Create a Feminine Bedroom with These Simple Design Tricks

When you want your bedroom to exude charm and femininity, your design choices have to be well-thought-out and carefully planned. Even though no color, material, or texture is restricted to any gender, there are style decisions you can make with your bedroom design that create a feminine atmosphere.

From your choice of colors to pretty wallpaper, soft lighting, furniture, and the proper use of accessories, you can create a flirty and feminine bedroom using some of these incredibly easy design tips and tricks.

  1. Use sophisticated, muted colors

From the start, the color palette to be used has to be carefully considered. Soft and sophisticated hues should be chosen over bright and gaudy splashes of color. Keep things ladylike and feminine with a light grey or lavender shade that won’t overpower the space.

Muted colors such as soft pastels and creamy neutrals are more appropriate for creating the right look and feel for a natural, feminine room. At the same time, bright colors have a place in your space– bright colors like sunshine yellow work very well in feminine spaces when properly used. For instance, a lovely pop of yellow can be used as a decorative accent in a neutral room to create a beautiful and vibrant vibe.

  1. Get creative with shapes, patterns, and textures

Achieve a feminine look by using interesting shapes throughout the space. An interesting bedside lamp without soft round edges can really amp the flirty, feminine feel of a room. Instead of having hard lines and geometric shapes as a common theme in the room, break it up a bit and bring in some balance to the look of the room, combining straight with curvy wherever you can. When shopping for your bedroom furniture, don’t be afraid to choose items with more than a little flair. Creating a more feminine aesthetic can be done with the use of certain materials like mirrored surfaces, faceted crystal, or gilt – all materials traditionally associated with feminine rooms.

Your choice of patterns range from florals, damasks, paisleys, and other decorative patterns. Polka dots are a great way to incorporate small geometrics as well. Mix and match textures like a seasoned designer would do when creating a feminine space. A combination of hard with soft, matte with shiny, or smooth with coarse can really make your design hit the sweet spot and add depth to your design. There are many textures to choose from such as velvet, linen, silk, cotton, and cashmere.

  1. Accessorize like a queen

After you’ve covered basics like your bed-in-a-box, an interesting headboard (preferably with decorative flourishes like button tufting or carved details), the wall paint, and feminine patterns,it’s time to pile on the accessories.

If you’re unsure about how to accessorize without going overboard, consider flipping through some pages of a design magazine for ideas on creative ways to use accessories. After awhile you will begin to get a feel for the skill and will learn how certain elements can be angled to give a room some feminine appeal. A well-chosen, well-placed mirror can add volumes of glitz and glam to your bedroom. Use a mirrored bookcase to create an impression of a larger and airier space. What’s more feminine than a vase of fresh flowers sitting prettily on a mirrored accent table?

Feminine bedrooms simply cannot do without accessories. A tasteful quantity of flowers, throw pillows, and objets d’arts can be used to create a feminine look. A perfect mix of dripping chandeliers, and acrylic table lamps with simple shades will also amp up the feminine factor.

  1. Make a statement

When designing the room, look out for pieces that you find exciting. Vintage chairs, silhouette pillows, and vanity mirrors should be well incorporated into the design. A pop of color can also be used to make a statement in a bedroom painted with soft, muted colors.

Bring a bit of drama into your bedroom with the use of wallpaper. Wallpaper is where you can get really creative because it can easily be ripped off for a new one when you want a change. Just remember not to go overboard with statement designs. Keeping the magic to one wall as an accent to the entire design is the way to go. For instance, if your bedroom has a fireplace, you could use a wallpaper with large-scale designs to create a feminine focal point in the room.