3 Reasons to Add More T-Shirts to Your Closet

Plain t-shirts are one of the most overlooked pieces in men’s clothing. This one clothing item is a wardrobe staple for everyone, irrespective of age and gender. However, this post will discuss how plain t-shirts make a difference in a man’s closet.

Plain t-shirts, whether white, black, or colored, are ideal for building different outfits and looks. Adding a few t-shirts to your wardrobe is an excellent idea if you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe. After all, you can style them in multiple ways. Only a few men’s garments offer the same benefits as a plain t-shirt.

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in new t-shirts, this condensed should help.

What Makes T-Shirts So Great?

Plain t-shirts offer several perks for men who want to up their style. Here are a few reasons you need this essential clothing item in your collection.

1.      Versatility

Stocking up on t-shirts in your wardrobe is especially good since they’re the most versatile piece of clothing you have. You can style plain t-shirts with almost all other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Not to mention, you can even wear T-shirts during the summer and winter, since they make comfortable and airy outfits when paired with shorts or jeans during the summer. Meanwhile, you can use them for layering during the winter.

2.      Comfort

Do you want to look stylish every time you step out of the house? If so, t-shirts offer the best of both worlds. Most t-shirts are made with cotton or a fabric blend of cotton and polyester. These materials offer maximum breathability so that you can stay comfortable and cool in warm weather.

Additionally, the materials feel soft against the skin, leaving no room for discomfort. T-shirt fabrics don’t irritate the skin, keeping your delicate skin healthy and non-itchy for as long as you wear them.

3.      Budget-Friendly

Plain t-shirts offer a cost-effective way of leveling up your style without spending a lot. While t-shirts can have varying rates, they’re mostly economic clothing items that don’t require you to spend hundreds of dollars.

In other words, buying a few t-shirts isn’t as expensive while keeping you stylish. Buying t-shirts in bulk can help you save a significant amount, which you can spend on other things like jackets and trousers.

How to Wear a Plain T-Shirt- Styling Ideas

Here are some ways you can style your plain t-shirts.

Go for Classic Denim Bottoms

T-shirts make a great choice for days when you don’t have the mental or physical energy to pick an outfit. You can never go wrong with a classic white t-shirt and jeans combination. The outfit is perfect for casual outings, while you can also make it work for more formal settings when paired with the right coat.

Pair Them with Chinos

Do you think wearing plain t-shirts with denim is old fashion now? If you’re looking for a change, try pairing them with chinos or cotton trousers. You can opt for neutral bottoms to create a sophisticated look for semi-formal occasions. Or, you can pull off plain t-shirts with colored pants to make your outfits fun and add visual interest for casual outings.

Layer under Solid-Colored Suits

Casual solid-colored suits are taking the men’s fashion world by storm. You can pair your plain t-shirts with designer blazers and ankle-length pants to build a semi-formal look. Depending on your style and fashion statement, you can pick contrasting or matching colors.

How Much Does a Plain T-Shirt Cost?

Now that we’ve discussed why you need plain t-shirts and how to style them let’s look at another important aspect – the price. When purchasing plain t-shirts, look for high-quality ones that look crisp and new every time you wear them.

It is hard to achieve your desired look with cheap-quality clothing. So, buy a t-shirt made of the highest-quality fabric. Remember, your t-shirts are investments, and should last you a while. That said, remember that t-shirts should not be too expensive. Getting anything more than $50 may only be a good idea if it’s from a designer brand.

How to Choose a T-Shirt

It is true that some t-shirts are better than others, so how can you choose the right one for you?

·       Find the Right Fit

What’s the idea behind the concept that t-shirts only look good on muscular men? While that is not true, it’s because fitted t-shirts look best when they show off the wearer’s shape. T-shirts don’t need to hug your body, but they shouldn’t be too loose either.

·       Pick Comfy Fabric

Although cotton and poly-cotton blends are the most common, t-shirts come in a variety of fabric options. 100% cotton t-shirts make the best choice as the fabric is durable, soft, and airy. However, cotton blends are less likely to shrink with wash.

·       Choose a Suitable Neckline

V versus crew neck is a hot topic of debate in men’s fashion. Ideally, you should use your body type and shape as a guide to decide which neckline would look best on you. V-neck t-shirts help make the body look more square-ish, whereas a crew neck is best if you don’t want an elongated look.

Bottom Line

If white or black t-shirts are not your style, you can purchase colored ones to add a splash of color based on your preference and style. In any case, plain t-shirts are a wardrobe staple you should take advantage of.

If you want to up your fashion game without spending big bucks, it is high time to invest in a few t-shirts. Not only are tees affordable, but you can style them in infinite ways in all kinds of weather. Moreover, they are suitable for all fashion styles, from sophisticated to funky.

T-shirts are versatile and stylish and do not compromise on comfort at the same time. When purchasing, look for high-quality fabric blends and the right fit for your body.