10 Reasons to Choose Coliving the next time you are in New York

Coliving is one of the many options that is available if you want to live in New York for a while. Why choose Coliving on your next visit to New York City?

Do you like New York and often visit the city? Are you a student, and do you need medium-term housing? Do you want to live in New York for only one month, just because you’re tired of your current city? Or are you just a person who likes to meet people, likes people, doesn’t like living alone, and wants to live in New York for a long time? Whatever your intentions, Coliving is now one of the best and cheapest options on the short to the long-term housing market. Why use Coliving? Take a look at the ten main reasons we see as the most important.

Little money, a lot of music!

The rental fee in Coliving is lower compared to regular rents for several reasons. Above all, however, it is because the rent is divided among all the inhabitants of the house or apartment.

In addition, you do not have to pay any hidden fees, and due to the fact that the rent is low, you will get really good quality housing for a very reasonable price. This is very advantageous because it can save you a really bigger percentage of your income, and this is one of the most important reasons why most Coliving residents chose Coliving.

However, a good price is not the only main reason why people choose Coliving as their lifestyle. See the other important reasons.

New friends and community

Thanks to the Coliving lifestyle, you will meet many interesting people. We all know that New York is a multicultural city and it is certainly interesting to live with people from different parts of the state or even the world.

In addition to making friends for life, you’ll also broaden your horizons by communicating with people you share a household with. Having great friends you can count on is priceless.

In addition, thanks to Coliving, you will already know in advance who exactly lives in the house or apartment, and you will be able to decide whether such a composition suits you or not. You will need to know in advance how people will live, what room they have, etc. Based on this, you will be informed in advance with whom you will share common areas. This is a huge advantage of Coliving.

A simple contract

You may already have experience with various leases, brokers or real estate agents. Their contracts are long, have hidden fees and, to put it mildly, are almost always pitted against tenants.

The contract within Coliving is much simpler and above all short-term. By this we mean that it is for the time you want to stay in the apartment. This is usually a simple contract where you do not pay any hidden fees or commissions. Everything is very fast and easy. You go through a simple approval process, you won’t need a lawyer to study the contract for a few days to see if it is advantageous or not for you.

Time variability and fairness

Most standard leases do not have varying options, and if something changes, there are many problems with it. That doesn’t happen in Coliving. Time variability is a big advantage and you, as a tenant, determine the time you want to live in an apartment or house, and if the situation changes, nothing happens.

You simply terminate the contract you have with them. It may happen that you get transferred to another place in New York that is far from your place of work. In this case, for example, you simply choose another apartment closer to your workplace and you will continue to stay there, or you can just end the rental prematurely without paying unnecessarily expensive cancellation fees, etc.


You don’t have to worry about anything during Coliving. Safety is paramount here. It is worth mentioning that all common areas are protected by a camera system. So you don’t have to worry about your personal belongings, even if you leave them in common areas.

In addition, an alarm and security door is a matter of course, and of course, each room can be locked separately. In addition, there is also fire protection, etc. Another great thing is that each resident has their own safe where they can lock their valuable things. So you really do not have to worry about your safety in Coliving.

Fully furnished apartments

You are moving to an apartment that is fully equipped. So you don’t have to worry about equipment or furniture. The apartment you are moving to has a fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary appliances as part of Coliving. You can just come and start cooking.

The living area is also fully equipped with a sofa, a seating area, and a large TV. The internet is a matter of course. Each room has its own safe, bed, bed linen, and everything necessary for immediate occupancy.

Possibility to choose from several types of rooms

Common living in NYC is very popular also because you can choose from many different types of rooms. You can share a room with someone or you can pay extra and rent a completely private room with a private bathroom, toilet, and dressing room.

Rooms can also be air-conditioned or have various amenities. It all depends on your financial capabilities.

Comfortable service

The great thing about Coliving is that most of them also offer various additional services such as weekly cleaning. So you do not have to worry that the apartment or house will be dirty, because its inhabitants will not care about its cleanliness.

Of course, there is also an automatic high-speed internet. Coliving is almost at the level of hotel services, except that you will have to cook or order food yourself.

Choice of many locations

It doesn’t matter in which part of New York you work or study. Coliving is in almost every area, so you can choose from a variety of locations that will be as close as possible to your job or school.

All information in advance

If you choose a specific apartment or house, most Coliving companies – at least the quality ones – will give you complete information about the rules in the house, who lives there, and at least marginally you will know who you will be living with. This can also be one of the factors – what would it be like to live with a professional chef or doctor?

There is no doubt that Coliving brings many other benefits, and if you try Coliving, you will definitely discover them and you can share them with us.