How To Impress a Girl – The Right Way

Alright guys listen up, because you are going to get some inside stuff here on how to impress a girl. So you have found a girl that you need to impress, perhaps she works in your office, or you see her every day on the jogging track; what do you do next? This is where most men get stuck and in the fear of pushing her back, they end up losing to another smart guy– tough luck! You won’t have to do that anymore. What you do have to do is listen carefully to the advices below … and follow them. So let’s begin,

How To Impress a Girl

1. Finding Out If She Is Interested

Your work can become a whole lot simpler if the girl already possesses some interest in you. If you have reason to believe that she is interested in you, then planning your next move should be easy. A girl’s interest is easily visible in the small things that she does like a smile she gives you when you come across her, or fixing her hair. She wouldn’t be doing all these things if she wasn’t interested.

So if a girl likes you, you can like her back – that is easy, end of story. But what if this first spark from her side is missing? Surely it is going to make things difficult for you but certainly not impossible. Go through these useful tips below on how to impress a girl and you will know what I am talking about.

2.  Be Attractive

Being attractive is not synonymous to being good looking and muscular as most guys might think. There is a big percentage of girls who would only go after the looks, but girls with any brain won’t, not entirely at least. So don’t be disappointed too soon if the image you see in the mirror does not impress you so much.

There are many other aspects that a girl can be attracted to in a boy.  For instance,

  • Hygiene:  No matter how good you dress, if you don’t keep yourself clean then that is going to put off any woman. If there is one thing she can’t stand is a revolting smell coming out of your clothes or your mouth. So if you haven’t taken care of this aspect ever before, you certainly need to do it now before it does the damage to your chance. And while you are at it, trim those nails as well. So if you really want to know how to impress a girl, then get tidied up.

One thing more, girls do not like that greasy look in the hair, so wash them regularly and get them trimmed. Even if you want to keep them long then do that but there should be a nice hair cut to show off.

  • Dress Nicely: Have a look at your wardrobe. Your clothes don’t have to be all expensive but at least they should be in keeping with the latest trends and they should appear to be neat and tidy and ironed. This shows that you have the sense of cleanliness in everything that you do and this is really going to impress a girl.

If you think that you don’t have a good dress sense then just take the help of a good fashion magazine. There are tons of such magazine that you can find in the market – those that show both teen fashion and fashion for men. So if you belong to the middle age don’t go for fashion for teens. Go to a thrift store or a store that has sale on and get some good clothes for yourself.

  • Accessories: Your accessories can say a lot about you as well. Having a little bit of fashion sense can help in you in that respect. Wear shoes or ties that complement the dress and not the type that would keep distracting the other person from one thing to the other. If you think that you know less about such things then ask someone from the shop to help you – maybe the sales person or someone who is out shopping too.

Wear a nice watch, that speaks quality. It is better to keep your neck bare so spare those weird necklaces, girls usually don’t dig that. And avoid colorful bracelets on your wrists.

3. Be Thoughtful

Another important thing that you need to be told about how to impress a girl, is that you should appear caring to her. Girls are the most sensitive creatures of the world and they like men who are in touch with their sensitive side. So be caring and thoughtful to people around you and her. Of course you should avoid faking it, because she will be able to see right through you.

So if she works in your office or if you see her in the park, then there is plenty of chance for you to show off this great quality of yours to her. For an added effect, it wouldn’t hurt if you show that you love being around kids.

4. Don’t Stalk Her

Although girls like attention, but if you really want to know the secret to how to impress a girl, then for heaven’s sake don’t stalk her. Don’t be obvious in your attempts to make her notice you. Maybe a casual hi and hello won’t hurt, and once you come on speaking terms with her then it is ok to send her roses once in a while but don’t spill your affectionate terms the first time you are talking to her or sending her roses.

5. Take Her Out

If you have exchanged many hi’s and hello’s then it is time to take her out. So go ask her or leave a cute note at her desk – you are probably going to get a positive reply. Make sure you don’t waste this chance. Take her out to a good place, (not some local bar) and talk to her about what she likes to do for fun or in her spare time.

So you wanted to know how to impress a girl, this was it. Make sure you follow these tips religiously and you will be impressed by yourself.

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