for those with oval faces. The right earrings frame the cheekbones better as well as highlighting natural features.


One should always coordinate your outfits with your earrings. Your jewelry and dress should work together not against each other. This is important because as small as earrings are, wearing clashing ones can throw off a whole outfit. Try not to match earrings with the most prominent colors of your outfit, instead choose one of the more muted and minor colors. This will highlight the more muted colors and draw them out into the open. For solid colors, simply pick a complementary color to go along with it. For example, purple and gold go great together as they are complementary colors, but purple and orange less so. Taking a moment to look into the color wheel can go a long way towards better helping you pick harmonious colors.

Less is More

If the outfit you’re wearing is loud, flashy, and brightly patterned, wearing more muted earrings is preferable. Wearing crazy patterns can be a lot of fun, but adding crazy earrings as well can almost be too much. Less is sometimes more, and there is a thin line between crazy fun and wildly gaudy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, simple clothing and simple earrings might be too quiet. There’s nothing wrong with being subtle, but sometimes less isn’t always more. Simple outfits can be improved with flashy earrings. The key to keeping things tasteful is to find that perfect balance between simple and wild. A Girl’s World has more extensive advice on the subject.

Choose in Front of a Mirror

It can be extremely challenging to choose one from a lot of earrings. However, this can be done quickly and perfectly by looking at the mirror while holding several earrings up to your ear. Please remember that this should be done when you are fully dressed up. This will help you figure out which of your earrings offers the perfect fit for your footwear, handbag, makeup, hairdo, and outfit. One will definitely stand out, as you repeatedly try out several earrings in front of the mirror.

Match with Accessories

It may not always be enough to match your earrings just with the outfit. All of us use several fashion accessories that greatly augment and complement our outfit. These include belts, watches, handbags, necklaces, bracelets, etc. It is important take these accessories into account while choosing an earring. For example, a silver earring can be the perfect match for a silver lined handbag, a silver necklace, or a silver bracelet.

In Conclusion

Finding the right earrings is important. However, there are a lot of accessory options out there. The variety is almost overpowering in scope and scale, but these tips and tricks will help make the task easier and less overwhelming.