12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish like a Boss

Many people use traditional software to learn foreign languages. While they are okay to use, they may cost you a lot of money in the end. Another alternative, which is also a sure way of grasping a foreign language like Spanish fast, is by hiring an online tutor at Preply. One of the best online platforms to find a qualified Spanish tutor is preply.com. Preply has affordable and well qualified tutors from across the globe.

While hiring a tutor from preply to help with your Spanish fluency is good, you still need to up your game and delve into other ways. Using language apps is one of the best ways to improve your Spanish. You can finally follow up your favorite Spanish telenovelas and listen to those soothing Spanish songs.

Below are the 12 best apps to help you learn Spanish like a boss

1.     AnkiApp

AnkiApp is a flashcard app that allows the user to style what flashcard best suits them. The app advises you on the flashcards you need more to help with your Spanish.

2.     Babbel

Babble starts you learning from the start as it starts with the first Spanish lesson you need to know. It runs for between 10 to 15 minutes and has a session for review that helps in renewing your memory on what you learnt.

3.     Busuu

Busuu has very comprehensive lessons with a Spanish native speaker helping you to write and speak French much faster than you would expect. One reason for this is that the beginners level Spanish and the advanced level are all mixed to offer faster results. The app helps more with exercises, quizzes and games.

4.     Duolingo

This is an app with very high ratings and used by people from across the globe to learn different languages. Duolingo is good because you get to listen, read, translate and speak Spanish all in one app. All the lessons are short and to the point and it has a streak-count feature that will motivate you to learn more and more Spanish thus polishing your skills.

5.     Google Translate

Google translate is widely used and comes in handy for easy translation of Spanish words, sentences and vocabularies. You can also use google translate to translate your images and speech.

6.     HelloTalk

What makes HelloTalk a good app is it allows user chats and interaction with Spanish native speakers. This helps in faster understanding of the language.

7.     HiNative

HiNative gives you the option of a Q&A session with a native Spanish speaker. This forum is helpful in learning everything you need to know about the language or even the Spanish culture. The app also allows you to send audio and picture uploads to friends and family.

8.     Memrise

Memrise has recordings of native Spanish speakers, which makes it easier for the learner to convert and memorize grammar faster than most other apps. It will improve your French fluency and by hearing the words from the native speakers, you will easily use them in conversations within no time.

9.     MindSnacks

MindSnacks comes with illustrated images featuring games in Spanish and other languages. You can learn more than 1000 words with the help of MindSnacks


10. Tandem

Tandem is a chat app that connects you to native Spanish speakers. When you install the app, it connects you with Spanish partners and comes with an in-app translation in case some words get too difficult. It also allows picture and audio messages.

11. TinyCards

TinyCards is another popular app that helps in building up your Spanish vocabulary rather fast. TinyCards uses flashcards that help in the creation of flashcards and tests for your Spanish learning.

12. TripLingo

If you are travelling to a Spanish-speaking region or country, you need TripLingo app as your friend. The app comes with an offline dictionary, a trip calculator and a menu translator. You can prepare your trip by learning all the local Spanish slang before you finally arrive.


There you have it. There is absolutely no excuse not to learn Spanish like a boss when you have the above and many more apps at your fingertips.