How To Improve Your Chances Of Success In The Chicago Music Scene

It can be difficult as a new musician to make it in the industry, particularly in a huge city like Chicago. As with any major city, there is huge competition, and you have to do everything you can to stand out from other musicians and bands. Chicago has a rich music history, and it is famous for producing some of the most influential genres like house, modern gospel, and Chicago-style blues. Because of this rich and powerful musical history, it is important that you respect the music scene when you are trying to make it within the industry. So, if you are an up-and-coming musician based in Chicago, then here is our guide on how to improve your chances of success.

Keep Networking

When trying to build your music career, it is important to keep networking. As mentioned in the introduction, Chicago is home to so many wonderful musical genres, so it is filled with great musicians that could help you with your career. Networking is a great way to meet people who share the same interests in you and is an easy way to get to know the local music scene. If you have started to form your own sense of style with your music, then it could be a good idea to reach out to some local musicians with a similar style. Even if you aren’t offered a support gig, just getting your name known within the local scene is a great start as it means they could contact you if an opportunity does arise.

Rehearse In A Proper Studio

Another thing you could do to improve your chances of success in the Chicago music scene is to rehearse in a proper studio. The saying practice makes perfect is a very true statement, particularly when it comes to music. The only way you can truly advance as an artist is if you keep on practising. It could be a good idea to record yourself while you are playing so that you can listen back and see which parts you need to improve on. When you are in the middle of playing, it is easy to get caught up and you may not notice when you have made a mistake. Listening to your songs back is a great way to home in on what you do well and what you need to work on. While practising at home may be good for some people, it is not really ideal for an up-and-coming musician. PIRATE is a company that has studios cross the world and is soon to open one in Chicago. This could be a great place for you to practice when they do open as it gives you your own private and quiet space to rehearse.

Market Yourself

Another really important part about growing your music career is marketing. When it comes to running a business, it is crucial that you promote the business and market it, so you reach potential customers. This is the same thing you need to do when trying to grow your music career. Think of your career as a business and start planning ways to push yourself into the industry. One simple way to market yourself is to create a website and social media pages for your music. Social media is an extremely powerful form of marketing and so you must ensure you create a page for yourself and that you are always active. Potential fans may wish to contact you via your social media platforms, so make sure you are always keeping an eye on your direct messages. Instagram would be a great platform to have as an up-and-coming musician as you can post videos of your music to your page so people can hear you before they come to a gig.

Work In A Music Venue

Working in a music venue could be a great way to expand your music career. When working in a music venue, you have almost unlimited access to talented musicians, and it is a great opportunity for networking. A music venue is already a welcoming place, so it will make talking to musicians a lot easier as there is no added pressure. Additionally, when it comes to working in a music venue, there is real versatility to what jobs you will be asked to go. It could be that sometimes you spend time working behind the bar or perhaps you will be in charge of organising some of the sound set up. Both options give you a great opportunity to either network or learn more about the technical side of music which can be effective in boosting your music career. If you are unsure what music venues are local to where you live, then this article gives a great guide to some of the best live music venues in Chicago.