10 Classic Gifts for Women (That Still Work)

Are you an old romantic? Every woman is different of course and has their own interests that you as her friend or boyfriend will know. But sometimes classic gifts are the best way forward and can really put a simile on her face.

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or you know she is feeling down and you just want to shower her with gifts to lift her up. Maybe you don’t even have a reason.

Either way here are the 10 best classic gifts for women.

  1. Perfume

Every girl likes to smell nice so perfume is always a great shout. Be sure to ask her what scents and brands she likes before purchasing. Don’t ask her directly but try and be subtle about it, leading the conversation that way so you can find out. Then it will be a surprise.

If you are male perhaps take one of her female friends with you when you go to purchase it so that you have a female opinion. And avoid purchasing cheaper brands from supermarkets, particularly if this is one of the birthday gifts for her.

  1. Chocolate 

Chocolate is always the top of the list in term of cool gifts but finding out what her personal preference is a must. A standard bar of chocolate might be nice if you can determine what flavor she likes and whether she goes for milk, white or dark chocolate.

You might, however, be better off going for a selection box. This way she gets to sample different varieties of chocolate that she enjoys and there is no harm if there are a few she doesn’t like because she can share these with her friends or even with you.

A box of chocolates can also be more easily gift-wrapped and with some of the more luxury brands or with truffles you can pick and choose which individual chocolates go in the box, a nice touch.

  1. Necklace

A necklace is a good gift and one which she can show off. Whilst chocolates or flowers are generally left in her room, a necklace is on display every day of the week.

This means that her friends and family will compliment her on it and make her feel proud of the gift you bought her. Deciding what should be on the necklace is very important. It could be a pattern or a simple message – perhaps her name or even a message of love or friendship between you – or it could simply be some jewels in colors that she likes.

  1. Diamonds

The saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend has a lot of truth to it. If you are spending this amount of money you are going to want to get things right.

It might be advisable in this situation to break the cover of secrecy and consult your female friend, wife or girlfriend about what diamond they actually want. Visit a few places together and be sure to ask about the size and particular cut of the diamond.

Usually, the bigger the diamond the more expensive it is so it might also be worth considering whether a smaller diamond could be incorporated into a bracelet or necklace with some other jewels and gems.

  1. Flowers

Flowers are another gift which women love. But choosing the right flower gift set can be hard. A bunch of roses says romance because of their red color but carnations or tulips might also be appropriate.

You could also ask for a variety of flowers in the bunch so that there is a nice spread. Furthermore, finding the right florist who has fresh flowers can be hard. You don’t want flowers that are already drooping or ones which are likely to die after a few days.

Avoid buying or ordering flowers online and instead always go in person to the shop to inspect them for yourself.

Make sure your female friend or partner has a vase and some water back at home to put them in. If you know she hasn’t got one, buy her one as well.

  1. TV Box Set

There is nothing like staying in at home and cuddling up on the sofa, by the fire, to watch television together and some argue it is changing the nature of relationships.

If you’ve done this a few times and you know that there is a television show she likes that you watched every week consider buying her the whole boxset.

DVDs and videos are now largely a thing of the past as you can buy the whole series to download in your television, laptop or tablet. You may have to get creative, therefore, with how you present this gift to her.

Maybe you could have a special personalized card made on a site like Moonpig featuring her with the cast of characters from the show. Inside you could explain that you have already or will shortly set up her television or device with the show which you have purchased.

  1. Restaurant Voucher

Going out to eat is one of life’s great pleasures. There are so many great restaurants and so much great cuisine from across the world at your fingerprints today that you might feel you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a voucher for your female friend or partner to eat at.

You could go out for a Thai Khao Soi, a classic Italian style stone-baked pizza, mutton curry or a three-course English roast dinner.

Perhaps the solution is to buy her a voucher that can be used across multiple restaurants or a subscription to a dinning club. This can make her feel special and like she has access to something exclusive.

Be sure to check that the voucher is valid for two or more people so she can invite a friend or relative without having to worry about having to cover their half of the bill or whether they can afford it.

  1. Pink Champagne  

A cliche but still a great gift. If she drinks alcohol then the chances are she will like champagne. The pink version is slightly more complicated to make and uses different grapes.

However, the extra cost and its reputation as a bottle of better champagne will go along way to ensuring you are in her good books for a long time to come.

It’s better to avoid buying champagne from a supermarket but to instead buy a more expensive brand. And if you are paying good money for champagne many places will gift wrap it for you and even let you taste it before you purchase.

  1. Luxury Diary or Journal 

Like chocolate and flowers, many girls also like stationery and are always looking for a nice notebook to write down their thoughts and ideas. Perhaps that important female in your life keeps a diary or perhaps she hasn’t told you.

Either way, buying her a diary or a notebook could be a nice gift. Companies such as Moleskin design high-end luxury notebooks and some of them even come with a feature to copy what is written on the page into a computer document.

The color is the most important aspect as well as the size. Find out what her favorite color is or pick a neutral color and be sure to purchase a notebook small enough to fit inside her handbag.

You could even have the notebook personalized with her name embossed on it for an extra cost.

  1. Scented Candles 

The perfect way to relax, a scented candle can make bath time peaceful and soothing. Perhaps she has been quite stressed lately. The type of candles you purchase will depend on what she likes in terms of smell.

Be sure to have the candles gift wrapped and suggest you will run a bath for her and light the candles so that she doesn’t even have to move a finger.

Gifts for Women: So Much Variety 

Not all women are the same and it is important to remember this but there are a variety of gifts for women where you would struggle to go wrong.

It depends on personal taste. A voucher for a meal out is always going to be a winner but only if you have chosen the correct type of cuisine and not somewhere she doesn’t like. Alternatively, purchasing a voucher that can be used at multiple venues is a solid choice giving her plenty of options on the day.

The same logic applies to chocolate: a selection box might be better than a bar of chocolate as this restricts her choice and she can share a box more easily than a bar.

If you’re interested in reading more articles about women be sure to check out our lifestyle section for more.