Top 5 female singers and their badass vinyl records

Who run the world?!

I guess the answer is crystal clear by now, especially because we dominated the Grammy’s.

Yep, girls and women are awesome. Not only do we rule at home, we rule the world, too. Happy Women’s Month to all!

To celebrate music and womanhood, we’ve chosen our top 5 picks for female musicians with the most badass vinyl records. Whether you’re a regular music-lover who’s looking for the best vinyl albums of female musicians or you’re a musician looking for inspiration because you’re planning to make your first custom vinyl record, check out our list of female musicians with the best custom vinyl records:

FIONA APPLE- Fetch the Bolt Cutters 

Of course we can’t not include Mme Fiona. She made quite a noise in the 63rd Grammy Awards, together with many other beautiful and talented female artists. Fiona Apple was nominated for 3 awards, namely: Best Rock Performance, Best Alternative Music Album, and Best Rock Song, and won the two former awards with her album “Fetch the Bolt Cutters.” The album sounds badass yet also playful, which kinda describes our girl.

Despite winning 2 awards, she did not attend the Grammys. She said that she just couldn’t handle being seen on national television under the scrutiny of people watching and comparing her to other artists…so she slept during the awards. 

Fetch the Bolt Cutters was released last year on April 17 in different audio formats. Its cover was designed by David Garza with Fiona sending him a picture of herself. Most of the letters of the album are in the cut-out type of font style, like the album title on the front cover, song titles at the back cover and on the pages of the lyric booklet. The rest of the words are in a handwriting type of font-style like the lyrics of each song. The artwork looks like a school project and the photo looks quirky, which gives us a vibe of what the songs will be like.

BRITNEY SPEARS- Oops!… I Did It Again 

Britney’s hot again lately. The Princess of Pop is everywhere again after a #FreeBritney movement arose. The documentary entitled “Framing Britney Spears” directed by Samantha Stark released last month had an episode about the popstar’s highly publicized breakdown in 2007 that caused her to be under conservatorship. She partied hard and did things that made us feel a little sorry for her. But now…she’s risen from the ashes. She has her kids, she’s in love (with a guy 12 years her junior), and we can all see that she’s pretty clean and happy.

For the 20th Anniversary of one of the most beloved Britney Spears albums, Legacy Recordings released Oops!… I Did It Again 20th Anniversary edition in cassette and LP format. All 12 tracks from the 2000 album were pressed onto a picture vinyl with Britney standing on a background dominated by yellow gold with dark pink at the bottom. The album jacket on the other hand is in pink hues with amounts of yellow at the lower part and film photos of the singer on a beach.

FEIST- Let It Die 

Feist has not been active much, both as a solo act and a member of the band Broken Social Scene, this year. Her last tweet was in December of 2020 while her last album release and her band’s last album release were in 2017 and 2019 respectively. We miss her!

This edition of Feist’s album Let It Die (2004) is a remastered one with the pressing happening on slightly transparent seafoam green vinyl records. The vinyl jacket is a pink gatefold with pictures also in a pink filter. The pressed record is also in a pink filtered photo printed vinyl record sleeve. A real collector’s item.

ALANIS MORISSETTE- Havoc and Bright Lights 

Alanis Morisette’s latest album release was just last year, on July 31. The album was supposed to be released 2 months earlier but with the pandemic going on, she had to delay it. But the best custom vinyl records we’ve seen from her are from earlier albums. 

Havoc and Bright Lights was a studio album released in 2012. In December 2020, Alanis released a limited edition of the album. The album had an overall color scheme dominated by the color turquoise as seen in the gatefold jacket featuring the singer and the solid color of the pressed 180g vinyl record. It also includes a 4-page booklet that is printed with pictures and lyrics.

BEYONCE- Lemonade

We cannot make a list of female singers without Queen Bey! Especially because she made another win at the Grammy’s making it a total of 28 awards! 

What’s cool about Lemonade, Beyonce’s 6th album, is that she did away with the traditional ways of promoting an album. Instead, she released her album on her Instagram. Needless to say, the fans went nuts!

A year after she released the album, she released Lemonade on vinyl. It is in 180gm vinyl to ensure higher sound quality. And the vinyl is of course bright yellow because…Lemonade. Take note that although many musicians are hesitant to press records on colored vinyl because they’re said to be lousy records that are just made for marketing gimmick, that’s not the case these days. Custom vinyl pressing of colored records are now as superior as that of the standard black.

All of these women are sources of inspiration for many girls and women all over the world and it’s heart-warming to see them soar. These custom vinyl pressing