10 Ways Students Can Start Their Career



Making a successful career choice can be challenging especially for students who are not sure about what they want to become after college. In many instances, you may not be sure about the direction in which your career should go. However, the secret of a successful career is to try and improve yourself irrespective of your present position.

Whether you are new in school, or you are in your final years, the earlier you start making time to plan and take specific actions, the higher the chances of landing a job you will have after college. If you want a job right after school, it is essential to commence building your career track record right from the moment you join college. There are different ways on how you can start your career and end up having a lifestyle change after being a successful person in your job.

  1. Avoid Procrastination

One big mistake you can ever make as a student is to have a common misconception that your professional experience will start after completing your college studies. As a wise learner, start searching for different opportunities before your graduation. Always look for jobs related to your course to become a better person in the future through a successful career. For example, if you are a journalism student, you could benefit a lot if you work in a print production plant.

Many colleges offer federally supported and funded work-study programs. Such working programs gives you temporally jobs mostly inside the learning institution. Though the jobs don’t pay well, take such advantage and accept the offer since such offered position is usually in line with your career path.

  1. Be in Charge of your Brand

A good number of students write their resume for applying for a job after they are through with college. For you to be well prepared for your career development, write the story of your career and how you want others to see and understand it while still in school. Take advantage of technology advancement and use social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook for your career building.

  1. Leadership Training

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Take leadership training workshop while still in college to gain vital skills like teamwork and communication. You can learn leadership skills informally by involving yourself with your school’s organizations. Some colleges avail leadership centers for mentoring and training students.

Develop your project to sharpen your skills which will in return please your employer after finishing school as well as glorifying your collage image to the job industry.

  1. Build your Network

Networking is an important thing you can do for your career. Commence building your network as early as high school, before you proceed to college. Build a good relationship with a lot of people including fellow students, teachers, and if possible even your college administration staffs.

If you have enough time, join your school’s different clubs and be engaged in various roles that will make you get noticed. Maintain your network even after school for you to get knowing different people outside college through your school network.

  1. Expand your Knowledge

In the job market these days, different companies search for an all-round person who has the abilities to work in diverse settings. Have a word with your academic advisor to assist you on how to enroll in courses that complement your primary career course. You can also hire writing services from samedaypapers to write a career plan for you. As a student, you always learn a different type of skills when in college. Some of the skills could be related to your career, while others may not be of use. As a wise student who wants to build his or her job, it is imperative to have open minds on those skills that you might consider useless since you might need them one day in your life.


  1. Stay Updated

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Different things change with time. To remain relevant and maintain competitiveness, visit your college library often and read professional articles and journals. By doing so, you will gain a lot on the changing landscape within your career to help you be better prepared for what to come. Learning the latest technology or remaining updated on new software version knowledge is essential for your career industry trend.

If your school provides introductory and intermediate classes like computer lessons, embrace the experiences for your advantage in the employment industry.

  1. Embrace Different Internships

Internships while in school are essential since they help you to work towards your entry level career. Your professor will advise you to go for an internship during your first two years in college. When choosing which company to work on for your internship, put more energy on the small or medium business internship since they offer more real-world knowledge about your career as compared to the big institutions.

  1. Create Your Opportunities

While still in college, avoid limiting yourself to internships or other jobs to get knowledge and experience you will require once you get employed after school. Sometimes such opportunities related to your career may not come by, and for that reason, venture in other equally important fields.

In this high technology era, you can start a fruitful blog, online marketing courses or online writing to gain experience in different areas and give yourself a chance to win more experience.

  1. Share your Goals

From high school, all through to the university, develop a habit of sharing your ideas and goals with those close to you especially your parents and close friends. By doing so, these people might know a person or institution that is looking for an individual in the line of your career for an internship, full-time job, or even a part-time job and recommend you.

  1. Find a Mentor

One of the essential assets for your career growth is surrounding yourself with mentors. Build a team of mentors with whom you can exchange career insights and life lessons in general. Ensure that in a circle of mentors, you have a person who can help you to come up with new ideas in line with your career, a person who will critic you positively, and a person who will applaud you when you succeed. 


A good number of the above career tips needs a few years of planning for them to be effective. However, the first thing you should do is optimizing your resume to act as a guide throughout your school period. Sometimes you may take a specific career since it is the only one available or your grades qualifies you for a particular course. But the most satisfying career is the one you intentionally choose for you to learn from different people and work on satisfying projects.

Though having money is an important thing, choose a career that you will enjoy without being motivated by the amount of money you will earn from it. Having pleasure in your work is a significant component for your career growth.

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