Best Shows on Hulu That Are a Must Watch

Hulu first made its mark by offering a vast library of classics and contemporary network shows. The video streaming app has gradually increased its global footprint, especially with its original content, making it a force to reckon. The Handmaid’s Tale, garnering eight wins out of the 12 Emmy nominations, is the most significant success by Hulu. The series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel by the same name was renewed for a second season. However, Hulu is not just about The Handmaid’s Tale but also has an armory of other impressive originals that has the audiences hooked to their seats. The experimentation with prestige TV is slowly becoming a trademark of Hulu productions.

Some of the best original shows on Hulu are as follows:

Castle Rock

Paying homage to the skilled story-teller Stephen King, Castle Rock is a psychological horror, mystery, thriller series that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The Castle Rock stories are woven around or make references to King’s characters, and each of these stories feels like a page out of his book. Even the ardent Stephen King fans approve of the show, which speaks volumes about the effort put in by the creators. The character development, the small town setting, and evil lurking in the background are very categorically King-esque, making it a must-watch TV series on Hulu.


Set in London of 1763, Harlots follows the life of Margaret Wells, a brothel manager, and her rivalry with Lydia Quigley. The bold series does not project the residents of the whorehouse as miserable or leading dramatic lives; instead, it follows a balanced storyline of real women and their struggles. It unravels the rise of the women using the ladder of sex. The strong female cast delivers a powerful performance transcending the show beyond just a period drama to a series wrapping up narrations of power, survival, enmity, and family. Seeing the positive reception, Harlots was also renewed for a second season on Hulu.

The Looming Tower

The Looming Tower draws its inspiration from a book by Lawrence Wright. The mini-series contains 10 action-packed episodes outlining the hostility between the CIA and FBI. Masterfully set in the 1990s, one can see the resurgence of Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda while the organizations are deadlocked due to their infighting. The dramatized discord coupled with the fast-moving plot makes the tension palpable while the Twin Towers loom in the background reminiscing about the impending doom of the 9/11 attacks. The breakdown of the bureaucratic machinery portrayed in the series acts as a reminder of a historical lesson. Those who are watching their favorite Hulu shows abroad can get a taste of authentic American action drama.

Marvel’s Runaways

Hulu scored big by collaborating with the Marvel Cinematic Universe to create an original series based on a unique set of Marvel characters. Based on the comic bearing the same name, Runaways is about a bunch of kids discovering that their parents are supervillains and in response, they run away! Away from home, the group prepares to fight their parents. The diverse cast encompasses a typical group: a Goth loner, a nice nerdy guy, a lacrosse jock, beautiful girl-next-door, social justice warrior, and the smallest young ‘un. The series serves a cocktail of teenage angst, parental angst, and, of course, superpowers.


Casual is a comedy-drama retelling the lives of Valerie and Alex, a brother-sister duo living in Los Angeles. The siblings develop a stronger bond and what follows is a barrage of comic yet frustrating narratives of relationships and modern dating. Tara Lynn Barr playing the role of Lara, Valerie’s daughter, effortlessly pulls off the typical teen venturing into the world sex and hook-ups. It is a refreshing take on the story of the usual LA households peppering it with emotions, dark humor, melodrama, and fraternal connections.

While these shows may seem alluring at first glance, accessing Hulu can be rather tricky since the content has been geo-locked. Currently, Hulu is available only to the residents of the United States, which can be somewhat frustrating for those wanting to get a taste of good and original indie shows. However, there are ways through which these can be bypassed to enjoy the premium viewing services offered by Hulu.