Ten movies that keep you awake at night

With the scintillating and the most admired awards ceremony- Oscars stealing my heart away how can I not think about movies. The celebrity, the scandals, the artistic world and the captivating stories makes movies larger than life. Would you not love to see a flick that has your favorite actor playing a lead role in it? The New Year has begun but I just cannot forget the film treat bestowed by Hollywood in 2009. It was one of the most entertaining years as the silver screen was lit up different genres of movies, talented stars and mesmerizing movies. Let me look back with a smile on my face and recall the then movies that kept me awake at night. I love action, romantic, comedies and even period films. The interesting storyline, portrayal of characters and the screenplay determines the fate of the film.

James Cameron created magic once again with Avatar. The best scintillating and admired movie of the year won many awards and created history with its record-breaking box office collections across the globe. We all knew that the biggest grosser was Titanic but Avatar did what Titanic could not do. The amazing script, sharp direction and the total look of the film entertained children and adults alike. This movie should not be missed and in addition, you should view it on the big screen as the 3D effects and advanced technology has done wonders that will surely feast your eyes.

All the movie pundits and the critics acclaim that 2009 belonged to the movie Watchmen. It was one of the most anticipated and awaited movies of 2009 that created magic and waves with its story, actors and smooth direction. The director Zack Snyder did a fantastic job with this movie and created a niche for him and the genre of super hero films. It was thoroughly appreciated and admired by all cine goers. Finally the acceptance and interest to see super hero flicks have interested the people and why not if you get to see a movie like Watchmen. It turned out be one of the biggest grosser of the year (2009) and I love watching this flick always.

Titanic is one film that I must have watched more than twenty odd times. The beautiful ship, enchanting characters, the emotional tryst in the story makes me see this film again and gain. The protagonists of the film Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio created magic with the eternal love story. The crisp direction, effective dialogues and the amazing use of technology for special effects makes it one of my favorite films that is always successful in keeping me awake at night along worth popcorn and my favorite soda. The sweet and melodramatic story transforms you to another world.

The Hangover is one movie that keeps me awake at night without caffeine. The story, dynamism, characters and the comedy circus makes it one of the most admired and best movies that I have seen in a long time. The bachelor party, Tyson’s tiger in their hotel room and the amazing chemistry between the three friends is simply fantastic. The unique concept and the simplicity of the film will touch you in a unique way. You can just sit back and relax while watching the film. One of the most dynamic and exciting flicks that I have seen in a long time.

The mystery, action and the negative protagonist made me a fan of the movie Dark Knight. The joker, his calculative moves, superb action scenes makes it a classy and a great movie. The villain vs super hero is always a successful formula and it entertained millions of people. Joker received an Oscar for his mind blowing and the best performance of his life but unfortunately, he was not alive to enjoy the glory. However, this flick is a great watch especially at night when you want to calm down your over worked nerves in the best possible way.  This is a stress buster and you will love the flick as it has drama, action and a powerful story line. The concept of darkness and the joker won critical acclaim and several awards.

I have to admit that I did not love the story in the books but when I saw ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’, I simply loved it. In fact, I have bought the DVD’s as well so that I can watch the movie at night and enjoy the thrilling experience of viewing Johnny Depp and his walk that earned him hands up from all his fans. Kyra Knightly and Oleander Bloom did justice to their roles. Their fantabulous costumes, the razor sharp direction and amazing sets and locales in the movie make it my favorite movie. I love the movie and am waiting for the trilogy to complete. Johnny Depp beautifully enacts the character of the pirate and the action scenes will make you marvel. The special effects will make you wonder about the advanced technology. The realistic look of the film and crisp screenplay makes it one of the most admired movies made in Hollywood.

When I was a kid, I had seen the flick Robin Hood-the prince of thieves. Mel Gibson who played the protagonist in the film stole my heart. I loved all the aspects of the movie- the story, the sets, the dialogues and especially Mel Gibson. He was simply superb in the flick and no wonder he was showered with a number of award for his magical and enchanting acting skills that was clearly seen in the movie. I have seen this movie a number of times at night and it has entertained me always. Mel Gibson was at his best in this movie and the director did a fabulous job as well.

My favorite actor is Julia Roberts and her acting skills were excellent and best portrayed in the flick Pretty Woman. Richard Gere and Julia Roberts make a handsome couple. The story was simple and predictable but the beauty of characters, simple dialogues and interesting situations makes this romantic film keep me awake at nights and I keep thinking what will my fantasy man be like? I loved the character of Richard Gere. His crisp, sophisticated and enduring character made Julia transform into a beautiful woman.  The subtle comical situations, emotional dialogues about love and the simplicity of the entire story make me watch this film repeatedly.

Tom Cruise created magic at the box office and earned critical acclaim for the several mission impossible series. The overwhelming stunts, larger than life action scenes, and advance technology that change the course of the film was loved by everyone. Tom Cruise won many awards, accolades, and was popularly known as mission impossible man. The script magnetizes you, the characters captivate you and the enigmatic personality of Tom Cruise makes your heart skip a beat. I have spent many nights watching mission impossible flicks and not even thinking about sleep as Tom Cruise leaves no stone unturned to give a concrete shape to his mission. His heroic deeds are fantastic and excellent acting skills make this flick an all time favorite movie.

Harry Potter and the various series of movies have made this film and characters a house hold name. You will see quizzes, products that have pictures of Harry Potter and his friends being sold at stores and online. The novels are interesting and provoke your imagination but the movies are simply overwhelming. The beautiful and  arresting side-effects, the magical effects, the superbly scripted characters, minute details and the charming Harry Potter of course makes this movie one of the most admired and costly movies made in Hollywood. Both children and adults love the scripts, the sharp use of technology to make the movie interesting, the gripping story and flawless direction that has created a unique genre of films in Hollywood. I have all the DVD’s of Harry Potter movies. I never say no for Harry Potter movies be it day or night.

We all have heard that there is a lot of difference between reel and real life. We admire the celebrities; love to read gossip column and magazines because their larger than life characters and millions of fan have raised them to pedestal. We all want to know what our favorite actor is doing or who is she or he dating. Movies transform me to another world altogether. I can eat sleep and rink movies all the time. If I cannot get sleep at night, I spend my time watching movies rather than reading a book. The fascinating world of Hollywood, enchanting characters, beautiful sets, exotic locales and crisp direction makes Hollywood movies a class apart.