Taissa Farmiga – Biography, Net Worth, and Facts of Actress

Taissa Farmiga is a famous American actress for the series, American Horror Story: Murder Story and The Nun. She earned the title, Scream Queen, and had several demands on horror movies. With the rise of her fame, she became the center of attention to some of her fans. Know more about Taissa Farmiga.

Full Name Taissa Farmiga
Birthdate August 17, 1994
Birthplace Readington, New Jersey, United States
Age 25
Father Michael Farmiga
Mother Lubomyra Farmiga
Height 5’ 4”
Weight 54 kg
Notable Roles The Nun
Net Worth Est. $1.5 million
Taissa Farmiga
Taissa Farmiga

Taissa Farmiga is a known American actress for her films, Rules Don’t Apply and The Nun. She is the youngest of 6 siblings, her sister is Vera Farmiga, the known actress, and director. She did not dream of becoming an actress, but she pursued the career after her appearance in Higher Ground. Taissa had several film and TV series projects, which in turn gave her nominations. 

Early Life of Taissa

For those who do not know, the correct pronunciation of Taissa is Tie-E-sa.

Taissa Farmiga was born in Readington, New Jersey on August 17, 1994. She is the sixth child of Lubomyra and Michael Farmiga, both Ukrainian immigrants. Her father grew up in Argentina and works as a systems analyst for a living. Meanwhile, her mother was raised in the United States and works as a school teacher.

Taissa is the youngest of six children. The eldest of them is Victor, whom she had an age gap of 22 years. Vera Farmiga, the actress-director, was third of the six children. One of their siblings, Laryssa, was born with a congenital disorder, spina bifida. Taissa was born when her father was 51 while her mother was 45 years old.

Taissa and Vera have a tight bond as sisters. Aside from they help each other in their career, Vera is her stylist in attending public events. When she was in primary school, Taissa attended a public school until her fourth grade. After this, she was enrolled in homeschool. She learned the American Sign Language (ASL) for 4 years.

The initial plan of Taissa was to be an accountant, but after her sister, Vera asked her to become the leading actress for her directional debut. It was a success for her first movie, and it changed her career plans.

The Career Life of Taissa Farmiga

At the beginning of Taissa’s career, she dreamed of becoming an accountant. But, when her sister, Vera, asked Taissa to be the lead character for her directional debut, everything changed. Taissa played the young version of the main character. The performance of Taissa was appreciated and acknowledged by the public. Higher Ground became a success in the commercial.

In the same year, Taissa pursued and worked as a full-time actress. After the success of Higher Ground, she signed a deal with the ICM Partners, a talent agency. It was the first time of Taissa to join an audition. With her talent and skills, Taissa became one of the cast for the American Horror Story. The success she had with the American Horror Story made her an international name.

By the year 2013, some issues are tied up to them. Taissa had a supporting role in The Bling Ring. It is a satirical crime drama. Aside from this movie, she also had some roles for thriller and horror movies. She played a role in the movie Mindscape, a psychological thriller.

Throughout the years, Taissa Farmiga already had several appearances in TV shows, series, or movies.

Major Works of Taissa

In 2011, Taissa had her first movie appearance in Higher Ground. The movie was the directorial debut of Vera Farmiga. She took the role of the main character, Corinne Walker. The movie talks about Christianity and its relationship with God.

In the same year, Taissa joined an audition for American Horror Story. It was an American horror anthology where she appeared in the first season, third season, and the six season. Her works have been nominated twice.

By the year 2013, she received a project which became one of the significant works of her career. She became a part of the movie, Mindscape, a psychological thriller. The movie experienced a commercial failure. Despite the trial, it gained the Official Selection award at the Sitges Film Festival.

Statistics for Her Professional Career

Film Debut:

The acting debut of Taissa was in 2011 for the movie Higher Ground. 

Television Series Debut:

She had her debut in television series with American Horror Story in 2011.

Taissa is best known for:

Most people know her in the drama film of Higher Ground in 2011, Mindscape in 2013, and The Nun in 2018.


Taissa endorses one of the famous clothing lines of Jason Wu.

