5 Ho-Ho-Hosting Hacks to Help You Survive The Holidays

Twas the night before the Christmas party, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except the party host: Still up, with bloodshot eyes, frantically pulling together any and all last-minute touches to help the next day’s events move along without a hitch.

We get it. While the holidays are full of good times and cheer, facilitating all of that magic can get stressful as a host. So, sit back, grab your holiday drink of choice, and keep reading to get a few holiday hosting hacks that could help make things a little easier this year.

Hosting Hack #1: Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

It’s not your job to make everything. When your friend or family member asks what they can bring, don’t treat it as an empty threat, take them up on it and suggest something! A few easy things to ask for include ice, drinks, a side dish, or even a centerpiece.

Remember to take note of what you’ve asked for and from who, so you’ll be organized and know what’s coming on the day of. This avoids any last-minute panics on whether or not there will be enough.

Hosting Hack #2: Desserts For Delivery

Speaking of delegation, delegate your shopping to someone else and get baked goods delivered to your home to take away some of that holiday stress. We want to reiterate, making everything does not fall on you!

You will be the best version of yourself if you skip a step and avoid tackling dessert altogether. Love baking? Maybe you order macarons in addition to a few of your own pies. One thing is for certain, if you buy cookies, your guests will have a sweet treat to snack on between courses.

Hosting Hack #3: Plan Your Home Cooked Dishes

Plan what you personally want to make as far in advance as possible. Only take on what you feel is attainable by thinking back on the biggest meals you’ve made in the past. Now is not the time to try and break any records.

Ahead of time, measure out the dry ingredients that you’ll be using into Zip-loc bags, and stick the bags in the pan or bowl that you plan to use. Make sure you have everything that you need, then set everything aside, and forget about it until it’s time to cook.

Hosting Hack #4: Grocery Shopping With Purpose

Once you’ve decided on a few dishes that you want to make, and you’ve visualized what ingredients you do have, get to the store ASAP. Avoid any last-minute trips to the grocery store at all costs because it’s bound to be hectic.

If you forgot something, remember that food delivery services offer more than just desserts. Consider having any missing ingredients brought straight to your doorstep in a pinch.

Hosting Hack #5: Remember to Have Fun

While this might not necessarily be a hack, and it’s easier said than done, keep in mind what the holidays are all about. It’s not about being the perfect host, or appearing like you have everything under control, or even about the food, decorations, and presents.

The holidays are about enjoying time with those you love the most, so don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember to have fun!