Deciding Between a Few Personal Injury Law Firms

If you’ve gone through something traumatic enough to lead to needing a personal injury lawyer: it matters whether or not you have faith in the one you found.  Finding a lawyer that fits your needs is vital; so many of us find ourselves interviewing more than one at a time.  When stuck deciding between them: these are the things you should consider.

Look at their Case Track Record

Has this law firm won a lot of cases before, or do they have a rockier history?  Go through previous cases this lawyer has been in, and consider whether this track record is one that you feel confident in or not.  You can compare all of the law firms like this, and it may give you a chance to have a better understanding of what you want and what they’re offering.

Pay Attention to How They Listen to You

When your personal injury lawyer listens to you: you should have their full attention.  They should be absorbing the information you give them and possibly taking notes on it or recording what you say so that they can refer to it later.  You may unknowingly provide them with information that could help you win your case, so it’s their job to pay attention and do what they can to make sure they understand all sides of this.

Consider What You Can Afford

If one of the law firms is offering a contingency fee, meaning that you won’t have to pay unless you win, and none of the others are: ask if they would.  If you already can’t afford this lawsuit because of the financial strain of your injury, don’t be afraid to ask if they’d be willing to take it as a contingency.  Not only could this save you money if you lose, but it will also show you which law firms take your case seriously and which aren’t sure if they could win.

Ask for References From All of Them

One of the biggest red flags from a lawyer or law firm is if they refuse to give you any references.  A good personal injury lawyer has worked well with past clients, is proud of their case history, and understands your nerves when you say you want references.  If they refuse to give you any, they’ve just narrowed down your choices.


Contact the references they give you, and ask for opinions on the personal injury lawyer they worked with.  Do they have good things to say about this lawyer, or are there concerns instead? Again, don’t try to pry too much into the specifics of their cases, but talk about the legal aid you’re interviewing.

Ask Their Opinion On Your Case

The fastest way to learn what you need to know is to ask their opinion on your case or how likely you think it is to win.  If they seem unsure how to reply, or they give you an answer that makes you uneasy, keep looking.  You want a law firm that’s serious about your case, confident that they’ll win, and understands why you need this win.  It would be best if you didn’t have to settle for less.