The 8 Best Work-from-Home Jobs for Women Over 50

Is the thought of retirement scaring you? Don’t worry, retirement is just a number. There are many jobs available online nowadays that are age-agnostic. You can continue working, earning, and keeping busy while still setting time aside to fully enjoy life after 50, or 60, or even 70. As long as you have the skill set, the time, good internet connection, and some basic computer knowledge, online work brings many opportunities you did not have while holding down a full-time day job. Here are eight of the best online jobs you can do from home even after you have crossed mid-life.

Freelance writer

If you love writing, there are jobs for resume preparations, white papers, ebooks, industry reports, online courses, tech manuals, and even scripts. A good grasp of English and a writing style that can adapt to the required output is all you need.


You can become a coach by bringing your work experience into play. If you used to deal a lot with people management, consider training for, and becoming, a life or career coach. Your professional experience can now be used to help others reach their goals. There are other types of coaching available too. As a coach, you go beyond yourself; you will be transforming someone else’s life for the better.

Direct Seller

Direct selling gives you the benefits of working from home, setting your own hours, promoting a product you are passionate about, and tapping into the social network you have built over the years. Some of the most successful people in direct selling started when they were already over 50 years old. People in this age group are viewed as being trustworthy endorsers of tried and tested products.

Proofreader or Editor

If you have an eye for catching typos or grammar mistakes, you just may make a home job out of being a proofreader or editor. A proofreader’s job is normally catching errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax while an editor’s job is more complicated as it includes rewriting or revising what was written.


If you have a good ear for deciphering audio files, even if spoken with an accent, and your typing prowess is good, transcription work could be something you can do. Look for a transcription company that offers transcription work along the industry you are most familiar with, including medical, business, legal, law enforcement, or general transcription.


If you have a teaching background, tutoring or online teaching offers many rewarding opportunities. Online schools have been growing, and there is always a need for teachers with a rich teaching experience. There are also tutoring companies that match tutors with students who may need one-on-one support on certain subjects.

Virtual Assistant

Telecommuting has allowed virtual assistants to work with their clients from basically anywhere instead of from behind a desk. As long as you are willing to work the hours, you can help with event planning, appointment setting, answering queries and emails, travel plans, and just about anything that used to be done within the confines of an office.


Companies often do not want to lose a performing executive’s experience and skills to retirement and will often offer consultancy work, either part-time or full-time. You get the benefits of an income stream while enjoying flexible time.


Mid-life is not so bad when you know that it just opens up even more opportunities for you. Make the most of your 50s!