5 places where you can build your woodworking workshop

Woodworking or carpentry is one of the most tedious tasks that require craftsmanship and comfortable space. A comfortable woodworking space is important when you take up the task professionally. Space should be vast with sufficient space for all the equipment to be placed within. One has to work carefully in inspecting and setting up a place for woodworks. From working tabletop to sawdust collector to lighting and so on, every detail has to be given equal importance while setting up this work spot.

There are a few basic factors that you need to keep in mind. There should be enough space for you to put up a workbench on which you can place your wooden planks to work. There should be a provision to keep all your tools that come in handy when at work. The place should have proper ventilation. This is because woodwork emits a lot of dust. Without proper ventilation, this might lead to suffocation, which is not a sign of a healthy workspace.

The next factor is the lighting. Your workspace should be well lit with windows. If you don’t have provision for windows, like in the case of a basement workshop, then make sure there are enough artificial lights set up within the room. The place should have access to electricity. Make sure the place can support a power supply to feed heavy machines. Water or moisture is one of the biggest enemies of wood. An increase in moisture can cause fungal growth, which damages the quality of the wood. This can be detrimental to both raw wood as well as your finished product. Also, make sure the place does not have any wood-feeding insects such as termites. If present, then take the necessary precautionary measures to keep these insects from damaging your wood.

Here are a few simple ideas that can help you set your woodwork station with ease.

Basement workshop

There are a few prerequisites while setting up a basement woodworking workshop. The first is that your basement has to have a sufficiently high ceiling. And there should be sufficient provisions for you to bring in all the equipment and material to work with. The basement should have enough space to sit and work. It should be free from any leaks and damages. There should be sufficient lighting to enable you to work in your basement. One important thing to note while setting up a basement wood workshop is that it should be free from any moisture.

This is because the wood that you are working with is highly sensitive to moisture. The moisture might cause serious damage to the wood material that you are working with. If there are any leaks, then using electrical gadgets also poses a serious threat. If there is not sufficient natural lighting in the workstation, then you must use artificial tube lights to lighten up your workspace. Woodworking in general requires a very high precision level, this is why lighting plays an important role in a workspace.

While setting up the workshop, make sure the basement is located in a space with very low steepness. It is not always necessary for the basement to have an external door. However, such a door is always preferable. Basements are usually a sound and preferred area for building up your wood workshop. And this is the first and most preferred option where you can set up everything with ease, provided you have sufficient space.

Attic workshop

The next place where you can easily build your wood workshop is your attic. Here again, there are a few prerequisites that you need to consider. The first one is that your attic ceiling should be high. There should be sufficient room for you to stand and work comfortably. Apart from this, there should also be sufficient space for you to bring in big wooden planks to work with.

The next most important thing to consider in an attic workshop is the sturdy flooring. When you bring in huge and heavy machines to work with, the floor has to be sturdy enough to hold it all and work with. Your attic also needs to have proper lighting and ventilation. This increases the comfort level for you to work with. If possible, try installing an exhaust fan that can provide better ventilation in your attic workshop.

Backyard workshop

Unlike attic and basement, which is situated within your home, a backyard workshop is more isolated from your home. This can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous. The first advantage is the limitless space that you have in your backyard. You can place all your gigantic equipment and work comfortably there. But sometimes, this might cause loud noises, which can cause trouble with your neighbors. Also, a backyard workshop is highly prone to damage by external weather.

Have a check on the weather outside every time before beginning your work. It is also important in the case of a backyard workshop to have outdoor storage space. This can help you protect your gadgets and wood from getting drenched in the bad weather outside. Moisture is the greatest enemy of any woodwork. And even a little increase in the moisture level can cause serious damage to your finished wood workshop. So, make sure all of it is protected and safe from these external factors.

Garage workshop

The next best spot is a garage workshop. This has advantages of both the attic/basement and the backyard workshop. A garage is relatively isolated from the home, so it can provide isolation from the rest of the living space. This means your inmates can live in a dust and noise-free environment. It also has advantages as a garage is a closed space. You can keep all your working equipment safe inside a garage. Just make sure your garage is large enough to support all your woodworking material.

A garage can be called ideal if it can contain an amply sized workbench with a few basic equipment and tools necessary for woodwork. Also, make sure your garage is well lit with proper windows and ventilation. If you find your garage to be relatively dark, then it is preferable to install artificial lights within. Check if your garage has a proper electric supply to enable you to work with gadgets that run on electric power. The connections within the garage have to be secure and free from any leakages as well. This increases the safety level of working in your garage wood workshop.


If you are not a professional worker and if you do not require any extensive space or large equipment s to work with then here is a simple idea. This mini or compact workshop is ideal for basic DIY works and simple fixes and hacks that a common man would try at home. All you need is an old dresser with space for you to place your tools. If you have such a dresser, then you can easily convert it into your compact workstation. You can visit theedgecutter to find ideas on how to set up a dream woodworking station.

You can place all your handy tools within the cupboard of the dresser and use the top of the same as your workbench. This is not ideal for working with a large-sized project but is suitable and ideal if you just want to make a few fixes. You can place this dresser anywhere within your home or outside as well. This is ideal for people who don’t have sufficient space in their homes to set up extensive workbench. Sometimes this can also be a cost-effective option as all the tools are in the miniature version. Anyone can work with these tools and it requires no precautionary measures or training.

There are various areas where you can set up your woodwork station. It all depends on the quantum of work that you would be performing. If you are just a person who rarely tries woodworks for fun or DIY, then a compact one is sufficient. But if you are planning on working extensively with wood, then you will have to invest a little more and plan better to set up an ideal workspace. An ideal workstation can help your work better and with ease. These are just a few of the many ideas. You can also set up a workstation in an unused bedroom or an outbuilding if you have one. These workstations are mainly focused on your comfort and provision. Keep in mind the basic requirements and you can start building your workshop anywhere to work with peace.