Most romantic TV storylines ever

We love a little romance, don’t we? All those romantic breaks in Europe, underwear shopping and getting roses on Valentine’s Day. On the big screen or the small, we want characters to get together, get it on and get it off. OK, maybe not everyone wants to see the last bit, but we all enjoy a good love story.

It should be simple – boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy and girl make up and live happily ever after. Most storylines tend to drag out our enjoyment and throw a few curve balls into the mix. Star crossed lovers. All is going well until girl (whose boy doesn’t yet know she is pregnant) is kidnapped by jealous ex-lover, long lost father reappears causing mischief and boy is framed for murder, before everyone gets to kiss and make up and settle down. Ongoing soap sagas mean that settling down actually never happens for about 90% of the cast. Just like real life, huh?

Here’s 10 romances we all love to remember:

10. Chandler Bing and Monica Geller, Friends

Chandler and Monica were just two thirty somethings hanging out in New York City. Chandler is her brother’s best friend and was his nerdy college room mate. She used to be fat but is now glamorous but obsessive. Their love from friendship was a late bloomer in the show’s history and the finale showed them meeting their new born adopted twins. Awwww.


9. Hayley Patterson and Roy Cropper, Coronation Street

Controversy central!! An eccentric, harmless loner (possibly with Asperger Sydnrome) and a pre-op transsexual meet and fall in love. And boy, do they have some difficulties – rejection, a foiled wedding, foster child, spiked drinks, lies about paternity, kidnapping, assault, confessions, secrets and attempted murder. But still smiling.


8. Assumpta Fitzgerald and Fr Peter Clifford, Ballykissangel

Ah the simple rural shambling life of Ballyk. The slow burning, slow dawning but ultimately doomed love of these two charming characters kept many fans on tenterhooks. Would they or wouldn’t they? He’s a priest! She is a lapsed Catholic. She marries another man. They finally get together and she goes and touches the fuse box. Oh the turmoil.


7. The Doctor and Rose Tyler, Dr Who

Rose and the Doctor grew close during their travels, especially after his regeneration into the tenth Doctor (David Tennant). She was lost once, but he never had the chance to tell her what he felt – yes even the time traveller had problems with time closing rifts. Luckily they found each other again battling for the universe, and a human version of him was created and they went to live in a parallel universe. But then he goes back in time to see her again… wait I’m getting confused.


6. Bo Brady and Hope Williams, Days of our Lives

This couple ooze romance – poor little rich girl rescued from a loveless marriage by brooding youth on a motorcycle. One of the favorite couples in American soap, Bo and Hope have survived many things too bizarre to recount. You’ll be happy to know that 2011 finds them back together again after Bo rescues Hope from prison where she had managed to uncover an illegal organ donor ring. Days of whose lives?


5. Richie Cunningham and Lori Beth Allen, Happy Days

All American boy meets all American girl, they marry over the phone while he’s stationed in Greenland. Have a son called Richie Jnr and move to Hollywood where he writes movies. Happy days indeed. Good wholesome fun.


4. Diane Chambers and Sam Malone, Cheers

Uptown girl meets downtown guy. A lot of beer, arguments and other comic stuff in between. In the final episode they are reunited. Cheers to that.


3. Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman, True Blood

Who said romance and blood don’t mix? Vampire loving mortals always make for a good story. Again with the star crossed lovers..


2.Carol Hathaway and Doug Ross, ER

Carol’s heart is broken once too often by Doug and she is left with twins, she tries to work something out with the gorgeous but haunted Kovac. Eventually she realises it’s Doug she wants and heads off to Seattle. Well, come on. It’s George Clooney.


1. Charlene and Scott, Neighbours

No surnames necessary. No plot line necessary. They just were and are romance personified for Neighbours fans.


Bio: Midge enjoys a good love story on TV, in a book and on screen. Just a romantic at heart – personal favourite gets a special mention: Dawn and Tim in The Office.