The Ten Best Paying Jobs for Women

It may be a man’s world, as the saying goes, but women are figuring out the best ways to get ahead in a job market that has always tended to favor males in terms of earnings and promotions. It is no secret that men and women who perform the same job do not generally receive the same pay. In fact, women earn an average of 77 cents on the dollar compared to what men earn in the same position, regardless of the law against discrimination established by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and reaffirmed by the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed by President Obama in 2009. Women continue to struggle to be recognized for their abilities in the workplace, and in light of that ongoing struggle are discovering the very best paying jobs for women in the U.S. today. Such degrees will allow one to go in many directions. For example, Psychologists who choose to stay directly in the field may conduct both basic and applied research, may diagnose and treat people, or test personality and intelligence.

Utilizing statistics gleaned from such trusted resources as Forbes, Money Magazine, Wikipedia and Wonderslist, we have created our own list of what we anticipate to be the best paying jobs for women in America for 2013. Starting with Number 10, we’ll tell you how much money you can earn working in these interesting and challenging professions.


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Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $65,000

This widely diverse field offers extensive opportunities for women, with more than 71% of the jobs in this arena filled by female psychologists. Of course, as is the case with most career options, your earnings will vary based on your level of education and experience, as well as on your area of expertise. An Associate’s Degree can land you a job as a counselor or social worker, while furthering your education to achieve your Bachelor’s Degree expands your opportunities to include working as a therapist. There are extensive Master’s Programs and Doctoral Programs for a PHD in Psychology that allows you to soar to the top in your field.

Don’t be deterred by the seemingly long hours of schoolwork required for this position. Achieving a degree in this field is no easy feat, but it can be done. There are countless bright women out there who are obtaining graduate degrees in Psychology. Remember that you can always pursue a certificate in Psychology online if you have a busy schedule. Make the classes revolve around your schedule, not vice-versa. At the very least, it can’t hurt to get more info on your options and start working toward a obtaining your certificate in Psychology today. You also need to consider whether you want to open a private healthcare practice, in which case you’ll probably need to obtain a medical practice loan in order to make your dream come true.

Some of the possibilities for employment in the field of psychology include the following professions:

  • Child Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Rehabilitation Psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $66,000

The most valuable asset of any organization is its workforce, making the person responsible for managing a company’s human resources a key element to the success of that company. This is another position that women seem to excel in handling. The ability to select and oversee the proper person for the job is a necessary skill and one that is well worth a hefty paycheck for the person who can manage this important aspect. Training for the position of Human Resources Manager can include a Bachelor’s Degree, and Graduate programs in Management give significant weight to your marketability in the field of  HR.


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $69,000

Surprisingly enough, this is one field in which women actually earn over 5% more than men in the same jobs. Management science is utilized in determining the best methods for performance or profit, and is an important aspect of managing any organization. Huge corporations are dedicated to learning the best ways to make more money or see a higher yield, so a college degree in this field is an open door to higher earnings for women.


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $72,000

Computer programming and software design are the fastest growing areas of employment on the planet, as more and more businesses are digitizing their operations during this electronic era. Less than 20% of jobs in this area are currently filled by women, and the wage gap is a little less than in other professions at 14% lower than male earnings.


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $74,000

Another quickly expanding field of opportunity for professional women is one already dominated by a majority of women holding 85% of the jobs as Nurse Practitioners.

It is certainly a position worth the effort of attaining. Beginning with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, a Registered Nurse then must proceed to obtain a Master’s of Science in Nursing, followed by another two years of specialized training for a Doctors of Nursing Practice. It would be a good idea to start as early as possible as there is a lot of schooling to go through, as such, looking into nursing schools in Pennsylvania can help those who are unsure of where to start their nursing career.



Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $76,000

Although more woman than ever are managing to crash through the glass ceiling and work their way to the top of their companies, other women are pioneering new CEO positions by starting up their own companies. Regardless of the route taken to the leadership position, women are currently holding 25% of CEO jobs, while still making more than 30% less than their male counterparts. It’s an ongoing struggle for equality, but businesswomen around the world continue to carry that particular torch.


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $79,000

The salary for a female general practitioner is a healthy sum, yet on average is still over 20% less than a male doctor in the same field. Still, it’s a hard won position that requires college, medical school, internship, and more educational hours than any other profession. Females have had to struggle as hard to earn the right to train as doctors as they did to earn the right to vote, so every woman who makes it as a physician is another checkmark for women’s rights.


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $80,000

Also known as Computer and Information Systems Managers, IT Managers are invaluable for their capabilities for coordinating the electronic data processing for massive corporations. From an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science to a PHD, the possibilities in this realm seem nearly limitless.


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $85,000

The second highest paying profession for women in America is that of a lawyer, a position that entails eight years of education and passing the bar exam. Most attorneys, especially in the beginning, seem to put in as long and arduous hours as a doctor, but there again, you work hard for what you earn and it pays well.


Woman’s Average Annual Salary: $99,000

So what is the highest paying career a young woman should consider when choosing what kind of job to train for? More than 56% of pharmacists in America last year were women, and more will be training in the field this year. A pharmacist can dispense medication and provide drug information after obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy (a four year program), with a prerequisite of at least two prior years of college and the final requirement of passing the National Pharmacy Board exam.