Most Practical Gifts for Your or Your Friends’ Pets

Finding the perfect gift for a pet or a friend’s pet can be a daunting task. While many online articles and lists are telling you about amazing options, it is often hard to zero in on one item that is unique and practical. These days, you’ll want to make sure that whatever it is you buy gets put to good use. Fortunately, these suggestions are sure to bring a smile to any pet lover looking for that elusive gift idea.

Pet insurance

Pet insurance can save your furry friend in case of illnesses, accidents, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, and emergencies. Many pet owners out there have already invested in a policy to gift their pets as protection for unexpected medical issues. But not all pet insurance plans are created equal. There is much to know and learn about insurance plans offered by different lenders by reading through pet insurance reviews. For example, you’ll find that most pet insurance companies cover veterinary exam fees, but there are others like Pets Best which includes international or unlimited plans for your pet’s health, while at the same time minimising the cost for you, the pet owner.


Treats and dog or cat toys

If you feel that pet insurance is somewhat of an overwhelming option to give as a gift, you can settle for something more traditional such as a special dog or cat toy. There are excellent options available out there; toys invented by pet lovers, who understand that aside from providing your beloved furbaby something to play with, you’ll also want to encourage training and exercise. One example of a toy you can give as a gift is a ‘flirt pole’ which stimulates the activity of chasing after a squirrel or small animal, something that all dogs enjoy. You can also give away a treat dispensing toy that dog trainers swear by as a perfect training accessory for dog owners.

Grooming supplies and accessories

Grooming supplies are always a welcome gift for pet owners. You can opt for luxury items like high-end shampoo and conditioner, or something more fun and quirky like a pet manicure set. There are also some speciality items available such as grooming supplies for pets with allergies. Aside from grooming supplies, you can also include cute accessories like a bowtie or bandana.

Gift subscription for treats

Another perfect gift idea if you are not entirely sure what to give is a gift subscription for treats. Pet owners are always on the lookout for high-quality pet treats, and some brands can be quite expensive. A gift subscription allows the pet owner to have convenient access to a steady supply of treats.

Bowls and feeders

You can never go wrong by gifting your friend’s pet or your own a feeder. Some pet feeders come in a variety of styles and shapes to help pet owners minimise mess or prevent their pets from eating too fast. Look for a well-reviewed item before buying so that you know the features of the product before you give it away as a gift. Some pets can be picky when it comes to feeders which is why it is all the more important to read product reviews from other pet owners.