Ways to Earn Profit for Your Hair Business.

Growing a business is not for the faint of heart. A lot of time, effort and money is put into a business to make it grow. Owning a hair business is fashionable, but like every other business it is also demanding.

Are you a hairstylist looking for fresh ways to increase your ROI? This article is for you. Whether it’s adding expert hair tools like straight razors  at your salon or getting your hair business noticed, here are 5 practical ways to earn profit for your hair business.

Social Media Marketing

Do you use social media? We hope you answered with a big yes!

From hilarious tweets on Twitter to  posts on Facebook to captivating visuals on Instagram, social media has made the world smaller and more connected. This limitless connection gives social media marketing an edge over traditional marketing.

You don’t have to be an expert to get started on social media marketing. There are lots of free tutorials and materials on the internet to learn and experiment with. However, if you want professional work, you can hire the series of freelance social media marketers. Whatever you choose, remember that the key to effective social media marketing is consistency.

Increase Prices

Pricing might be the reason you are not making the desired profit. You probably are charging too little for the amount of work you do. Especially with styles done by hand like shaving with a straight razor. Some hairdressers hesitate to inflate prices  because they don’t want to lose customers. To prevent that possibility, consider the amount of product used, the services rendered and increase your prices appropriately.

This doesn’t mean you should hike up the prices to extremely high standards. But note that if your prices remain stagnant, your business remains stagnant. The goal of starting any business is growth.

Find a Way to Collaborate

Collaboration is a win-win for both you and your partner. This is because both businesses could potentially combine client bases and grow. In collaboration you not only combine clients but also skills, experiences and ideas.

For example let’s say you are a very good barber who does wonders with hairdressing scissors. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to market your skills to a large audience. You can collaborate with a social media influencer, let’s say a YouTuber to give you reviews on his videos.

Combining resources with people in relatively similar fields also makes it easier to get clients who are otherwise used to a particular way of doing things. In the hair business there are so many ways to cross promote brands that will be beneficial to both of you. Pay attention and meet people. The ideas will come to you.

Great Customer Service

A business thrives on loyal customers. Loyalty from customers is key to growth. Make sure your staff are polite and helpful, and your services are top notch. If any of your clients have persisting questions, be patient with them. Create channels where you clients can reach you without physically walking into your shop. Get an email, a phone line and make sure you reply DMs or messages on social media. You can also create a reward program for repeat customers. Discounts or offers on free products for customers who have patronized you over and again.

This creates an incentive for customers to keep coming back. Perhaps you could offer a discount on every third service/purchase or give out branded merchandise like key chains or T-shirts for free. Whatever it is, make sure your clients keep coming back.


Looking for a sure way to grow your business? How about aesthetics and interior decoration? This not only improves your confidence but also inspires your customers to keep coming, at least to take pictures. Just kidding.

You don’t have to break the bank to make your store visually appealing. There are lots of affordable and DIY interior decoration ideas on the internet.

If you have some cash to spare, you should consider hiring the services of an interior decorator.

Aesthetics is not only about colours, furniture and equipment. Organization also has a big role to play. Keep your store tidy and neat. You can do this by storing your scissors, combs and clippers in drawers, sweeping the floors as soon as you are done with a haircut and decluttering your dressing table daily.