Land That Job: How to Write the Perfect Cosmetology Resume

School is out and the job hunt is on. But first, you’ll need the perfect cosmetology resume. Click here to learn how to wow them on the first try.

Women are figuring out how to make long-term careers for themselves in the workplace. Obtaining degrees help women take their lives down many different directions.

Once a woman attends cosmetology school, she can focus on landing the perfect job to keep her satisfied.

Write the perfect cosmetology resume by following these few tips listed out below.

  1. Make Your Resume Look The Part

One of the first steps to landing a job once you’ve completed your training at cosmetology school is to tweak the look and feel of your resume. Of course, if you need professional help to write one, get in touch with one of the Best Resume Writers in Dallas.

The field of cosmetology is projected to grow by 13%, which means more competition. Resumes that appeal to the eye can be given another once-over before a final decision is made to hire you or toss your resume to the side.

Be sure to make your resume appears clean and crisp, too. The resume you send out needs to be professional and intriguing at the same time! Let your resume shine when you pick out the right layout to show off your credentials.

Colors and fonts need to be appropriate for your resume. Keep things minimal with black text and bold whatever strong points you have to offer your potential employer.

  1. Tailor Your Cosmetology Resume to Meet the Needs of Your Potential Job

When you create your cosmetology resume, it’s important to tailor it to the business you hope to work for.

Include information that will benefit you and ultimately help you land a job at a specific salon or studio. For example, if you plan on working at a hair salon, provide details when you delivered excellent customer service as a trainee at a previous salon.

Select the right accomplishments that will work in your favor to get you hired. You want your future employer to notice your skills right away, so you should add bullet points to indicate quick summaries of your previous work.

  1. Include a Brief Mission Statement

Another tip for improving your current resume? Add a few sentences as a mission statement on the top. Don’t leave out how many years of experience you have under your belt, either.

A mission statement offers a clear message to your employer about what you seek to accomplish in your role. Explaining your goals will be essential to landing the job during your first interview.

The mission statement can read off a positive image of who you are as an individual. The statement can be a few sentences in length to describe what your aspirations are for the future, too.

Want More Tips for Landing Your Dream Job?

These are just a few of the ways you can tweak your cosmetology resume for the job you interview for. Whether you aspire to be a hair stylist or an esthetician, we hope you can take this advice to heart to help you land the job of your dreams once you finish school.

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