Nursing Job Trends for 2018

June marks the halfway point for the calendar year. It’s also the month that many new nursing graduates will find themselves entering the job market. For some, this month may be their first foray into the completing job applications and answering interview questions.

Whether a first-time job seeker or an experienced nurse looking for a new employer, it’s a great time to see what trends are taking place within the field of nursing.

Options, options, options

Endless career options is one of the nursing job trends for 2018, as well as for the next few years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment for nurses will outpace that of other occupations through 2026. With an expanding healthcare industry needed to meet the rising demands of an aging population, nurses will have more possibilities than ever before.

Value based care

Healthcare is shifting to an increased focus on outcomes, cost and efficiency. With nurses leading the front lines of patient care, more emphasis will be placed on nurses providing education for families and patients on how to stay healthy.

Healthcare teams

Another change is the need for healthcare teams. Nurses have always played an important role in communication with patients. Moving forward, nurses will be even more essential in bridging the gap between patients and physicians.

Nursing teachers needed

With more nurses needed, there will need to be the right instructors educating them. For experienced nurses this could mean shifting into the role of teacher at colleges and universities. This is an especially good option for nurses with advanced degrees who wish to change environments.

Technology drives the industry

As with almost every industry, the advancements in technology will continue to alter the nursing field. Healthcare systems like HCA are embracing technology to allow nurses more time with patients, while some educational programs are already incorporating virtual simulation into classrooms. Nurses will always be needed, and they will also need to adapt to the latest tools provided in order to stay current in the workforce.

Crowdsourced Recruiting

Another way technology is driving the industry is through the job marketplace itself. No longer are employers limited to job postings on employment websites or seeking to make connections via social media.

Today’s employees and employers have more options available through crowdsourcing platforms where people connect within a healthcare community. Not only does an employee referral system reduce costs among hiring managers and HR, it leads to better employees for the company.

What Will 2019 Bring?

It might be a bit early to predict trends for 2019, but we can be certain that technology will continue to drive change in nursing and healthcare in general. The key is to take advantage of these trends to kickstart or further your career a booming industry.

About the Author

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