Charming Ways To Show Off All Your Best Family Photos

If you want to show off your loving family but feel like an old photo in a plain rectangular frame is too boring, don’t worry—there are a number of dynamic ways that you can display your favourite pictures. Try one of these four incredible ideas if you are looking for some décor that’s a little more adventurous. 


Remember your last spot in an exciting mystery novel, interesting memoir or mystical fantasy series with a DIY photo bookmark tucked between the pages and draped across the cover. The project requires a few tools and materials like grosgrain ribbon, thread, scissors and sewing needles — you will also need a special snapshot that is small enough to fit across the width of the ribbon.  

  1. Photo Book

You may be wondering why you should have a simple bookmark when you can have an entire book filled with photos. You can quickly create a custom photo book online by going through your computer, smartphone and all of your social media accounts to find the shots that you like best and then pick a website to organize them. User-friendly software will help you find the formats, templates and additional designs that you like the most so that your family album will be unique. Try the website photo roost to make your own professionally printed photo book and have it shipped to your door within a week.  

  1. Wood Imprint

The display can technically be on any wood surface, depending on how ambitious you are with the craft—it can be on a decorative board, a jewelry box, a coffee table or a desk. If you want to know how to transfer photos to wood, you need to start by applying furniture polish to the surface and wiping it until it is nice and clean. Print a photo on a plain piece of paper, coat it with a gloss gel, delicately turn it onto the wood and then smooth it over with a ruler to get out air pockets. The colour of the image should adhere to the wood after sitting for a day, and then you can carefully scrub the paper away and see the results.  

  1. Shadow Portraits

If you want to display something a little different from a photograph, then you should break out the craft supplies and turn your regular pictures into works of art. You can try to make shadow portraits so that you have a framed silhouette of every member in the family — you can even manage to do this with your pets if you can get them to sit still long enough. Classic silhouette pieces use black cut-outs and place them over white backgrounds, but any colour combination is really possible. 

Give your family the unique and interesting displays that they deserve, instead of an ordinary plastic frame. You can show them off on your bookshelf, on your tabletop or on a piece of paper — they can essentially become the greatest parts of your home décor.