4 Ways You Can Be More Energetic And Lose Weight Easily

Let’s say it as it is: life is exhausting. Working, taking care of yourself, taking care of your children, paying bills, buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, reading and writing emails… All of these things are enough to consume anyone’s energy, and most of us have to do them all -some might have even more responsibilities- every single day.

So, as a result, you feel tired all the time, and no matter how many hours you sleep, you still feel that way. If this is something you feel identified with, don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and there’s something you can do about it.

I used to be a drug addict and alcoholic, and while I was at a Bellevue rehab centerI learned that being energetic doesn’t only depend on getting enough rest, but also on your nutrition, mental health, and physical health. I also used to be overweight, and I found that the more energetic I became, the easier it was for me to start dropping those extra pounds.

It’s been almost a decade since I finished my rehabilitation treatment, and the things I learned there about energy, weight loss, and health, in general, have stayed with me through all these years. Today I would like to share them with you and give you 4 tips to be more energetic and lose weight a lot easier.

1. Stay Active

Even though going for a walk or a run on the treadmill might seem like the last thing you want to do when you get home after a long day, it can actually help your energy levels in the long run.  No matter how warm and comfortable your bed is in the morning and how much you think you need those extra minutes of sleep, using them to exercise can be exactly what you need to take on the day with enough energy and a great attitude.

Studies suggest that regular exercise can fight fatigue and increase your energy, as well as bring many other benefits such as preventing and fighting several illnesses.

2. Have a Healthy Diet

We have all heard the “you are what you eat” quote, but do you really take it seriously? If you don’t you should start focusing more on what you eat if you want to become more energetic and lose weight.

There are certain foods that can give you an energy boost, this is the case with simple carbs, which are found in processed and sugary foods. But then you will be left feeling even more tired due to the inexorable energy crash that comes after you experience a spike in your blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, such as leafy greens, nuts, fruits, seeds, whole grains, and lean animal proteins, can help your body obtain the energy it needs to take on the day, as well as boost up your metabolism, which is essential in the weight loss process. (1)

3. Better Time Management

Sometimes the reason why we feel like we don’t have time for ourselves is that we are not managing our time correctly. In my personal experience, I used to procrastinate and leave everything for the last minute, under the excuse that I worked better under pressure.

However, when I started my own business I realized I couldn’t afford to leave everything for later, and I had to learn how to effectively manage my time. What worked best for me was planning a daily schedule with every task I have to do during the day and stick to it. I always leave at least an hour for myself -whether it’s for the gym (I go three times a week), watch a movie, or have dinner with a friend-. This way I’m able to do everything I have to do without skipping meals, getting stressed, or not taking care of myself.

  1. Regulate Your Sleeping Patterns

Naturally, having healthy sleeping patterns is essential for you to be energetic and, in turn, lose weight easier. This is why it is important to not only get enough sleep but get quality sleep. Sleeping poorly or not sleeping enough can slow down your metabolism, which leaves the calories it didn’t use stored as fat. It can also increase your appetite and make you crave carbs and fat. (2)

In my opinion, the best way to regulate your sleeping patterns and make sure you get quality sleep is by going to bed at the same time every single day. It can be hard at first, but little by little your body will get used to it, your internal clock will catch up and it will be easier for you to fall and stay asleep throughout the night.

Becoming energetic and losing weight isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a process, and like any process, it will take time and persistence. Following these 4 tips helped me achieve the results my mind and body needed at a time where I was a physical and mental wreck. I still apply them every day, and I am successful, healthy, happy, and full of energy.

Do you have any questions on how to become energetic and lose weight? If you’d like to add or suggest something, please leave a comment below.