4 Really Simple Ways to Instantly Reconnect with Old Friends

Remember all the friends you had back in school but have lost touch with ever since? If you are like most people, you can make a list of 4 to 5 people you really connected with back then. A lot of people forgo these young friendships in pursuit of goals in life. However, rekindling old friendship can really enrich your social life.

One of the primary challenges of reconnecting with friends is to find their contact details. While a lot of people are active on social media, many choose not to have a social media presence. In this post, we talk about 4 easy ways to reconnect with old friends.

Join School Alumni Forum: School alumni forums are a great place to start. Even though you might not find the person you are looking for you can almost always find someone who can connect you to your old friend. Alumni forums are also great places to find friends you have completely forgotten about. You might also hit it off with someone who you previously never connected with.

Call Up Friends from School: Call up that one friend you stayed in touch with and ask if he or she knows someone who can connect you to your old friend. This old school way of finding people still holds much ground. Much like the previously mentioned method, you might stumbleupon friends you have long forgotten in the process.

Perform a People Search Online: One of the simplest ways to find contact details of anyone is to perform a people search online. Search services such as Veromi allows you to type in a person’s name along with the city and perform a comprehensive search. It’s an easy online process that instantly gives you the contact details of the person you are looking for. Veromi searches multiple public databases to generate results that are up to date. Once you have the contact information don’t hesitate to take the next step. Just pick up the phone.

Join Your School’s Facebook Page: Like it or not, Facebook is still the best platform to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. If you cannot find your friend on Facebook, it’s best to visit your school’s social media page. Even small local schools have unofficial pages with hundreds of active members. Once you become a member, you can post a message seeking the contact details of the friend you are searching for.

Trying to reconnect with an old friend just out of the blue takes a significant amount of courage, especially for introverts. However, the reward, in most cases, is plentiful. You get to share your life’s experiences and engage in debates that don’t lead to unfair judgements. You also get to celebrate family occasions with a friend that cares.

It’s best to be direct when you finally get your friend on the phone and fix an actual date of meeting. Your simple gesture of reaching out will make your friend feel special and he or she will reciprocate with equal gusto.