Man Candy Monday: Jamie Dornan

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Who is Jamie Dornan? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: James Dornan
  • Nicknames: Jamie
  • Height: 6′
  • Age: 29
  • Born: May1, 1982 in Belfast, Ireland
  • Profession: Model, actor, musician
  • Status: Unknown at time of publication
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

2006: Marie-Antoinette (Axel Von Fersen) – feature film
2008: Beyond the Rave (Ed) – feature film
2009: Nice to Meet You (The Young Man) – short
2009: X Returns (X) – short
2009: Shadows in the Sun (Joe) – feature film
2011: Once Upon a Time (Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman) – television series


Don’t let the lack of credits on his filmography fool you. While Jamie Dornan may not have a ton of film credits under his belt he certainly does have a lot of experience in the entertainment industry. This is where my slight annoyance comes in and believe me when I say that annoyance has absolutely nothing to do with Jamie and instead involves how petty some folks out there can be. Jamie landed his first film role in Marie-Antoinette while dating actress, Kiera Knightly. Anyone who’s seen the film should be able to recognize Jamie’s raw talent as an actor but there are those out there who would prefer to think Jamie got the role because of his famous girlfriend. Ridiculous. The fact is, before Jamie began dating Kiera, he was already an accomplished model. People just love to tear people down – especially when the object of scorn has as much going for them as Jamie.


Jamie is a lot more than a pretty face and a ridiculously hot body. He’s also more than a talented actor and model. While I first became aware of Jamie back in 2006 with Marie-Antoinette, I quickly discovered there was a lot more to Jamie than what I was seeing on the movie screen. I’m not the kind of girl that typically follows fashion, but Jamie’s modeling work really interested me. I suppose the best way to describe it would be to say he’s got a natural sort of ease in front of the camera. Instead of looking forced and rehearsed, Jamie’s photos always look so pure. When I look at pictures of Jamie from his various photo shoots, it just sort of looks like he showed up at the set and the photographer decided to snap a few shots of him for fun. That holds true whether he’s all dressed up in Armani or keeping it more casual in The Gap or Calvin Klein.

Of course, I can’t write this profile without mentioning the Irish folk duo Jamie was part of. Sons of Jim formed in 2002 after Jamie met songwriting partner, David Alexander, while attending Methodist College Belfast. Although the duo officially went their separate ways and Jamie has said he’d do things differently if he were to give music another go, they did put out some awesome music while together. While I love Jamie as an actor and the benefits of his modeling career are pretty obvious, I’d love to see Jamie go back to music one day. He’s a talented guy and I wouldn’t be the least bit upset to hear more from him, even if Sons of Jim is no more.

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Needless to say, I’m a pretty big Jamie Dornan fan so I was naturally thrilled to hear he’d been cast in ABC‘s fairy tale based drama, Once Upon a Time. I was already beyond excited for the show (Jennifer Morrison? Ginnifer Goodwin? Josh Dallas? Please – total dream cast) but Jamie’s involvement put it over the top. I have to admit though, I was the tiniest bit disappointed when the show began its run. First, I felt both Jamie and Josh were tragically under utilized and second, there were some moments in the show that made me roll my eyes so hard I was concerned about pulling a muscle. I stuck with it though. The cast was excellent and the story really drew me in. I loved the chemistry between Jamie and Jennifer Morrison, even though viewers didn’t get to see it nearly often enough. I was excited for where things were going and then boom! Out of the blue, The Evil Queen strikes (who is played absolutely brilliantly by the very talented and very beautiful Lana Parrilla) and just like that, Jamie’s gone.

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Was writing Jamie out of the show a mistake so early in the series? If you ask most fans of the show – especially if they happen to be Jamie Dornan fans – they’d probably respond with a resounding yes. Whether playing Sheriff Graham or his fairy tale counterpart, The Huntsman, Jamie brought the goods every time he was on screen. Aside from the obvious leads, Graham was one of the most interesting characters the show had to offer. I loved the way the show was exploring Graham’s relationships with the Mayor, The Huntsman’s relationships with Snow White and the Evil Queen and of course, Graham’s relationship with Emma. Jennifer and Jamie had such incredible chemistry. It felt like it was wasted. I’m not surprised in the least to hear of rumors that the show is trying to find a way to bring Jamie back. I would have to imagine he’ll be reprising his role of The Huntsman and not dearly departed Sheriff Graham but no matter what the circumstances, it would be great to see Jamie’s face on the show again.

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Will Jamie Dornan be returning to Once Upon a Time in some capacity? It’s still up in the air at this point but it appears that the hold up has more to do with scheduling than a lack of interest on the part of either party involved. The show wants him back and he wants to go back but timing is everything. For now, I suppose fans will just have to wait and see. I just hope we don’t have to wait too much longer.

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