Do Cats Need Baths?

The thought of bathing cats may sound ridiculous, especially because they naturally groom themselves. Cats love grooming themselves, and they use up to 50% of their time to clean themselves using their tongue to remove dirt and loose hair. But do cats really need baths? To get straight to the point, cats actually need baths, especially in certain circumstances where they might have dirtied themselves beyond simple grooming in infested with fleas. A cat bath, when done well stimulates the skin, removes excess hair and oil, and eliminates fleas and stubborn stain.

Additionally, cat baths provide a rare opportunity of creating a rapport with your closest friend and making it used to be handled even in future by vets or guests without going wild. Nonetheless, cats dread getting wet, and it’s harder for them to get dry after a bath. Therefore, you don’t need to bath them frequently but on special situations listed below.

When should you bath your cat?

The recommended length of time to bath your cat is after every two weeks. Depending on the health of your cat, you can even bath once in a month. Long-haired cats require more frequent bathing as they tend to get dirty within a short while. Indoor cats, unlike their counterparts, don’t get dirty rapidly; therefore, require a much different bathing schedule. It is crucial to note that while cat baths are beneficial to both you and your cat; excessive bathing comes with several health consequences, including a dull coat or dry, flaky, itchy skin. Below are situations where bathing your cat would be necessary.

  1. When your cat is covered with fleas or is exceedingly filthy, especially after being rescued from the streets.
  2. When your cat gets older and overweight-When cats get older, their fur naturally get greasier and need more help grooming. Cats that are overweight are also lazy when it comes to grooming or unable to reach every part of the body when getting groomed.
  3. Presence of mats, dreadlocks, or other fur problems- Cat’s fur sometimes develop mats or miniature dreadlocks, especially when they take long before grooming themselves. This problem can be prevented by frequent bathing to reduce shedding or excess hair.
  4. When they become soiled- Cats are playful creatures and usually dirt themselves when playing. Their natural grooming may not be enough to eliminate the dirt, and they may end up dirtying the house. In such situations, it may be necessary to bath your cat.
  5. When they have things stuck to their rear or paws- Cats usually get objects attached to their paws, especially when playing outside. Such dirt can only be removed through bathing.

Giving a Cat a Bath


Before bathing your cat, ensure you have the below necessary supplies in standby.

  • A large towel
  • Cotton balls for cleaning the ears
  • Cat shampoo
  • Rubber gloves
  • Gentle spray nozzle
  • Best large litter box


While bathing your cat is fun, it essential to take necessary precautions listed below.

  • Never submerge its head- As mentioned above, cats dread getting water, and therefore, you should avoid submerging their heads as they become even more afraid. The best way to bath them is to wash the body as well as the legs and tail. If you need to wash their head, use a wet cloth rather than submerging their head.
  • Be choosy with shampoo- When washing cats, you would want to use natural, chemical-free cat shampoo. Chemical-based shampoo tends to irritate cats’ skin and also makes it hard for them to lick their furs.
  • Have the necessary requirements within your reach- To ensure you take the shortest time possible bathing your cat; ensure that you have everything within your reach.

Bottom Line

Do you need to bath your cat? The most straightforward answer is YES! While it’s not absolutely necessary, bathing your cat makes it’s clean, makes its coat appear shinier and healthier and prevents the infestation of fleas which can spread zoonotic diseases. Nonetheless, bathing your cat should not be that frequent as it comes with some health consequences. Again, some cats may be allergic to shampoos, and it’s necessary to note such tendencies. In essence, bathing your cat is quite necessary.