21 Cute Animals in Christmas Costumes Pictures

Cute animals in Christmas costumes! Do I really need to say more? There is normally the part of the article where I take a paragraph or two to explain what the article is about but this one’s pretty self explanatory – it’s all about cute animals wearing costumes for Christmas. We have kitties in Christmas costumes, puppies in Christmas costumes and even a few other animals getting in on the fun. Aside from the Jingle Cats, there’s little I love more about this time of the year. So here, as a Christmas present from me to you, are twenty-one of the cutest cute animals in Christmas costumes pictures I could track down because I just couldn’t narrow it down to twenty. All sources are as credited.

credit: Svadilfari/Flickr

21: Patient Dog in a Santa Hat

“I know you said to look like I’m enjoying this and I’m trying really hard. Is this convincing enough? Oh come on! Just give me the darn treat already!” (Original Image)

credit: Malingering/Flickr

 20: Kitty Posing in Christmas Costume

“I should really hate this but honestly? I think this is a pretty good look for me. Make sure you get my good side!” (Original Image)

credit: CowCopTim/Flickr

19: Embarrassed Dog in Christmas Hat and Booties

“I guess this isn’t so… wait a minute! Is that a camera? This is going on the internet isn’t it. Oh I am so leaving you a special Christmas gift in your shoe.” (Original Image)

credit: BigSisLilSis/Flickr

 18: Increasingly Impatient Kitty in Reindeer Hat

“I said one picture with this ridiculous hat. That was about five pictures ago. You’re really testing me here.” (Original Image)

credit: HunterJumper/Flickr

 17: Festive Pooch

“I don’t know what everyone else is so upset about. I love Christmas! I think the hat and the little candy cane scarf really suit me, don’t you?” (Original Image)

credit: Takashi (aes256)/Flickr

16: Incredibly Patient Kitty in Holiday Costume

“I try to be dignified at all times. I’ll admit I’m struggling with this one. The final straw? Perhaps…” (Original Image)

credit: Bethany L King/Flickr

 15: Dog Gets in the Holiday Spirit

“Christmas comes but once a year. Why not dress up for the occasion?” (Original Image)

credit: Malingering/Flickr

 14: Classic Kitty at Christmas

“Not a creature is stirring? Not even a mouse? Forgive me for not believing that old wives’ tale. Think I’ll keep my eyes open just in case.” (Original Image)

credit: CAPow!/Flickr

 13: A Cart Full of Christmas Chihuahuas

One of these chihuahuas isn’t a fan of the doggy Christmas costumes. Guess which one. (Original Image)

credit: Akibubblet/Flickr

 12: Kitty is Not Amused

“This is the face I make when I’m not happy. Notice how it showed up right around the time you put this hat on my head? Kitty is not amused. If I had fingers, I’m sure you know which one you’d be seeing right now.” (Original Image)

credit: EssJayNZ/Flickr

 11: A Festive Christmas Horse

“I guess this teaches me for mocking the cat and the dog.” (Original Image)

credit: sling@flickr

 10: A Festive Christmas Horse: Part 2

“Yup. What he said.” (Original Image)

credit: Malingering/Flickr

 09: Two Kitties in Christmas Costumes

“Ah, your first Christmas? Don’t worry. You get used to it a little more each year.” (Original Image)

credit: Jacksonjesse/Flickr

08: Two Christmas Pugs

“Oh come on – like we don’t have enough going against us already.” (Original Image)

credit: Anna Day Mona/Flickr

 07: Kitty in a Santa Beard and Matching Hat

“Is the beard really necessary? I mean, I’m a white cat. It’s a white beard. I guess it works with the hat though. I’ll allow it… this time.” (Original Image)

credit: Mike Miley/Flickr

 06. Defeated Dog

“Sometimes I think you’re convinced I’ll put up with anything for a treat. I mean, you have a point but that doesn’t mean it’s cool for you to abuse your power.” (Original Image)

credit: Aneniske ter Haar/Flickr

 05: Sleepy Kitty in a Christmas Hat

“You are so very lucky you tried this at nap time.” (Original Image)

credit: duchessoftea/Flickr

04: Santa Hamster

“I’m pretty sure this was meant for a doll but hey, thanks for including me… I think.” (Original Image)

credit: Mel1st/Flickr

 03: Kitty Has Trouble with Christmas Spirit

“I think Bah Humbug just about sums it up.” (Original Image)

credit: pmarkham/Flickr

 02: Santa Llama

“Let this be a warning to you all. Santa hats – they can happen to anyone.” (Original Image)

credit: pmarkham/Flickr

 01: Dog Takes Care of the Santa Hat

“Oh, I think that’s enough of Mr. Santa Hat for this year. You can have it back – maybe even in one piece – if you promise to put it back in the box with the rest of the decorations.” (Original Image)