The Top 15 Celebrities to Follow On Twitter

Who doesn’t know what Twitter is these days? The mega-popular social network has single handedly made the phrase “I’m going to follow you” a whole lot less creepy. It is my humble opinion that the popularity of Twitter has a lot to do with the celebrities that use it. Sure it’s great to stay in touch with friends, but the real fun of Twitter is sending messages to celebrities and hoping you get a response.

With so many great celebs on Twitter, it isn’t hard to wind up with a Twitter feed so full you can’t keep up with that. For that reason, I have devised a list of fifteen of the best celebs to follow on Twitter. This is by no means a comprehensive list, though. Stay tuned at the end for my honorable mentions and remember every name is linked to that celeb’s Twitter page for easy finding and following. Enjoy!

Alyssa's feed is always busy

15. Alyssa Milano

Alyssa is one of the most active celebrity tweeters, but the news and links she shares are always informative and cover a variety of subjects including politics, sports, animal rights, and technology. She’s also one of the few celebrities that helps out charities through her Twitter feed. Her willingness to interact with her fans shows she appreciates them and genuinely cares about the people that like her work.

Kelly always keeps things interesting

14. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly has never been known for staying silent and her Twitter feed is no exception. It’s not always gold, but she’s definitely worth following because every one in a while someone will go too far, say something nasty and Kelly will crack off a scathing response that shows us all she didn’t lose a bit of that attitude when she lost the weight.

Harvey delivers the breaking celeb news and makes sense of it all too

13. Harvey Levin

Being a lawyer, Harvey offers up easy to understand explanations of the true legal situations many celebs find themselves in. Also, every now and again, you get to hear about how he’s awkwardly in the same room as Mel Gibson and is debating whether or not to say hi. I’ll help. After everything TMZ has said about Mel, it’s probably best if you don’t.

Joan's feed is always good for a laugh

12. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is the queen bitch of comedy. There are others who are arguably funnier and more modern, but Joan is a legend – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. She pulls no punches – attacking everyone equally and that’s what I love about her. Her Twitter feed reads like a soap opera at times a stand up comedy act at others. Well worth following.

James is new to Twitter but I'm positive he belongs on this list

11. James Franco

The danger of following celebs on Twitter is that without that blue ‘verified’ seal beside their name, it’s hard to know if they’re really the person they claim to be. I learned this with fake James Franco. Now the real James Franco has Twitter and although he’s only Tweeted a few times, I’m sure he’s going to be awesome. His tweets so far? Pictures and YouTube videos of her rehearsals for the Oscars.

Ryan is one of my personal favorites on Twitter

10. Ryan Hurst

You might not know Ryan Hurst by name, but you’ve definitely seen him. His movie credits include ‘Remember the Titans’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘We Are Soldiers’. You may also know him is Harry ‘Opie’ Winston on FX’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’. He probably doesn’t fit into the broader definition of celebrity, but I don’t care. His tweets are always entertaining and always worth a RT.

Ashton gets a spot but has to share his with his wife, Demi

09. Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore

Ashton and Demi were once the King and Queen of Twitter. Their feeds are great on their own, with Demi responding to fans quite often and Ashton sharing a lot of interesting information, but together their feeds are gold. While not constantly, ever now and then following these two allows you to see a Tweet exchange between them that often winds up in the news the next day (usually involving Ashton posting pictures of a scantily clad Demi) but by then it will be old news to you. You got to see it first on your on Twitter feed.

Anyone that tells you this kid isn't going to be huge is lying to you.

08. Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt on ‘Glee’, may not be a huge star in his own right yet, but as he racks up awards and praise for his performance on the show, you can bet your butt he will be one day. Chris’  isn’t the only Glee kid on Twitter – Dianna Agron (Quinn), Chord Overstreet (Sam), Cory Monteith (Finn), Lea Michele (Rachel), Mark Salling (Puck), Amber Riley (Mercedes), Matthew Morrison (Will), Darren Criss (Blaine), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Kevin McHale (Artie), Naya Rivera (Santana),  Harry Shum Jr (Mike Chang), Ashley Fink (Lauren), and Max Adler (Karofsky) all have Twitter feeds – but Chris is the stand out. He’s quirky, delightful and actually very funny.

Steven brings the crazy to Twitter is the best possible way

07. Steven Tyler

The only thing keeping Steven from a higher position on this list is the fact that it’s a little hard to decipher what the hell he’s trying to say sometimes (most of the time). That’s what makes his Tweets so entertaining. Steven is who he is – on stage with Aerosmith, on American Idol and on Twitter. I love that about him. If nothing else, his Twitter feed is rarely boring.

John is definitely the apocalyptic s*** disturber he claims to be

06. John Cusack

If you’re looking for the lighthearted, fun loving guy from some of your favorite movies, John is definitely not someone you want to follow. His unabashed honesty and willingness to share his opinions without fear of alienating his fan base is what makes him so appealing. If you don’t like his Tweets, his simple suggestion? Unfollow him. If you do though, you’ll be missing out on one of the most compelling and intelligent celebrities on Twitter.

Steve is everything you'd expect and more

05. Steve Martin/Neil Patrick Harris/Stephen Colbert

When I’m thinking about funny on Twitter, these are three feeds that come to mind. I couldn’t decide so I chose them all for five. Hey, my list, my rules. While Steve and Neil are both funny, I think the most consistently LOL inducing man among these three is Colbert. His dry wit cracks me up every time. Neil can always be counted on for a little drama among the comedy which is always nice. Steve Martin is Steve Martin. He’s a legend and his feed is everything you would expect from him.

Bill is never afraid to offend which makes for a very entertaining Twitter feed

04. Bill Maher

Bill Maher doesn’t know the meaning of the word subtle. He says what he means and makes no apologies for it. That is why his Twitter feed is one of the most interesting feeds I follow. He isn’t afraid to offend and is always good for one of those laughs that you can’t help laughing but feel a little guilty about afterwards.

Speaking of offensive comedy...

03. Seth MacFarlane

You can’t talk about offensive comedy without mentioning Seth MacFarlane. The majority of his tweets are going to offend someone, but they’re also going to make you laugh that guilty laugh I talked about with Maher. The real difference between MacFarlane’s feed and Maher’s feed is that Seth makes fun of everything and everyone. There are politics involved sometimes, but generally speaking, Seth picks on whatever happens to be in the news. What more would you expect from the mind behind ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad’?

Oh Kanye...

02. Kanye West

There was no way I could write an article about celeb Twitter accounts without mentioning this jewel. No matter what he is tweeting about, Kanye finds a way to make it sound like the most interesting thing that’s ever been written. There have been songs written about Kanye tweets. They’ve been dramatically reenacted. Epic feed, but  if you have Twitter, you’re probably already following him.

The King of All Media - Twitter included

01. Howard Stern

If I had made this post last week, Kanye would’ve been number one. Then Howard Stern joined Twitter. His willingness to use Twitter as a means of better connecting with his fans is what Twitter is all about. His movie ‘Private Parts’ was on HBO. What did he do? Watched it and offered a running Twitter commentary so fans could get some great behind the scenes stories. Howard has long claimed to be the King of All Media and that isn’t a crown I think anyone could take from him.

Honorable Mentions:

Even though this post is far longer than I intended, I can’t leave off some of my favorite celeb Tweeters:

I’m sure some of you will disagree with my assessment, but that’s what the comments section is for. Did I leave someone off? Let me know! And hey, if you like the article, share it on Twitter, send me a tweet and don’t forget to follow me!