Awards and Achievements Received by Taissa

She was nominated twice for Online Film and Television Association Awards for her performance in American Horror Story. She had the category as the Best Ensemble in Drama Series, and Best Ensemble in Motion Picture. The nominations were in 2012 and 2014. By 2015, she was a nominee for the Fright Meter Awards. She was given the category as the Best Actress in a Leading Role. Taissa deserved the nomination as she delivered an amazing acting performance in her film The Final Girls.

Taissa Farmiga’s Net Worth

Before she ventured into the media industry, Taissa dreamed of becoming an accountant. But, she had a movie debut with her sister in 2011. After this, she had several most acclaimed movies. With her talent, Taissa landed on several projects and became a head-turner when she starred for the installment of The Conjuring Universe. With this, she became a high demand actress, especially in horror movies.

As of now, Taissa Farmiga’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Relationship Status: Dating with Hadley Klein

Taissa Farmiga and Hadley Klein
Taissa Farmiga and Hadley Klein

Before Taissa and Hadley dated, the actress had a short yet intense fling relationship with her co-star, Evan Peters. But, they did not work.

Since October 2014, Taissa Farmiga and Hadley Klein made their relationship public through Instagram. They maintained a low-key and steady relationship. But, as time goes by, they seem to show off each other on both their social media accounts. Hadley Klein is a director and screenwriter. They have an age gap of 11 years between them. But, despite the gap, they had a strong bond. They support and complement each other.

As we all know, they have been healthy for each other in their five-year relationship. Do the actress and Hadley planning for marriage? Is the engagement already on the pipeline? Sources claim that the couple is engaged last May 2019.

Body Measurements of Taissa Farmiga: Height and Weight

Taissa is a stunning young woman who stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs around 54 kilograms. She looks like every man’s dream as her blonde hair perfectly matches her white complexion.

Fun Facts about Taissa Farmiga

  • Taissa did not dream of becoming an actress. When she was young she wanted to be an accountant. But, her ambitions changed after her sister persuaded her to appear in Higher Ground.
  • Her sister, Vera, gave Taissa a 2004 Toyota Pick-Up in exchange for her appearance in Higher Ground.
  • She can fluently speak in English and partially knows how to speak Ukrainian. The parents of Taissa are Ukranian immigrants. 
  • Taissa’s first professional acting audition was for American Horror Story for the role of Violet Harmon.
  • Taissa is mistaken as Vera Farmiga’s daughter because of her two movie projects. It was in 2011 when she did the Higher Ground. Her role was the younger version of the character, and Vera was the leading actress for the movie. There were more speculations when Taissa played the role as Vera’s daughter in the movie, At Middleton.
  • There are peculiar hobbies that Taissa enjoys. She loves to go hiking and snowboarding. Moreover, she loves to play the guitar and loves to create origami. She has mastered the art of origami cranes.
  • Taissa is the cousin of the famous artist, Adriana Farmiga.She is the co-star of We Have Always Lived in the Castle with Alexandra Daddario. They even live close to each other in Los Angeles!

Status: Active on Social Media

You can check on the social media profiles of Taissa Farmiga to get updates on her personal life. She is most active on Twitter and Instagram. Both of her accounts have the username, taissafarmiga. Follow her to have some life updates about Taissa Farmiga!

Related Questions about Taissa Farmiga

Is Taissa Farmiga, the daughter of Vera Farmiga?

No, Taissa and Vera are sisters who are both casts of The Conjuring series. Vera Farmiga acts as Lorraine Warren, while Taissa is Sister Irene. Vera Farmiga’s daughter is Gytta Lubov Hawkey.

Who is Taissa Farmiga married to?

Taissa is not married, but she is in a long-term and stable relationship with Hadley Klein. The two started dating since 2014 and made a public post through Instagram.

Who is Vera Farmiga’s daughter?

Vera Farmiga is the sister of Taissa Farmiga. She was married to Sebastian Roché from 1997 to 2004, but they had a divorce. In 2008, she tied the knot with Renn Hawkey. Their marriage bear fruit with their daughter, Gytta Lubov Hawkey.