How to Maintain and Maximize Liposuction Results

In the cosmetic industry, there are a list of different procedures that patients can go under in efforts to reshape their body. One of the most popular options available today is liposuction. If you don’t know, this is a procedure designed to help eliminate stubborn fat cells that are pocketed away and unable to be removed through common dieting or fitness techniques. While this procedure is one of the most effective techniques in reshaping the human body, there are a list of things that patients must consider or be aware of in order to achieve the vision for their body.

Whether you recently undergone liposuction or debating whether the procedure is best for you – one of the most important things that everyone must consider and learn is how to maintain and maximize the results from the procedure.  When you consider that, in accordance to Cosmos Clinic’s estimate, that a typical liposuction procedure can cost between $4,000-$10,000 – patients should not waste a penny. In today’s article, we are going to share precisely how patients can maintain their results and take action towards maximizing their money.

1)  Accountability Partner

No matter the type of cosmetic surgery that an individual goes through, it’s important to have an individual that can hold you accountable during the recovery process. Reason being, after surgery, it is easier to find the comfort in relaxing in bed and eating junk food; however, as we will discuss in this article, it’s incredibly important to stay active and true to a healthy diet.

With that being said, by finding a family member or trusted friend and asking them to hold you accountable, it can certainly help in maintaining and maximizing the results after liposuction. The individual that you choose to elect as an accountability partner should serve to motivate, inspire, and encourage you throughout the entire recovery process.

A great example of an accountability partner for someone seeking to maintain and maximize liposuction results would be:

  • A trusted person
  • Someone who has health and dietary goals.
  • Follows a strict fitness routine.
  • Someone who is not considered a push-over.
  • Places a patient’s best interests and health first.

2)  Following Surgeon’s Orders

When it comes to liposuction surgery, there are many different steps of the process. Throughout the entire procedure, which begins with a consultation, patients should use their time to build a relationship with the surgeon. In doing so, patients can learn more about what is expected of them post-surgery. All surgeons will have specific orders all which depend on the specific type of liposuction procedure and the quantity of work performed.

Evidently, the more intensive the procedure – the more intensive the orders will be. With that being said, if you are planning on maintaining current liposuction results, or seeking to maximize the current results, following surgeon’s orders is imperative. Should patients have any questions regarding what is expected of them, it’s highly suggested to communicate with the surgeon’s office.

3)  Dieting

If there is anything that a patient can do today to maintain or make a significant change in their results – it starts with a diet. Now, if an individual is truly passionate about maximizing the results of the liposuction procedure, patients should begin a healthy diet prior to the surgery, and carry it through post-surgery. In truth, a healthy-diet is the core of maintaining a healthy body inside and out. Furthermore, it’s important to start including more of the following food items or groups into an everyday diet:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lean Proteins
  • Healthy Fats
  • Whole Grains

Through incorporating more of the food groups above into an everyday diet, it can help make a significant difference in maintaining and maximizing results from a recent liposuction procedure. In fact, through infusing these foods in each meal, it can help boost naturally energy levels and reduce the cravings food foods that cause the build-up of stubborn fat cells.

4)  Fitness and Exercise

Alongside diet, an equally important measure that patients can do today to maintain their liposuction results has to do with fitness and exercise. The truth is, eating healthy foods can help maintain a healthy body; however, if you are wanting to define your shape and contour other areas of the body, without having to undergo more surgeries, fitness and exercise can help.

In addition to this, fitness and exercise can prove to be incredibly effective at improving or enhancing the results from a typical liposuction procedure. Now, prior to performing any major exercise, it’s highly suggested to consult with the surgeon as to when is the best time to begin exercising. If you are not used to working out or exercising – start small. Perhaps a 30-minute running exercise or jogging on a treadmill is a great way to begin. If any patient is passionate, they can even consider involving their accountability partner with their fitness and exercise routine.

5)  Water, Water, Water!

The human body is made of primarily water – so, it should make sense that through drinking more water, one can help in maintaining results from a recent liposuction procedure. Now, this is even truer for individuals that perhaps had the tendency to drink other unhealthy beverages prior to the surgery. To begin making any significant change, begin with drinking a glass of water each hour of the day. Through just doing that, within 30 days, any individual may notice significant results inside and out.

Taking Your Health Seriously

While liposuction is considered a non-invasive cosmetic surgery, it’s important to note that it’s still a serious procedure. In this, it’s vital that all patients take their health serious prior to undergoing the procedure, and after, in efforts to ensuring a successful procedure. You would not want to spend thousands of dollars just to find out that lack of proper dietary or fitness habits impaired the results of the procedure.

With that being said, throughout this article, we shared numerous tactics and tips to help in maintaining and maximizing results from a liposuction. Through making significant life changes and placing your health first,  any patient should notice significant changes and results from their procedure, resulting in an overall successful liposuction surgery.